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If you're selected for an interview, we may request work samples. If we do, we'll provide information about submitting them. If you have public copies of your work available for viewing online, include the links on your resume. You can also attach them to your online profile. Match your skills and experience to the job. Carefully look at the job youre applying for and tailor your profile to fit.

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And be sure you have specific examples and situations the that illustrate your commitment to these values. Integrity, leading with integrity is a trait we require. The technology-based industry is highly competitive. Its critical that we remain ethical and fair in conducting business. Take a look at our ethical standards write before applying and use that information in an interview. Innovation, driving innovation and being a competitive figure in the technology industry is our primary mission. Be sure to include examples of how youve engineered inventive solutions on your resume. Customer First, customer experience is the foundation of our success. Were looking for candidates who can create, strengthen, and grow customer relationships. Keep this in mind when youre applying or interviewing for a job. Should I send samples of my work (writing, code, designs, etc.) with my resume or CV?

And if used, your profile may appear illegible after conversion. Remember, your resumes going to be seen on a computer or mobile screen, and at times in print. Youll want to use a font thats readable in all places. For roles that call for a visual wow factor—such as a designer list or a brand strategist—a portfolio or website is the perfect place to let your creative star shine. How to make your resume stand out and land an Interview. These are qualities that we look for in candidates. To make the application process easier, apply these attributes to your resume.

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How much time have you saved? How many more Xs have you been able to do or duties youve been able to assume? How else can value be measured for a resumé? Id shredder love to see your ideas below. Formatting your resume for success, your resume stands literature out when its legible and easy to read. Most organizations have implemented various applicant tracking systems that convert a formatted resume into simple text. Intricate fonts and elaborate graphics simply dont translate.

It demonstrates real leadership skills that can bring promotions and more money. You may realize that your talents are wasted in your present position and its time to move. There is no down side, so think. What do you do that can be measured? Like volunteering so many hours a month for community projects, or reducing the number of dropped calls or complaints, getting more positive comments on social media, finding ways to become more efficient and. What do you spend the most time or money doing? How have you improved that situation?

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Commanded negotiations with our top three vendors that resulted in a cost savings to the company of 10 in our most popular product line. Delivered optimum value essay by creating a new troubleshooting hotline at no additional charge to our customers. Coordinated meetings between production and sales departments that reduced errors and cut refunds by 250,000 annually. Managed social media platforms by providing pertinent offers that brought in an additional 150,000 in the first quarter of the year. Resolved customer technical issues for 150 clients, reducing their down time across the board by 75 year over year. You dig what Im shoveling, right? My view is if you cant put a number to whats on your resumé, leave it off.

Can all results be measured for a resumé? But what if you dont have a job whose results can be directly measured in profit or savings? If you dont add some value to your company, you are deadwood and should start looking for another job right this minute. And its up to you to figure out what that value is as soon as you can. Having hard numbers is a great negotiating tool during your salary review. Your value provides a layer of protection between you and the unemployment line. It pumps fear up your self-confidence, which leads to all manner of good things for you in your personal and professional life.

Delivered optimum value, coordinate meetings, managed social media platforms, resolved customer technical problems. Some of these you no doubt recognize right away as fluff, but others probably have you scratching your head. Whats wrong with resolving technical problems? Managing social media platforms is a big deal. And negotiations are super important.

But whats missing from those resumés are the results. The numbers, the metrics. Quantify your results on your resumé. Take a look at your own resumé (if you dont have one, you should, even if you are a business owner). What meaningless fluff have you used that takes up valuable space? Lets take a look at the list above again and imagine how we might add some muscle to those anemic descriptions. Cultivated rapport which resulted in 15 growth in new business from existing clients. Guided conversations that led to a reduction in staff turnover. Drove profitability by decreasing expenses and increasing revenues for a net bottom-line gain of 100,000 for the fiscal year.

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Contact me to request references or to arrange an interview. willing to relocate). Of all the resumés and LinkedIn profiles I review as a career coach, one thing is glaringly obvious by its absence — results. Honestly, no one (except your immediate supervisor) really cares about your job duties. What they do care about and that includes your supervisor is how effective you are at what you. How do you measure effectiveness? By the numbers, my friend, database by the numbers. Here are some of the more meaningless space-wasters ive seen on resumés: Cultivated rapport, guided conversations, drove profitability, commanded negotiations.

