Essay on an interesting dream

essay on an interesting dream

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A little later all variations ceased, for the subject became a monomaniac, or at any rate, a fanatic. He became thoroughly imbued with the great idea that the right attitude to preserve towards life is to take all things on earth as a joke. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times he repeated: "The idea of the great idea, the idea of the great idea, the idea of the great idea." no question could steer him out of this track. "Who's up on the comet! Any pretty girls there!" asked Frederic. "The great idea is up there was the answer.

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We'll make a million. I'ii get half and Vic will get half. With half a million we'll take it easy for a while on this damned measly earth. We'll live till a hundred and two, and then we'll skedaddle didoo. At one hundred and two it will be said of Henry disque demuth that he shuffled off this mortal coil. We'll skip into the great idea - hooray! Take down everything that is significant - with an accent on the cant - immanuel Kant was a wise man, and I'm a wise man; i am wise, because i'm wise.". It is to be regretted that in spite of all the gabble concerning the volume that was to make both of us rich, not even one line was dictated by the inspired author. In fact he got no further than the title, and it must be admitted that of all titles in the world, this is the least catchy. It is as follows: "Wise is God; God is Wise.". Later came a variation in the form ofa hissing have sound which was meant to be an imitation of the whizzing of Halley's comet; there was a wild swinging of the sheets as a welcome to the President; a definition of religion as the greatest joke.

He imitated how Magistrate butts calls a prisoner to the bar. "Butts he explained, reviews "is the best of them. Butts-Butts-cigarette-butts." If this irreverent line should ever fall beneath the dignified eyes of His Honor, instead of fining his devoted stenographer for contempt of court, may he bear in his learned mind the fact that under the influence of narcocics men are mentally irresponsible. By this time. Demuth's vanity was enormous "God, mark Twain and i are chums he remarked casually. "God is wise, and i am wise. And to think that people dictate to me! he imagined he had material for a great book. "I'm giving you the thoughts; slap them down, we'll make a fortune and go whacks.

essay on an interesting dream

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On may 13, 1910, this world was excited over the visit of Halley's comet. It is pleasant to remember that the celestial guest attracted as much attention as a political campaign or a game of baseball. On the evening of this day, at 10 o'clock, i gave 45 minims to a court stenographer named Henry. At 11:30 the effects of the drug became apparent, and. Demuth lost consciousness of his surroundings to such an extent that he imagined himself an inhabitant of Sir Edmund Halley's nebulous planet. He despised the earth and the dwellers thereon; he called it a miserable little flea-bite, and claimed its place in the cosmos was no more important than a flea-jump. With a scornful finger he pointed below, and said in a voice of contempt, "That little joke down there, called the earth." "Victor he said, "you're a fine fellow, you're the smartest man in Harlem, you've got the god in you, but the best thoughts.

What is the american dream essay?

essay on an interesting dream

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He grew most affectionate and insisted on holding a lady's write hand. His face was flushed, his eyes were half closed, his abdomen seemed uneasy, but his spirit was happy. He sang, he rhymed, he declaimed, he whistled, he mimicked, he acted. He pleaded so passionately for the rights of Humanity that it seemed he was using up the resources of his system. But he was tireless. With both hands he gesticulated, and would brook no interruption. Peculiar ideas suggested themselves.

For instance, he said something was "sheer nonsense and then reasoned as follows: "Since shears are the same as scissors, instead of sheer nonsense i can say scissors nonsense." he also said, "I will give you a kick in the tickle" - and was much. At all times he recognized those about him, and remained conscious of his surroundings. When the approach of dawn forced the ladies to depart, Frederic made a somewhat unsavory joke, and immediately exclaimed triumphantly, "I wouldn't have said that if the ladies were here for a million dollars." Someone essay yawned deeply, and being displeased by the unexpected appearance. Is it not strange that such consciousness and such intoxication can exist in the same brain simultaneously! The next day he remembered all that occurred, was in excellent spirits, laughed much and easily, and felt himself above the petty things of this world.

This usually incorrect conclusion, having been reached, is followed by madcap mix-ups and hilarity- at least for the audience. While distrusting the nature of love and its effect on people, theseus also recognizes the salutary effect it has, as Demetrius and Lysander, once bitter foes, present themselves to him as friends. He allows the lovers to marry according to their affection and betrays his own affection and appreciation for the intoxicating draught called love, "Here come the lovers, full of joy and mirth. Joy, gentle friends, go and fresh days of love accompany your hearts! V, i,28-30) Word count: 881. An Essay on Hasheesh, excerpts from, medical review of reviews 1912.

