Whistle blowing essay

whistle blowing essay

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Training of the employees on the organizational ethics must also be always available. Regular advice must also be availed whenever such a need arises. Finally, there has to be an established a system of reporting that must be marked with confidentiality. These are likely to make organizational ethical system a success. There are laws that have been enacted to chiefly protect those that have witnessed unethical practices in government or in the private sector. They may have been coerced to conceal the truth or have at one time or the other been victims of negative repercussions from those that they have reported.

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The organizational ethics reported largely depend on organizational culture. The ethics are generated from the core values of the organization and the firms mission. Besides that, they follow the laid down guidelines from the government which are standard and uniform for every organization that operates within a tennessee defined territory. The ethics prescribe individual as well as corporate behavior that projects the image of the organization. Whistle blowing falls in the articulation of every organizations ethics. Indeed, these are contained in the national laws of the particular country that the organization operates. Furthermore, there are other standards set internally that guide any whistle blowing activity. The above two standards are meant to provide the easy way out for whistle blowers actions. These acts may be geared towards saving companies and the government massive losses or possible collapse. There must be a written ethics code of conduct that is availed to every employee for mastery and adherence.

At the same time, government is mandated by the people to restrain all rogue businesses that do not follow rules and other ethical practices. This is the regulation role of the government in whistle blowing activities. The government comes up with laws that affect business operations such as labor practices and social focus like employees health. The regulation is geared towards protecting market failure and thus protecting investors interests (Vinten, 1994). Whistle blowing is adequately covered in these laws that every business has to follow succinctly. The government, through the laws enacted margaret demands accountability from all business organizations. The laws every organization has ethics that govern how it serves its clientele. The ethics govern the response of the organization to the respective response of various stimuli for every situation.

whistle blowing essay

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A lot good will must accompany the policy such as being publicized to the employees. The policy will encourage openness amongst the employees. All complaints regarding whistle blowing must be investigated to show seriousness and commitment to the cause that whistle blowing is imperative. Regular seeking of opinions from employees will help in obtaining feedback about the program while exposing the employees feelings and attitudes about the program (ravishankar, 2003). Business and government relations Business and government relations take all angles that anyone can imagine. However, the relations can be summarized as being cordial and antagonistic at times. The government greatly shapes business practices in different settings. There are other situations when the government extends facilities like credit, tax incentives and rescue packages to businesses such as the famous Troubled Asset Relief Program in the United States.

Every organization needs to adopt some form of ethics that will enable whistle blowing activity where and if necessary. This may be tailored along the companys needs and culture. The government will also play a role in shaping such a policy. According to ravishankar (2003 the policy will enhance the cultivation of a precedent that will be followed by current and future employees. The ethics will ensure the presence of checks and balances that will discourage any intention by employees and management to compromises ethics. It is important to note here that ethics about whistle blowing do not necessarily have to be within an organization; they may be cultivated as part of a national culture where breakdown of norms and ethics is discouraged. Organizations have to create a working environment where employees are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers to anything that they feel is not right. Internal democracy in those organizations will ensure free speech as long as it is not intended for malice. Companies must formulate policies that support whistle blowing and ensure that the top management endorses the same.

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whistle blowing essay

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Ethics stress on the importance of following the right procedures when carrying out business transactions. When ethics are not followed, they allow for clash between personal and company interests which may lead to the compromise of rules and the subsequent breakdown of the order that prevails in business practices. Hoffman, Frederick and Frederick (1995) argue that corruption and misuse of funds are common occurrences in the business world due to the breakdown of ethical procedure in organizations. Various actions are done in utter disregard of laid down rules or partially bending the existing rules. Other business managers do utilize loopholes and technicalities that exist in business laws to engage in unprofessional practices like the ones mentioned above (Lawrence weber, 2008). If these uncouth practices are not checked, they may result into heavy loses financially as well as the loss of credibility of the organization. On the other hand, it is evident that other ethics are not related at all to whistle blowing.

These essay are the programs that are geared towards giving back to the community. These ethics involve an organization being accountable for its actions that affect the community in which they carry out business. The advances in information technology have enabled people to access a lot of information on the behavior of various businesses and government personalities. The finance departments are prone to corruption and other malpractices synonymous with ethical breakdowns (Alan, henry albert, 1981). The exposure accorded by technology has led to the demand for more openness and formulation of laws as well as practices that enable whistle blowing whenever its necessary. Normally, not all the people in an organization may be involved in malpractices; some may be coerced into doing so with treats and sanctions. The presence of reporting mechanisms offer a chance to such people to report to the concerned authorities about the on-goings in the organization.

