Shakespeare works summary

shakespeare works summary

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Tragedies Antony and Cleopatra : Antony tries to balance love and war but sacrifices everything for love. Coriolanus : Romes best general feels slighted, so he switches sides. Hamlet : a young prince plans revenge against his murdering uncle. Julius caesar : Brutus and others kill caesar to prevent him from becoming king. King lear : lear gives up his kingdom to his daughters and then gives up his mind. Macbeth : Witches prophecies prompt Macbeth to seize the throne of Scotland. Othello : Iago preys on Othellos jealousy and drives him to murder.

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King Henry iv, part 1 : Henry wonders why his son cant be more like that nice hotspur boy, until Hotspur rebels against the king. King Henry iv, part 2 : Henrys son Hal continues to act up, and rebels still threaten the throne, but Hal comes shakespeare out all right in the end and becomes King Henry. King Henry v : Henry invades France. King Henry vi, part 1 : joan of Arc leads the French army against England. The houses of York and Lancaster start a spat that lasts through the next three plays. King Henry vi, part 2 : peasants and the house of York rebel against King Henry. King Henry vi, part 3 : The house of York deposes hosekræmmeren King Henry, despite help from France. Edward, son of the duke of York, takes the throne as King Edward. King Richard iii : Edwards brother, richard, kills everyone in his way and seizes the throne, only to lose it and his life. King Henry viii : King Henry divorces his wife, starts a new church, remarries, and fathers a daughter who becomes queen Elizabeth.

Troilus and Cressida : In ancient Troy, troilus and Cressida vow undying love, which dies all too quickly. Twelfth Night : Orsino loves Olivia. Cesario is really viola, who loves Orsino. The Two ge ntlemen of Verona : Nothing can come between best friends Valentine and Proteus, except a girl, sylvia. The Two noble kinsmen : Two brothers fight for love in ancient Greece. The winters Tale thesis : jealous husband leontes drives away his wife, children, and best friend. Histories, king John : John turns over England to the pope. King Richard ii : Henry bolingbroke deposes King Richard and becomes King Henry.

shakespeare works summary

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A midsummer Nights Dream : Mix-and-match couples in the woods near Athens. Lord, what fools these mortals be! Much Ado About Nothing : Claudio loves Hero. Benedick doesnt like beatrice. Then Claudio hates Hero, and Benedick loves beatrice. Eventually, everyone gets married. Pericles : Pericles lives, loves, loses, and regains his family while touring the mediterranean sea. The taming of the Shrew : Petruchio tames his wife, katherina. The tempest : Prospero uses magic to reclaim his dukedom and find a husband for his daughter, miranda.

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shakespeare works summary

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Related articles, education, literature, shakespeares Plays, this list breaks down Shakespeares plays by type. Youll also get a brief summary of each play by Shakespeare, if you need help remembering what a specific play is about. Alls Well That Ends Well : Bertie runs away to avoid his new wife, helena, but she follows him and tricks him into being her faithful husband. As you like it : A romp in the forest of Arden, where everyone falls in love. The comedy of Errors : Two sets of twins turn the town of Ephesus upside down.

Cymbeline : A jealous husband believes a false story about his wife. She runs away and meets her long-lost brothers. Loves Labours Lost : The king of navarre and his court try to study in seclusion but succumb to the temptations of love. Measure for measure : Power corrupts Angelo, the substitute duke, who tries to seduce the sister of a condemned man. The merchant great of Venice : Moneylender Shylock tries to recover his pound of flesh collateral for a loan. The merry wives steward of Windsor : Sir John Falstaff puts the moves on the merry wives, who turn the tables on him.

This play is full of energy as the characters run across the stage and keep you guessing how they will pull off the next play. Clever use of some interesting costumes also adds to the fun. The play starts with an eccentric version. Romeo and Juliet, followed by a parody. Titus Andronicus (which is portrayed as a cooking show).

Othello, which is done as a rap song (the infamous Othello rap). The members of the trio compete in a hilarious football game which summarizes the histories (. King John, richard ii, richard iii, henry iv etc complete with commentary and details of each character's rise and fall from power. As the characters are about to come to the end of the first act, they realize they forgot to perform Hamlet. One of the actors becomes nervous and runs out of the theatre with another actor chasing him. The final actor is left to entertain the audience by himself, which he does by telling jokes and calling for the intermission. After the intermission, the missing two actors return and save their companion from reciting all of the sonnets. All three actors then perform their very abbreviated version. Hamlet (with a little help from the audience thus completing the canon in only an hour and a half!

