Walmart history essay

walmart history essay

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And elsewhere, especially europe. Not surprisingly, given the historical trends noted above, there are some problems associated with natural gas increasing its portion of the energy mix. Increased use of natural gas to produce electricity, furnish heating and cooking in homes, and fuel autos and trucks might add to the effects of global warming. Fracking, moreover, is not necessarily "clean" when it comes to environmental threats to the land and water supplies. A consensus is building, though, that these issues can be addressed. Even industry interests concede that drilling techniques, including fracking, should be and can be environmentally safe. This emphasis on the environment clearly distinguishes the latest period of the long transition from earlier times when environmental issues were not in the forefront of policy discussions.

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Natural gas appears to be on the threshold of becoming a major energy supply, not only as a substitute for coal-fired electric plants, but also as a substitute for nuclear power, beloved an especially appealing alternative to some given the problems in Japan earlier this year. Natural gas also shows promise for fueling the transportation system. In part, the deregulation of natural gas industry that began in 1978 encouraged this expansion, but that is not the entire story. There is rarely in history a singular cause; the origins of the natural gas resurgence are more complex. Until recently, the lack of a worldwide market for natural gas, as well as access to abundant reserves, have prevented it from assuming a larger portion of the energy mix. Both of those impediments seem to be dissolving. Cng (compressed natural gas) and lng (liquefied natural gas) are enabling natural gas to be transported over long distances in a world market. While the costs to construct cng and lng terminals are high, they are falling as more transference hubs and transport ships are built. The media, however, have focused more on the expansion of natural gas production through hydraulic fracturing. Commonly known as "fracking this is an old technology updated to unleash large amounts of natural gas previously unreachable in various shale formations in the.

Receives most of its "foreign" oil from Canada; more oil arrives in the. From Africa than from the middle east. So, how dependent are we on foreign oil? While there is a connection to middle east oil—American diplomatic and presentation military involvement in the middle east ( suez crisis of 1956 ; Kuwait, ) has involved protecting oil supplies for Europe and Japan, not necessarily for the. S.—the connection is not as strong to the domestic market as some believe. "Energy independence" remains an elusive dream unless Americans are willing to discard the automobile culture in favor of a drastically different transportation system. If that unlikely cultural revolution were to happen, it would take years to complete. Natural Gas and the future of American Energy perhaps it is appropriate to end with mention of the most recent media focus on energy.

walmart history essay

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Ironically, of course, the efforts to improve energy efficiency through conservation, green construction, and smart presentation grids will help sustain the dominance of oil. That oil is bought and sold in a global market, moreover, will ensure that the. Remains involved in the politics of international oil. (The same argument can be made for " peak coal from which the peak oil argument derived.) In addition to the peak oil argument, the long transition has been shaped, most recently, by the notion of " energy independence." Especially after the terrorist attacks. On September 11, 2001, some advocates have championed "energy independence" as a worthy policy goal. They hope to break the middle east's alleged hold on Americans' reliance on oil. This political movement has promoted expanded drilling for oil that could unnecessarily harm the environment (e.g., drilling in the Arctic Refuge). Americans are not as tied to middle east oil supplies as proponents of energy independence allege.

Eventually, given this scenario, our autos and trucks would run out of gasoline and diesel. The peak oil argument reflects both a constant refrain in the history of oil and the basic boom-and-bust cycles of the industry. Since the early 20th century, petroleum analysts have predicted periodically that the nation would run out of oil. Again and again, however, more oil has been discovered and produced than was thought available. Technologically improved methods of drilling (e.g., horizontal drilling ) are producing oil from old fields many thought were dry. Deep-sea drilling techniques enable oil companies to extract petroleum from pools tens of thousands of feet below the surface of the sea. So, the argument that the world has hit "peak oil" is irrelevant in the short and medium term because there is enough oil available with current drilling techniques to supply the world for several generations.

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walmart history essay

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Other approaches have met success in reducing the pollution from coal-fired electric plants. Beyond coal, sponsored by the sierra Club and Bloomberg Philanthropies, has targeted coal-fired plants on the basis of health issues. Efforts have forced some plants to shut down and prodded owners of existing and new coal-fired plants to reduce toxic emissions. In addition to reducing carbon-based pollution, the long transition has been distinguished by more interest in pursuing a variety of approaches to producing energy than ever before. Renewable and "clean" sources, particularly wind and solar but also natural gas, and in some people's minds, "clean coal have become increasing portions of the mix. Still, developing a variety of options to reduce reliance on carbon-based fuels has not been easy.

Alternative fuels are used mostly for transportation and include biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, electric, natural gas and propane. Promoted by special interests, including environmentalists, industrialists, and farmers, some of these fuels consume as much or more in fossil fuels to be produced as the energy they provide. And some of them exude high concentrations of pollution when they are used. One of the most contentious alternatives is ethanol; it is produced from corn, requires lots of energy to produce, and has raised the price of corn, altering the world-wide food balance. Electric write cars, which have received much media attention, present environmental challenges even as they reduce reliance on carbon-based sources. More electricity will be required, and disposal of batteries may present environmental problems. The long transition has been simultaneously promoted and undermined by one long-standing myth, that the world has passed the point of " peak oil." That term describes the point where discovery and production of oil no longer exceed consumption but rather begin to decline relative.