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Post_Historic my own short film involving both classical and computer animation. All story concepts, designs, backgrounds and animations are solely my own creation. Used at mainframe to test SoftImage toonz for 4 month period. Sno matter (2007) an computer animated short co-written and co-animated. Software used: SoftImage xsi.0, softImage toonz.5, particle.0, Photoshop CS5, maya 2011, Flash mx, quickTime Pro 7, unix. Certificates: Standard First Aid level c exp 03/2015 and whmis exp 04/2015. Hobbies, bushcraft, hiking, canoeing, camping, photography, hockey, ho scale models, painting (oils, acrylics watercolours drawing, researching and writing soi about historical events, and collecting folktales for use in some of my science fiction stories. Watches foreign films, documentaries and animation including anime. Long time member of Scouts Canada.

fx animation 2004 (SoftImage xsi). Scaler (video game) Credited as Character Animator. Responsible for assigned sequences layout and animation. Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag (Imax film) Credited as Animator. Responsible for creation and animation of onscreen computer displays. 2006-11 (maya bo on the go,animal Mechanicals, Pirates: Adventures in Art Credited as Animator. Responsible for assigned sequences layout, and animation of characters and props (keyframe with some mocap in early episodes of bo on the go). Others Productions: On the right Track (1992-93) background artist and cel painter for Sheridan College/cn railway.

Of Agriculture) 1983-85 including biophysics, geomorphology, ecology, niagara college - visual Art and Design 1987-89 including Life Drawing, Print layout, oil painting, silkscreen Printing. Sheridan College - art Fundamentals 1989-90 including Life Drawing, Photography and Print making - classical Animation 1990-93 including Life Drawing and Watercolour painting - computer Animation 1993-94, vancouver Institute of Media arts - maya 1 maya intensive 2006, vancouver School board - flash. Experience, mainframe Entertainment Inc. (SoftImage 3D assignment 2004-5 (SoftImage xsi). Reboot,beast Wars, War Planets/Shadow raiders,beast Machines,Action Man, heavy gear,Max Steel, Spider-Man Credited at times as Animator, modeller, or Senior Animator. Responsible for assigned sequences layout, some minor modeling, animation (keyframe mocap starting with Action Man special effects, lighting and rendering. Created walk/run cycles and transformations used on some series. Trained and oversaw junior animators. Scary godmother Credited as Storyboard Artist though responsible for set and prop designs as well as script modifications.

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I have updated my resumé. In addition to adding details for my most recent position, i decided it was time to freshen up the appearance a little. I have replaced the futura and Optima typefaces with Providence and the avenir family. I find avenir very pleasing to the eye, and Providence is a distinctive typeface which long is a little quirky, without being too distracting. My focus these days is on front-end javascript development, having spent most of the last two years working on that. But, of course, i still do back-end work, as well, (php, perl, javascript and I have a bit of sysadmin and devops knowledge, too. A man dedicated to converting mind into animation. Phone:, email: Click here to view my resumé as a word document. Education, university of guelph - resource management (BSc.

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  1. It took me a while to schedule my first appointment because i thought figuring out skype would be a huge hassle. To view dates of workshops or register for one sign up for my mailing list Instructions to my studio net/poc/ view _p?typebook id821.

  2. View all 14 tickets. Should I send samples of my work (writing, code, designs, etc.) with my resume or CV? My employers and clients have included Fortune 500 companies, design agencies, businesses, major arts organizations, non-profits. 02 my name is Bob Borson and this is my site. I try and keep things light and share a thing or two about what I think i know.

  3. My perfect Resume resume Examples by industry tips view All How-to tips. South West Nine defines the temper of our age as vividly as Derek jarmen's Jubilee did. Before 1990) Low budget dramas/ pop-promos. I have updated my resumé. My wordCamp Atlanta 2013 Presentation Video updated Resumé view the change in the codex.

  4. View Michael Gilkes's profile on LinkedIn it professional with 12 cumulative years of experience in various fields of Information. My view is if you cant put a number to whats on your resumé, leave it off. Home about lisa stillwell her portfolio download a pdf of her resumé her blog her flickr contact her. Resume of graphic-web designer m you may view my linked public profile download Resumé (PDF). Nicméně, pražská aglomerace je natolik velká a bohatá, že uživí především spoustu zákaznicky orientovaných výstav,.

  5. Download my resumé here (PDF). View my graphic design portfolio here: Here, you can see my current design commitments and accomplishments. View the archived list. You can view my resumé at /alexscottbecker, my, pIF can be viewed on the clc. Resumé and pif my resumé is also online!

  6. View my profile at LinkedIn my cv /. Resumé i finished my time in the uk organisation by acting as Chief Architect in the bt sales team. Click here to view my resumé as a word document. From my heart to your computer. on a variety of projects and participated regularly in meetings where i pitched my designs to influential members of the company. View my profile on LinkedIn or download a pdf of my resumé.

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