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Homer told of adventure and men at war, sophocles and Tolstoy told of tragedies and of people in trouble. Terence and Mark Twain told cosmic biography stories, dickens told melodramatic ones, Plutarch told histories and Hand Christian Andersen told fairy tales. But Shakespeare told every kind of story comedy, tragedy, history, melodrama, adventure, love stories and fairy tales and each of them so well that they have become immortal. In all the world of storytelling he has become the greatest name. Stories resumes from Shakespeare ). Can three guys really cover thirty-seven Shakespeare plays in less than two hours? This fast-firing comedy does just that as it parodies all of the Shakespeare plays (plus the sonnets!) with only three performers in two acts.

shakespeare works summary

Back to alphabetical order, julius caesar, king lear. Love's Labor Lost, macbeth, measure for measure, the merchant of Venice. The merry wives of Windsor, a midsummer Night's Dream, much Ado About Nothing. Othello, pericles, romeo and Juliet, the taming of the Shrew, the tempest. Timon of Athens, titus Andronicus, troilus and Cressida, twelfth Night. The Two gentlemen of Verona, the Two noble kinsmen, the winter's Tale. Back to my home page, standard Disclaimer, standard Disclaimer. Last Modified november 15, 2016. Points to ponder, marchette Chute, in the Introduction to her famous retelling of Shakespeare's stories, summarizes one of the reasons for Shakespeare's immeasurable fame: William Shakespeare was the most remarkable storyteller that the world has ever known.

King John, richard ii, henry iv,. 1, henry iv,. Henry v, henry vi,. 1, henry vi,. 3, richard iii, henry viii.

Writing tips, acting tips. Directing tips, related Links. Need to get a quick overview of one of Shakespeares plays? Read one of our 2 minute plot summaries of Shakespeares plays to understand the main plots and stories within each one: Discover Shakespeares Plot Summaries by Play. Shakespeare Play summaries/Synopses, listed below are real links to summaries/synopses of all of Shakespeare's plays in pseudo-alphabetical order; pseudo because they go alphabetically until the history plays, which I have listed in the order that the play's plot takes place in history instead. After the history plays, the listing resumes alphabetically. These summaries are bare-bones, but most of them are quite detailed covering all major plot developments and most of the characters (33,000 total words, 888 on average per summary). I wrote these synopses as I read and simultaneously watched the bbc productions of each of these plays between 19I hope you enjoy them. Full texts of Shakespeare's plays are available from various sites including.

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Bbc - drama - 60 Second Shakespeare - shakespeare's plays, themes and characters. Skip to listing main content, access keys help, this page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. Shakespeare's plays, themes and characters. Not sure which of Shakespeare's plays to cover? Chosen one, but need a quick refresher course on it? Check out our fine range of 60 Second Shakespeare newspapers for quick summaries of the plot and characters of fourteen major Shakespeare plays. Photostories, getting started, top Tips, take advice from the experts. Read top tips from professional actors, writers and directors, from shows including EastEnders, doctor Who and Casualty.

Shakespeare works summary
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  2. He is usually said to have written 37 plays, though others have been convincingly attributed to him. Note and Disclaimer: These synopses are encapsulations of Shakespeare s works; reading a synopsis is in no way a substitute for actually reading a given play. Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays and over 150 short and long poems, many of whi ch are considered to be the finest ever written in English. This list breaks down Shakespeare s plays by type. You ll also get a brief summary of each play by Shakespeare, if you need help remembering what a specific).

  3. Each of the Shakespeare pla ys listed here includes the short summary (synopsis for further reading. Index of Shakespeare Plays. Listed below are links to summaries/sy nopses of all of Shakespeare s plays in pseudo-alphabetical order; pseudo. Check out our fine range of 60 Second Shakespeare newspapers for quick summaries o f the plot and characters of fourteen major Shakespeare plays. Plot summaries for Shakespeare s plays, from your trusted Shakespeare source. This section deals with an overview of Shakespeare s plays.

  4. Need to get a quick overview of one of Shakespeare s plays? Read one of our 2 minute plot summaries of Shakespeare s plays to understand the main plots and. Can three guys really cover thirty-seven Shakespeare plays in less than two hours? This fast-firing comedy does just that as it parodies all of the Shakespeare. Bookmark this Shakespeare timeline for your reference.

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