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essay on tour

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The interactions of Russian friendships live and grow within the in-group, a close circle of friends that is not easily formed, nor easily broken. In-groups may be formed over long years of growing friendship, through dusha -bearing moments of vulnerability and years of trust-building. Given the deep roots of these friendships, ones duties to a friend are taken very seriously, with many russians willing to go far out of their way and their comfort zones and spend much time and energy to help a friend. To refer to a person as an acquaintance, or znakomi, is not an insult in Russia as it may be in some countries, but merely a truthful remark about a less-serious relationship. However, the title of friend is a title to be treasured and held up with honor, respect, loyalty and trust. This has also complimented and may be a product of the unpredictability that has plagued Russian history: the in-group offered control, comfort, safety and security among friends who could be trusted and counted upon. Time and money seem to have a lower priority in Russian culture and society than in others.

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My russian culture professor informed our class about what she believed to be the most famous painting in the world. When we offered differing opinions, she claimed these were incorrect and hers was the truth. It is my belief that this cultural remnant was formed through diseases the utter loss of control Russians had in their everyday lives during soviet times. Pravda was truth that could be counted on through those years of instability and helplessness under the communist regime of the time. A similar concept to pravda, though harder to translate into English, is the russian concept of dusha. Most translations offer the English word soul in place of dusha, though some have brought up the limitations of using soul as frequently as dusha is used. Perhaps this is because the concept of soul is not as laden with multiple meanings nor as ever-present in English-speaking cultures as dusha is in Russian. The English scholar Anna wierzbicka claims the russian concept of dusha not only refers to what we imagine soul to represent—feelings, emotions and ones mood—but also to ones inner life and secret thoughts, their inner being, health, an ever-present state subject to change; and yet. According to wierzbicka, soul may serve as an appropriate translation, but the high frequency that dusha is used in Russian is odd to the English ear. Dusha is a very personal concept, with greater emphasis and priority placed upon it than on the English soul. Russian friendship is another unique and deeply ingrained cultural value that can be defined in the exclusive title of friend, or drug, as well as the inner complexities of the in-group, or krug.

Each Russian holds a certain belief in a personal truth. Pravda represents what is just and fair; it serves as a moral guideline by which non-truths in the world may be evaluated and navigated. Brother 2 addressed the cross-cultural issue of pravda between Russians and Americans, claiming the American pravda was centered upon money. In contrast, the film claimed Russian pravda to be firmly grounded in morality, friendship and honoring ones fellow man. I have encountered many russians who hold tightly to their personal pravda, especially amoung the older generation, with whom the countrys soviet reviews past continues to resonate. These elder Russians, when explaining to me their viewpoints on certain matters, claim it is the truth and there is no other truth. For example, a woman at a metro newsstand informed me sergei bodrov (the star. Brother 2 on the cover of one magazine, was a good man, but a woman on the cover of a fashion magazine with a man holding her seductively was trash, garnering a dirty flick of the fingers on the cover.

essay on tour

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Now that i am experiencing it first-hand, i have the opportunity to peel back its layers and attempt to understand what makes Russians tick. Russia has long held a reputation as a country behind the curve. Throughout history, rulers such as Peter the Great have announced that Russia must catch up with Western society. This led to a never-ending identity crisis that still plagues Russia to this day—is Russia west European or simply russian? Though Russia has often tried to match its society with that of Western Europe, it has and will always have a specifically russian flavor that can be neither replaced nor erased. Its unique values reflect Russias equally unique historical development. Russian culture values pravda, dusha, and the in-group, as well as time and money. Pravda is most often translated as truth.

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essay on tour

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I didn't write all of the lyrics to "Embers." Randy Blythe wrote the words to the outro section that Chino moreno sings so beautifully (those words and that performance are absolutely magical but the verses and choruses that I did write reflect my experience living in the. For me, "Embers" is a song about hope. . It's about hanging on to that last shred of light in your life and not giving up. . It's about believing that love can overcome despair. . Most of all, it's about forgiving yourself. mark morton, more about: Lamb Of God).

Caitlin Jebens is majoring in International Studies at the University of south Carolina. She hopes to eventually work for an international ngo or join the us foreign Service. The argumentative following was written as mid-term essay for sras's cultural program. The russians." Students were encouraged to draw upon not only the program texts, but also on the impressions and experiences gained of Russia and Russians while on-the-ground. A select few of these essays have been chosen to be published in this issue. The russian culture is as vast and mysterious as Russias abundant landscape and geographic reach. The subtleties of Russian culture initially enamored me during my first years of college.

