Personal development assignment

personal development assignment

Personal development Plan : The definitive guide

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From these top 5 results, i believe the most appropriate career match for me is accounting. The reason is quite simple. I love accounting and numbers! I had done a little research about this profession previously. And I found out this profession really intriguing because it fits into my needs, interests, motivators and skills. Continue on to the next page. Personal development Paradox - great a list of the top paradoxes in personal development and why you need to get comfortable with them. Explore this list of paradoxes: the Ultimate life purpose course - create your Dream Career: leo's Top 140 Self Help books tualized.

I never act or speak impulsively nor do i ever lose my composure. Therefore, im confident with the self-control results I got. Also, im good at promoting an atmosphere of good feeling and mutual consideration. I dont judge people or ideas on merit alone, without bias or favouritism. Furthermore, im highly skilled at the teamwork skill as well. Im a great team player whos very cooperative and works well as part of a group. One of my lower scores from the career leader is communication from looking at my scores. I have to work on being a skillful public speaker who is good at presenting owl ideas and plans in a persuasive manner. Career Match: According to the expansive results the most suitable careers according to my interests, key motivators and skills are training and organizational development, accounting, human resource management, private equity investment and production/operations management.

personal development assignment

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I want to live a balanced lifestyle with my preference. I want to be able to maintain all my responsibilities, abilities and interests and still pursue other aspects of my lifestyle, including family and leisure activities. Also, financial gain is a huge motivator for many young people these days. Being able to get a better job and make a lot of money is what everyone looks forward to as they are pursuing post-secondary education. Furthermore, security is a huge motivator as well. I look forward to a position that offers a great deal of security like, salary, benefits, and future employment. Those are all my top three motivators, which I constantly think about in regards to the future. Skills: my three highest scores for the skills sector are self-control, sensitivity and tact and teamwork.

Furthermore, the career leader website provides instant results which give you an insight to what your strengths, weaknesses,suitable careers for the future, etc. Below, ive included a summary of my results. Interests: by analyzing my career leader results, my key interest was coaching and mentoring. This assessment is very accurate in terms of my personality because i enjoy helping develop colleagues and others to reach their fullest potential. Also, in a work environment I feel like im adding value to the business endeavour by teaching, mentoring and coaching others. Key motivators: my top 5 key motivators from my career leader results are as follows: financial gain, security, altruism, lifestyle and prestige. Motivators are important because it helps lead to satisfaction and accomplishment in one s life. A motivator which I consider is really crucial is lifestyle.

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personal development assignment

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Content overview, the personal Competence development Project. K.a pcdp is an academic venture for students to upgrade their essay personal knowledge and skills to improve their performance. By improving and sharpening their skills it allows them to succeed in meeting their personal as well as organizational goals. The main task of this project is to choose two competences (a weakness and a strength) that we want to study and work on throughout this semester. By doing the career leader College test prior to beginning the class, i was able to determine what were my strengths and weaknesses.

Also, by completing the new mindsets general assessment questionnaire i was able to narrow down my strengths and weaknesses to two options. Throughout the report, my visible growth as an individual will be showcased by describing goals, objectives, learning plans, content studied, outcomes and personal achievements. Career leader College results: Career leader is a website which gives individuals ideas of how their future might potentially look like. As the economy is rapidly changing many of us are unaware of all the possible statement job opportunities that are available. Hence, this website includes an exhaustive list, informing individuals of the limitless possibilities out there.

What do i want to accomplish? How do i become successful? These questions are constantly stirring in our minds until we find the answers were looking for. The path of finding those answers is not a simple or easy one, well thats what ive realized! But thanks to the pcdp assignment, my path has become a little less complicated.

This assignment has given me an opportunity to plan my next steps and helped navigate me towards success and satisfaction. My name is Vithuja Thavachelvam, an open-minded, genuine, and a free-spirited individual who is constantly seeking inspirations to learn from. As a bba student at the Schulich School of Business i only have one big goal. I hope to graduate from this school and attain a rewarding and satisfying job. I value corporate social Responsibilities and social entrepreneurship greatly therefore, im hoping to pursue a career in that field. In this fast paced environment its crucial to develop your personal competences to become successful. A wise women, Professor jean Adams once told us success in our professional lives is not just about our education but also the personal determination and attitudes that we possess as individuals. Keeping that in mind, i will move forward in my life with that attitude and mind-set.

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You can feel bad when you experience rejection but dwelling in rejection will hurt you more. Happiness comes from inside you and amidst rejections you can choose to be happy again and focus on fuller other available options. I hope you will find strength and courage to deal with any form of rejection you might experience with your nysc posing. Have you experience this form of rejection during your nysc year, word we will like to hear your experience and how you were able to cope with. Tags: nysc place of Primary Assignment Rejection; How to cope with. Introduction: Who am I? There are moments where we dwell upon the essence of life and wonder who we really are.

personal development assignment

It is important to prepare your mind for the worst case scenario because when it happens, you are the only person that will find yourself a new place of primary assignment not nysc. One other thing you should bear in mind is that if you do not have an accepted place for your primary assignment, your federal government monthly allowance might not be paid to you. Coping with nysc posting rejection is really difficult. The difficult part of it is the mere fact that you will be exposed in a new environment you may have not been in your life, with no friends, families and in some cases, language barrier and against all odd you must find yourself. Many people will talk to you the way you dont like and treat you as if you are not a human being but never for once let the rejection and other circumstances take over the better global part of you. We are feel it should not happen. But when you acknowledge rejection as part of life and willing to deal with whatever it throws at you, it will make you become a better person. In time of nysc place of primary assignment rejection, do not settle for any options that come your way and never take any kind of rejection personal? Rejection should not take away your happiness.

situations we all struggle to cope with whenever it happens. Rejection comes in different ways but the kind of rejection we will focus on is nysc place of primary assignment rejection. In this context, rejection has two faces; there is rejection that is initiated by nysc corp members when they dont like where they were posted to and are willing to find a new and better place that will accommodate them or have already find. The hard rejection to cope with is usually when a corp Member is posted to a place he / she will like to carry out his / her primary assignment but on getting there, the corper will be faced with rejection of services. You will be left in your own little world and thoughts of what to do next take over. It is a common occurrence. It happens every year and in every nysc batch. The rejection might stretch to two or many times and from one office to another.

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Personal development assignment
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  3. The development of the. This assignment has given me an opportunity to plan my next steps and helped navigate me towards success. The personal Competence development Project.

  4. Personal, finance, assignment, help. Perpetual Inventory, assignment, help. Get New Product, development. Assignment, help Npd, assignment, writing Help Marketing, assignment, help New Product Idea management, assignment Help. Decisions of the icsc on Post Adjustment issues icsc 85th man At its ongoing 85th personal reflection group work assignment, the.

  5. Rejection; How to cope with. Nysc place of Primary, assignment. Assignment on Important learning skills for personal development and employability. Todays world is very competitive and everyone is doing hard word. Personal, development, paradox - a list of the top paradoxes in personal development and why you need to get comfortable with them.

  6. Assignment, personal, development, plan, assignment, subjects: Miscellaneous - masters. Essay - mgt_3900 subjects: Miscellaneous -. Personal and Professional, development. Assignment is a part of btec hnd course for health and Social Care. Personal, development, nysc place of Primary, assignment.

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