The one clear failure of state deregulation in California—precipitated in part by the actions of houston-based Enron—dampened enthusiasm elsewhere for deregulation. While deregulation of energy producers has not created the success of deregulation that has been seen in other industries (or, with the exception of Enron, the huge problems of other deregulated industries the programs have shown modest increases in participation year after year in those. Arguably, however, one piece of deregulatory legislation may have trumped all other deregulatory efforts in terms of its later impact on natural resource policy. Over time, the freedom from regulatory oversight included in the. Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 has encouraged exploration for new natural gas sources. More significant than deregulation to the evolution of energy policy has been the impact of environmentalism.

During the mid-20th century, the modern environmental movement grew at the state and national levels. Various interest groups (scientists and outdoor enthusiasts, including fisherman, hunters, and hikers) exerted political pressure to clean up America's air, water, and land, which had been despoiled by the carbon-based manufacturing and transportation economies during the previous century. Drastic increases in pollution began with the industrial revolution, but it was the economic expansion during World War ii and the postwar era—including the expansion of chemical industries—and its effects on natural resources and public health that underlay the emergence of the environmental movement. Parameters of the long Transition, the crises of the 1970s combined with modern environmentalism to create the "long transition" away from a reliance solely on carbon-based energy sources to a more comprehensive approach to the mix of energy sources. The national Environmental Policy Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (epa and the Clean Air Act—all coming in 1970—kicked off a decade of environmental policy-making. Working with the states, the epa created a more comprehensive approach to reducing pollution nationwide, which affected energy policy. Following experience gained at the state level in California, the national government prodded auto manufacturers to design and produce lighter autos and cleaner and more fuel-efficient engines. Renewal of environmental legislation in 1990 sustained this new approach to natural resource management, and that led to changes in energy policy. To cite one notable example, coal plants in the midwest joined a variety of programs designed to reduce acid rain, which had polluted New England waterways, farms, and cities.

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From another perspective, though, Americans began in a halting fashion to develop new and broader approaches to natural resources policy-making. The 1970s marked the beginning of the long transition. Deregulation london and Environmentalism, in addition to the usual forces shaping the political economy of energy, two new forces emerged to shape responses to the crises of the 1970s: deregulation and environmentalism. Both are ongoing today, although with different impacts. "Deregulation" began as early as the 1950s, but really gained traction in the 1970s and became a broad-based approach to reforming business-government relations in America. In part a political, ideological book attack on the new deal, the movement was also a pragmatic response to problems with regulation (complex and time-consuming regulatory procedures increased costs to businesses and consumers, and hindered innovation in the marketplace). Following in the footsteps of state and national deregulation of trucking, airlines, and banking, some states and the national government tentatively deregulated energy industries in the late 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Not every state participated in electric deregulation, and there was no overall coordination among states and between states and the federal government. Deregulation of natural gas was not comprehensive either.

walmart history essay

In some cases regulators ordered gas curtailments to student manufacturers to ensure heat was available to consumers' homes. Meanwhile, natural gas producers claimed that incentives (i.e., prices) were not high enough to pay for exploration for new sources. This failure of the regulated natural gas market disrupted local economies, which affected the national economy. Meanwhile, in the international arena, oil-producing nations belonging to the oil cartel, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting countries (opec), attempted to wrest control of their natural resources from western oil companies. Opec employed its cartel muscle to withhold oil supplies to the. And Western Europe, and to raise prices across the board. These cooperative actions, in 1973 and again in 1979, led to higher gasoline prices and in some cases, if only temporarily, no gas at all. These "oil shocks along with the shortages in natural gas supplies, prompted much discussion in America about energy. From one perspective, the economics of energy, interest-group politics, and industry-specific approaches continued to shape legislation.

oil cartel to control the price of oil worldwide. In the mid-20th century, then, the American domestic oil market became intertwined with the world market. Domestic electric and natural gas markets, moreover, were narrowly focused on stimulating consumption, maintaining low prices, and relying on mostly carbon-based energy sources. Transition Decade of the 1970s, by the 1970s, American domestic energy policy and the world-wide oil market lurched toward a two-pronged crisis that rocked American politics. One crisis was self-inflicted and led to some reform of natural gas policy; the other was connected to broader historical trends (anti-colonialism, decolonization, and the cold War) and reshaped the world market for crude oil. From the late 1940s through the 1960s Congress and five presidents failed to shape effective policy for promoting and regulating natural gas. Consequently, in the 1970s, shortages of natural gas plagued the midwest and Northeast while consumers in the southwest had plenty of gas, but paid high prices. State and federal officials struggled to shift natural gas supplies to areas that needed the fuel during winter cold spells.

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Walmart history essay
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