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It happened a long time ago and no one's memory of it is going to be perfect, but I don't doubt that it happened. The movie is of course a dramatisation of the real event and, for effect, probably embellished at times. But to fixate on how real or truthful. The wave is is to totally miss the point. The experiment was highly successful, and those who had said it could never happen now (like it was a product of its times and that we had all learnt out lesson from nazi germany). The big shock was that it could happen so easily, and happen amongst middle class, "normal" people. It's a great peek into human nature.

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When they had all assembled the projector showed an image of Adolf Hitler. This is the story i mentioned a essay while back, that had come up in the workshop I went to on teaching genocide in schools: someone had watched the film at school. At the time i had no idea that there was a novel based on the film, but the grade 8s at my Practicum school are starting an independent reading unit with two books: Animal Farm and, the wave. I was quite excited to read it, since the telemovie isn't so easy to get hold of - i think you have to order it from the States. The story is fiction, but it's based on a real event. The teacher was Ron Jones, and there is some controversy around how much of his account is bullshit. Some ex-students were who involved have said that it didn't happen like that, that it never took over the school and so on (I found a website collecting debunking stories but I don't have the link sorry). Personally, i can understand why some would want to downplay the experiment and its effect on them. No one likes to be made a fool of, and no one would want people to think they had it in them to be a little nazi, a follower, an obedient servant of power-hungry dictators. No one would want to admit that they were not only taken in by it all but got caught up in it to the point of believing it was wonderful, good, fostered equality and that people who were against it should be "stopped". There are ex-students of the school who fully support Ron Jones' account of the experiment, and there are articles from the school's paper about it as well.

Ben also noticed that, while they were now handing in their homework on time, there was no thought going into their answers, no questioning. The only student in his original class who resisted was laurie, editor of the school's fuller paper, but even she didn't believe at first that it was more than a game that was being taken too seriously. Not until one student is beaten up because he's Jewish, and others are threatened for not joining The wave. The wave had taken over the school and was acting on orders given by ben - orders he'd never given them; the movement had a life of its own. After just over a week pressure from parents and the school principal, as well as his own wife, christy, a music teacher at the school, forced Ben to end the experiment and question his own involvement. The power trip may have got to him, and he worried that he still had control. He told the wave members that there was going to be a special meeting in the auditorium only for wave members, where they would meet their national youth wave leader.

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After showing fuller them a film on Adolf Hitler, the nazis and concentration camps, his students couldn't understand why the german people hadn't realised what was happening and done something to stop. How could they not have known? The nazis were a minority: why didn't they overthrow them? Ben's answers weren't satisfactory, and in an effort to help them understand, the next day he begins a classroom experiment. He began by teaching them discipline: "strength through discipline" and by the end of the lesson had them all sitting with perfect posture, rising and shouting out answers to his questions with perfect obedience. The experiment continued, incorporating a name for the group: The wave; as well as a salute and two more mottos: Strength through community and strength through action. Next he gave them membership cards and sent year them out to recruit. His class swelled as kids started skipping their own lessons to be part of his history class. The wave was introduced to the school's football team and at first, teachers noticed all the improvements: better discipline, punctuality etc.

I would recommend this book to anyone who can stand reading English books. Morton Rhue: The wave,.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. Betygsätt, morton Rhue: The wave, relaterade skolarbeten, nedanstående är skolarbeten som handlar. Morton Rhue: The wave eller som på något sätt är relaterade med. Morton Rhue: The wave. This book, written under the pen name of Morton Rhue in the United States, is a novelisation of the telemovie of the same name, which was based on a short story by ron Jones about a real event. In 1969 a high school history teacher, ben Ross, was working in a small "all-American" town teaching his class of grade 12 students about the second World War. After showing them a film on Adolf Hitler, the nazis and concentration camps, his students couldn't understand why the german people hadn't realise.

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the wave morton rhue book report

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And would lauras misgivings be confirmed? How could she stop the wave before someone else was beaten up or threatened? And before it got too long. Opinions, i think that this book was very good. I read it in only one day cause i got so absorbed. It was written well and the language wasnt too hard so that you solar had to interrupt in the middle of the reading. It was an interesting topic and the fact that it has happen for real made it even more interesting.