My brother Frederic Robinson took 25 minims in the presence of some ladies whom he had invited to witness the fun. An hour passed without results. A second hour followed, but - to use the slang of the street - there was nothing doing. The third hour promised to be equally fruitless, and as it was already late in the evening, the ladies said good-by. No sooner did they leave the room, than I heard the hasheesh-laugh. The hemp was doing its work. In a shrill voice my brother was exclaiming, "What foo-oolish people, what foo-oo-ool-ish people to leave just when the show is beginning." The ladies came back. And it was a show. Frederic made socialistic speeches, and argued warmly for the cause of Woman Suffrage.

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The lunatic "sees more devils than vast hell can hold? While gps the poets eye "Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven 9-13 thus this same imagination is responsible for both mad ravings and great art. The concrete reality of earth co-exists with both heaven and hell as the faerie world co-exists with the mortal world. A poet could, just as easily, be a lunatic depending on the nature of his visions. That lovers are often (bad) poets, is prime example of this interchangeability. "Such tricks hath strong imagination, that, if it would but apprehend a joy, it comprehends some bringer of that joy; or in the night imagining some fear, how easy is a bush supposed a bear! 18-22) Theseus describes the faulty and incomplete reasoning employed by poets and lovers alike. Given evidence of some thing, conclusions are made as to the nature of that thing.

essay on an interesting dream

When his love he doth espy, let her shine as gloriously as the. Venus of the sky. Iii, ii,101-7) Puck doesnt change. Helenas nature, nor does he change her features. Lysander wakes, he beholds the same helena that hes always despised and suddenly he is enthralled. For Theseus this is merely caprice and in no means grounded in reality. Theseus doubts even the existence of the faeries, believing the lovers have, at a loss to explain the inexplicable changes of heart theyve experienced, dreamed them up: "And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poets pen turns them into shapes and. 14-17) A trick of the light, an abundance of shadows, lack of sleep, an overactive imagination or any one of these or million other causes are the most likely explanation. In equating lovers, poets and lunatics Theseus gets into interesting territory and serves to elevate lovers while he denounces persuasive them.

and marriage is the place where reason and judgement rule. He wins the hand of his bride through action not through flattery, kisses and sighs inspired by her beauty. In lines 4-6 of his monologue he dismisses the accounts of lovers and madmen on the grounds that they are both apt to imagine a false reality as being real. When, in i, i,56, hermia tells Theseus, "I would my father looked but with my eyes Theseus responds, "Rather your eyes must with his judgment look. Theseus has a firm belief that the eyes of lovers are not to be trusted. That the eye of the lover "Sees. Helens beauty in a brow of Egypt 11) is, to him, proof of this. It precisely by enchanting the eyes of the lovers that the faeries manage to create so much mayhem: "Flower of this purple dye, hit with cupids archery, sink in apple of his eye!

Such tricks hath strong imagination That, if it would but apprehend some joy, it comprehends some bringer of that joy; Or in the night, imagining some fear, how easy is a bush supposed a bear! (v,i,2-22) Theseus, in Scene v. Midsummer Nights Dream, expresses his doubt in the verisimilitude of the lovers recount of their night in the forest. He says that he has no faith in the ravings of lovers- or poets-, as they are as likely as madmen are to be divorced from reason. Coming, as it does, after the resolution of the lovers dilemma, this monologue serves to dismiss most of the play a hallucinatory imaginings. Theseus is the voice of reason and authority but, he bows to the resulting change of affection brought about by the nights confused goings on, and allows Hermia, apple lysander, helena and Demetrius to marry where their hearts would have them. This place where the line between dream and reality blurs is an important theme of the play.

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A Dream Essay, research Paper, a midsummer Nights Dream By:. Theseus More strange than true. I never may believe these antic fables nor these fairy toys. Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, such shaping fantasies, that apprehend More than cool reason ever comprehends. The lunatic, the lover, and the poet Are of imagination all compact. One sees more devils than vast hell can hold: That is the madman. The lover, all as frantic sees Helens beauty in summary a brow of Egypt. The poets eye, in a fine frenzy rolling, doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven And as imagination bodies forth. The forms of things unknown, the poets pen Turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing A local habitation and a name.

Essay on an interesting dream
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