In most case therefore, the law requires the government official who receives the whistle blowing information to establish reasons of genuine whistle blowing (Lawrence and Weber, 2008). This calls for strong evidence under which a case can be built against the accused. According to marcia and Janet (1992 many people tend to report malpractices in an organization to external authorities rather that the internal ones. This is particularly common if the culprits belong to the top management of the organization involved. The top management in such cases could conspire to silence the whistle blower and devise a cover up plan by destroying all the evidence.

Watchdog agencies, the media, opposition politicians, legal authorities and lawyers are the most common avenues that people use in whistle blowing activities. This is because they guarantee confidentiality of the whistle blowing information. Ethics and ethical reasoning On a wider scope, ethics is a philosophical branch that addresses issues that deal with morality. On a closer look, ethics is the concept that defines right or wrongdoing. Ethics define and point to the instances when actions are ethical or unethical. Business ethics is the application of the generally known ethics into business practices (Linda katherine, 1999). Business ethics explore the meaning and application of ethical principles and ethical problems that arise in a business setting. The conduct of individuals who run the businesses and the organizations conduct of businesses is examined thorough the ethics radar.

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Whistle blowers are to some extent regarded as saviors who reviews help an important entity in the longer term. Many researchers have sought to unmask the reasons behind whistle blowing as well as the psychology of those who carry out the action. The circumstances that surround the action and summary the motivation are some of the most interesting aspects of whistle blowing that any scholar would want to address. The mode of carrying out the action is of interest too. Many people report malpractice cases because they conflict their morale beliefs. As a matter of fact, a system that offers confidentiality in the whistle blowing process encourages other people to carry out the action. However, there are other people who are just motivated by malice and revenge. It may be a case of backlash from disgruntled employees who may possess various reasons for bringing down the organization.

whistle blowing essay

All the above issues warrant some form of exposure when they are carried out. Attitude and perception While majority of people support whistle blowing, others think it should never be encouraged. In some organizations a whistle blower will be considered a snitch. According to terance miethe in the book whistleblowing at Work, the action of whistle blowing is regarded as betrayal of company as well as the entire management. While some people may be inclined towards accepting whistle blowing, this may well spell the end of their get jobs. This presents a dilemma between keeping mum, thus saving ones job, or going public with information hence losing the job. On a brighter side, whistle blowing enjoys immense support of a majority of people all over the world.

the issues at hand. Some do lose their jobs while others reap by acquiring promotion. There are channels that offer confidentiality for ensuring protection to the whistle blower. Whistle blowing issues For whistle blowing to take place, there has to be violation of the ethics necessary for the smooth running of an organization. There are various issues that have to be dealt with whenever an action is considered as whistle blowing. These issues in most cases involve the political contributions to the corporation or firm. Corporate issues that involve takeovers and competition are also exposed to malpractices that can only be revealed through whistle blowing (Lawrence weber, 2008). Stock trading is one of the biggest avenues to grand mismanagement of many corporations. Some investors stocks have been sold illegally by company employees with the knowledge of top company management.

In the text, whistle blowing alls under the chapter of Ethics and Ethical reasoning. Other topics that indirectly relate to whistle blowing and also provide the basis for this research are public Issues, Organizational Ethics, law, business and government Relations (Vinten, 1994). Introduction nikki (2005) reveals that whistle blowing is the raising of concern about misconduct or unethical behavior in an organization. According to the business dictionary, whistle blowing is the disclosure to the public or authorities a suspected wrongdoing in a business organization or government departments. Morality and conscience plays a role in this kind of exposure and are attributed to failure in business ethics for the organization in question. Whistle blowing is usually done by people within the same organization or outsiders who are privy to the activities in an organization. Unethical behavior can be diverse london and it falls within these contexts; breakage of the law and rules of an organization, corruption as well as other acts such as espionage that are a threat to public interests (Lawrence weber, 2008). Most modern corporations have embraced the idea of setting up channels through which employees may blow the whistle on malpractices within their organization. Consequently, there is a strong belief that whistle blowers should never be punished.

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Whistle blowing issues4 Attitude and perception5 Ethics and ethical reasoning6 Business first and government relations8 The laws9 Customer protection12 Ensuring success of the culture12 Conclusion13 References15 Whistle blowing Abstract Whistle blowing is becoming a common practice in many business and government organizations all over the world. After the enactment of the sarbanes-Oxley act in the United States, there has been an increase of whistle blowing cases. We will write a custom essay sample. Whistle Blowing or any similar topic specifically for you. People have come forward to report numerous instances of corruption and other malpractices that they have witnessed or those that they suspect to be in the offing. The act of whistle blowing has led to saving of numerous jobs as well as thousands of dollars. This paper seeks to establish various aspects that are involved in whistle blowing as well as the different areas that it traverses. Whistle blowing falls in the ethics category where it covers many other fields like government, organizational ethics and customer protection.

Whistle blowing essay
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