Wounded people isolate themselves for protection. . People in pain lash out in fear. . Resentments and regrets fester. . It becomes seemingly impossible to navigate a conflict that has an endless array of wrong answers but no apparent right ones. . People you expected to be there for you disappear. People you barely even know hold you.

Relationships strain and crack under this type of pressure. . A year after Madalyn died, my wife and I were blessed with a healthy, living baby girl. Not too long ago, i sat playing guitar on a barstool in my kitchen and within about 15 minutes came up with the outline of the music that would become the song "Embers." Nearly a decade after "Walk with me in Hell  it was happening yet. Knowing intuitively that this would be a special piece, i once again began scribbling lyrics to my wife. . I described our shared pain and made references to places and events that only she would understand and recognize. I promised her that there was "still light to find our way." I hoped I was right.

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Few would argue the fact that losing a child write is one of the worst things anybody can go through. . The effects an individual experiences from a trauma of that magnitude are felt physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. . People grieve in very different ways, and when the cards and flowers stop coming and the condolences trickle off, a couple is left to sit with their grief, despair and emptiness while the rest of the world "gets back to normal." Six weeks after I handed. I was by no means ready to re-enter that world, but the music industry is vicious and unforgiving and somehow, there i was. For me, "grieving" took the form of a rapid and immediate free fall into an abyss of drug addiction. . One doesn't "heal" from the loss of a child. . you don't ever "get over it but time entry passes. New experiences put a sort of distance between what is now and what was then. . Still, the trauma of child loss leaves deep scars. .

essay on tour

I was very newly in love with a beautiful young woman who would eventually become my wife. . i yearned to let her know how meaning deeply i felt for her, painstakingly scribbling lyrics asking my love to "take hold of my hand" and promising her she was "never alone." The song was called "Walk with me in Hell." I must admit, at the time,. Four years later, my wife and I found ourselves in a small corner of a neonatal intensive care unit, holding and caressing our first born infant daughter. The ambient hum of medical machinery droned in the background and a panoramic window framing the Shenandoah mountains sprawled out in front of my new family and. . We gazed lovingly over every detail of our daughter's face, every freckle on her skin, cataloging every sound and smell the way all new parents. . We were walking through Hell. Life was imitating art.

groove-laden riff the open, expansive landscape chorus the cycling, hypnotic lead hook they all presented themselves to me in a way that we songwriters often hope for, but rarely get to experience. It felt somehow divine, or otherwise supernatural to feel the music and energy coalescing and choosing me as their medium. . It was one of the most exciting, satisfying and elusive feelings i've ever known. Knowing that I was on to something special musically, i began the task of penning lyrics to this new creation. . Art was imitating life. .

She was very, very sick and her prognosis hadn't yet been determined. Later that day, our daughter Madalyn Grace morton died in my arms. . We were walking through Hell. . Life was imitating art. He went on to say, for me, grieving took the form of a rapid and immediate free fall into an abyss of drug addiction. . While i don't defend my response as appropriate (and I certainly wouldn't recommend it i do very clearly understand how it happened. . And I do forgive myself. Thankfully though, a year after Madalyn died, my wife and I were blessed with a healthy, living baby girl. She is the light of both of our lives.

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Lamb Of Gods Mark morton has penned a beautiful, moving essay on the death of roles his baby daughter, madalyn. The band recently premiered the video for their new song Embers, after a traumatic few years. Vocalist Randy Blythe was tried for manslaughter after pushing a 19-year-old fan off stage at a gig, resulting in the teens death. Blythe was eventually acquitted, with the liability being attributed to the promoters and security members. But while this was going on, guitarist Mark morton was going through his own, less high-profile, difficulties. His daughter, madalyn Grace, died shortly after being born. In an essay for noisey, morton said, we gazed lovingly over every detail of our daughter's face, every freckle on her skin, cataloging every sound and smell the way all new parents. . The difference was that our child had developed an infection during delivery. .

Essay on tour
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My wordCamp Atlanta 2013 Presentation Video updated Resumé view the change in the codex. In the same essay, bergson discusses repetition explicitly.

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  7. The following was written as mid-term essay for sras s cultural program. It can be argued, however, that emphasis on work does not mean denying the important things. The essay was written alongside the release of the embers video gigwise. Read Lamb Of God s Mark morton s beautiful essay on the death of his daughter. MightyStudents is one of the largest academic.

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