While i was reading it I got surprised in how good it was and how much I really liked. The end of the book felt a little bit short. But it was the kind of end you wanted. Cause it was a happy ending. This story tells something that could happen to anyone, even. So you wonder if you would have been blinded by the power of the group or not.

Ross if anyone brakes the rules and dont obey. Their first mission from the leader himself was to recruit new students to The wave. A lot of students joined cause in The wave everyone was equals. The shy kid Robert was now with all the others and none picked on him. Laura who had had a bad feeling about this saw what The wave was doing to her friends and classmates in fact the whole school. Every time in class the mottoes of The wave strength trough discipline, strength trough community, strength trough action!

The wave got more and more scary. People had been threatened and beaten up for not joining the wave. And to the school magazine The gordon Grapevine and anonymous letter had been sent about students picking on other students. There was fear underneath it all. To make people see the dark side of The wave laura and a few non-wave members published articles that revealed the threats etceteras. David (Lauras boyfriend) got the mission to stop her from her friends Brad and Eric. But how should he stop her?

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But there was something else too, and thesis she wasnt sure that she liked that feeling. The following day ben had not had any intentions to proceed with the group-experiment. But when he walked into the classroom and found the students sitting straight and quiets(like he had instructed them, or more like ordered to do the previous day). He just couldnt stop. He had to. The following days they came up with a salute, an emblem and a name. The wave was the name of the organisation. Everyone got membership cards and a certain number were chosen to be guards, that reports.

the wave morton rhue book report

When his wife and business associate Christy came home and saw her husband surrounded by the books, she sighed and thought to herself hope he isnt going to be as absorbed in all this as he has the ability to be when he is determined. The next morning on class he wrote on the blackboard Strength through discipline. When he started to lecture about what he meant his students actually listened, to his big surprise. To demonstrate what he meant he put up some rules: - always begin the question with,. stand at the side of your desk while talking. always bring pencil and notepaper to class. After practising a couple of minutes with the rules, lauren. (A student in his class, which has by the way fashion very good grades) could feel the energy and force like the class was one unit.

questions about everything. That we shouldnt just join anything without knowing what. And also hes saying that it is so easy to fall in the trap without you noticing it so you better be careful. The wave review, the book is about how a history teacher in a high school wants to show and explain to his students how easy it is to join a group, and give away all your rights to be independent. It all started with a movie about the second World War. The students asked the teacher, ben Ross after seeing and upsetting movie about nazis) how come the germans didnt stop the nazis if only 10 of the population were nazis? Ben couldnt answer that himself so in the evening he was absorbed in a pile of books, seeking for the answer.

David Collins: Plays in the football book team and has a relationship with laurie. Robert Billings: The class looser. Has bad self-esteem and doesnt really care about school and homework. He doesnt make much noise around himself. The other kids make jokes about him and silly and cruel pranks. Language: There was slang in the book and it wasnt hard to understand. Sure there were a few words that I didnt know the exact meaning of but I still understood the concept after reading the whole sentence. Construction: There are no flashbacks in the book. It is viewed so that you will understand the person in main focus.

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Time setting: The story takes place during the late nineties in usa. Main characters: Ben Ross: Ben is a history teacher dates at the high school. Hes a good teacher and a lot of students are fond of him and thinks that his lessons are great. Ben has the ability to get really absorbed in things. If hes seeking answers or determined to learn something he shuts off the utter world and dedicates himself to the books. Laurie saunders: A bright you student who works at the school paper The gordon Grapevine. She has a boyfriend called david Collins.

The wave morton rhue book report
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  5. Politics book review: The Prince (Annotated with Summary/Study guide) by nicolo machiavelli, supe. This book is based on a nightmarish true episode in a californian high school. Mr Ross wants to teach his history class about Hitler and the nazis.

  6. The, wave by, morton, rhue. To learn from people's I read this book as an assigned book report and wasnt quite sure if I would like it or not. The book is about how a history teacher in a high school wants to show and explain to his students how easy it is to join. Morton, rhue : The, wave, morton. Penguin readers, level.

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