Handwriting analysis t

handwriting analysis t

Handwriting Analysis Letter t: How you cross your T?

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Dotting your i s: Letter i in Handwriting Analysis

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handwriting analysis t

5 Hell Traits revealed in Handwriting - handwriting University

Width The distance between the strokes of a letter. Zones The upper, statement middle and lower parts of a letter; the western f has guaranteed all three zones in a single letter. Reflective, withdrawn and independent. Non-sympethetic, non-compasionate, unaffectionate, insensitive and unfriendly. Chossy about materials and things concerning self.

Signature a personal sign in whatever form it is manifested; it is a persons mark of recognition not necessarily legible. Simplified a piece of writing devoid of superfluous strokes; it must remain legible to be a positive indication. Slant The inclination of writing leftward, upright and rightward. Speed The tempo of the writing movement. Stroke a single written line in whatever direction. Temperament The writers individual tendencies, relating to the emotions. Tension/release the muscular action necessary to produce the arm, wrist and finger movements. Thread a form of connection appearing as a slight wavy line, with no definition. Wavy line a form of connection with a wavy appearance, but more definition than a thread (see above).

What does your Handwriting say about you?

handwriting analysis t

15 Fascinating Things your Handwriting Can reveal About your

Graphology the study of handwriting to determine the character and personality of the writer. Initial stroke a pen stroke at the beginning of a letter, not always essential. Loop a round or oval shape that curves around to cross itself; can be open. Margin The sommelier space left at the sides, top and bottom of a sheet of writing, acting as a frame. Negative a reaction or behaviour pattern which would not benefit the writer Ornamentation An additional embellishment to a letter-form, which serves no purpose (except in a calligraphy script). Pastose thick as in a stroke formed by the pen being held at an acute slanting angle; the resultant ink looks as though it is painted.

Positive a characteristic which benefits the writer; an efficient indication. Ppi the personal pronoun i, pressure the depth of the stroke, from which there would be an indentation on the reverse of the paper. Resting dot a dot formed either by pressure or ink spread when the pen stops the writing movement, while still resting on the paper. Rhythm The flow of the writing movement which gives life to the overall pattern; an interplay of tension and release. Shading The contrast between the thick down strokes and the thin up strokes in the handwriting. Sharp Thin, sharp, as in a stroke with points. Sign a piece of writing, word or letter indicating a characteristic (a factor).

Copybook the style used to teach the basics of handwriting in schools; the connective form which characterizes. Covering stroke a stroke which covers another, instead of opening out. Direction The way in which a line of writing proceeds in the western world, left to right. Disconnected script Writing in which the individual letters of a word are not joined by a connecting stroke, often called printscript. Dominant One of the main characteristics in the writing analysed. Ego the conscious inner self, the balance between the conscience and the pleasures of life.

The image of oneself. Elaboration letterforms written in a fancy style, often tasteless. Evenness relating mainly to the regular formation of letters in a word. Flexible not rigid in movement, flourish a fancy stroke, often in the initial or the signature; can also be at the end of a letter. Form The shape of letters, form level The overall appearance of a handwriting, the accent being on speed, spacing and the form of the letters; rhythm and originality are a prime factor. It sets the standard from which the traits of the handwriting are judged positive or negative. Fullness describes letters in which more than normal space is evident, mainly in the loops (qv). Garland a form of connection in which the letters n and m are open at the top, resembling u and.

What the Style of your Handwriting says About you - handwriting

Analysis The graphological conclusions, angular a connective form, characterized by points on the change of direction in pdf a letterform or connection. Arcade a connection in the shape of an arch, closed at the top. Arrhythmic disturbed flow of the overall movement in the rhythmic quality of a handwriting. Baseline the line, imaginary or actual, on which the writing rests. Calligraphy the art of beautiful writing. Character thesis trait One facet of general attitude and behaviour. Connection, degree of The extent to which individual letters are joined to produce connected writing. Connection, form of The way in which letters are joined in connected writing, namely arcade, garland, angular, thread, copybook and wavy line (qqv).

handwriting analysis t

She is a professional graphologist and the president of her own business, handwriting Consultants International, since 1980. She is the past president of the American Handwriting Analysis foundation, and has received their Michon-Flandrin Award for Distinguished Excellence. I have worked with paula for over 20 years and can tell you first hand that she is a highly skilled handwriting analyst. Paula serves a diverse group of clients in personnel selection, behavioral profiling, and compatibility analysis. She also is an entertaining and informative speaker; she is located in San diego and has traveled around the country giving presentations. Visit her website at m or e-mail her. Commonly statement used graphological terms, alignment The spatial organization of the writing on the page. Amplification The enlarging of the letter forms more than normal.

following states: Alabama alaska arizona arkansas california colorado connecticut Florida georgia illinois kentucky louisiana maryland massachusetts michigan mississippi missouri montana nevada new Mexico new York north Carolina ohio oklahoma pennsylvania south Carolina south dakota tennessee. About Us, contact Us 2010 Spectrum Forensic International, llc. Sometimes its is really important to know more about someone, to get as much feedback as you can on a individual. That's when you need an analysis from a professional. Don't confuse what you have learned here with a professional skill level in handwriting analysis. That takes years of study and lots of experience. G., is the technical consultant on Handwriting Insights.

Forensic science is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to the legal system. . Spectrum Forensic International, llc specializes in the application of science to answer forensic document examination problems. Sfi provides forensic services to public and resumes private entities, attorneys, and businesses. . It is the purpose of sfi to offer accurate and comprehensive handwriting examination services using current and relevant scientific procedures and instruments that represent the state of the art in forensic science. Sfi consultants are court-qualified and board-certified forensic document examiners with over 40 years of collective experience of forensic handwriting analysis. San diego, phoenix, tucson, denver, las Vegas and Albuquerque. Our consultants have testified and been court-appointed in county, state, and federal courts in the United States and internationally. Sfi services include assistance with: signature forgery, anonymous or Threatening Letters, suicide notes. Robbery and Ransom Notes, handwriting Identification, electronic and biometric Signatures.

Handwriting Analysis self Esteem Optimism - scribd

A, b c, d e, f g, h i, j k,. N o, p q, r s, t u, v w, x y, z deciphering words with the letter g, here we provide some examples of various styles of the letter. These are typical capital letter G's. Here are some words beginning with the capital letter. George, green, gravel, here are some more in the second style: george, green, gravel, here are some more in the third style: Grace. Grace, goring, now for some lower case letter g's. . There is basically only one style of the lower case letter g, the only major difference between any of them tends to be the size entry of the lower loop. . Any other differences are down to sloppy handwriting, as in the last one: Once again we will now show some words beginning with the lower case letter g: gaiters good gold gave.

Handwriting analysis t
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  5. Ill never date or hire anyone ever again without analyzing the handwriting. Feature story : Finding the perfect Valentine using a stroke of the pen. Analysis, the graphological conclusions. Form level The overall appearance of a handwriting, the accent being on speed, spacing and the form of the. T confuse what you have learned here with a professional skill level in handwriting analysis.

  6. You ought to not know the biography of the person before doing their handwriting analysis. Handwriting grapholgoy (the science of handwriting analysis ) and Graphotherapy ( The science of behavioural modification through handwriting ). A scientific study and analysis of handwriting, especially of a person's personality is called Graphology.with over 40 years of collective experience of forensic handwriting analysis in San diego, phoenix, tucson, denver, las Vegas and Albuquerque. Handwriting, analysis, graphologist Graphologists Jacqui tew Human Resources personnel recruitment British Institute consultancy Exhibitions. Deciphering words with the letter.

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