Refutation paper

refutation paper

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Yet the gospel of Thomas squarely does that which makes me think it may indeed be first century. It should not go without notice here on this point that pauls undisputed authentic letters are regarded as the earliest of all Christian writings, that unlike the synoptic Gospels, are written in first person testimony of what paul says in his own words he experienced. Further, paul recognizes that church as authoritative over the jesus movement. On this the gospel of Thomas is in complete accord with pauls witness. In Mark 6:3 we see james listed as a brother to yeshua (agreement with paul). In Acts 15:19 James is seen delivering the final and important opinion on whether gentile believers need to be circumcised; in Acts it is clear that James leads the jerusalem church (agreement with paul). In Acts 21:18 paul obeys the request from James that he ritually purify himself in the temple, placing himself in subservience to james authority (agreement with pauls writings where james is portrayed as the authoritative leader that paul recognized as such). On the matter of James there is unity of presentation across: pauls letters, the gospel of Mark, and the book of Acts (written by the author of luke essentially a luke part 2 and the gospel of Thomas.

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Once they accounted for the redactions of Mark material, and separated out the stuff that was unique in Matthew and luke respectively, they were left with what they dubbed the source gospel. And due to the german word that means source, we English speakers took to just referring to it as the q gospel. The q gospel doesnt relate any biographical narrative of Jesus, but amounts to being wisdom sayings attributed to jesus just like the gospel of Thomas. And of course the q gospel is a source (oral or textual) that at least predates Matthew and luke. (If visit one subscribes to the theory that luke redacted Matthew, then the tradition of these q sayings at least predates Matthew.). My thinking is that some of the earliest Christian writings, aside from pauls authentic letters (some of the pauline letters in the new Testament are regarded as second century and written so as to impersonate paul and thus take masquerade on his mantel of authority) and. The mentioning of James, the brother of Yeshua. The gospel of Thomas references James, the brother of Yeshua, as being the preeminent head of the Church when Yeshua is no longer in his followers midst (Yeshua instructs his apostles to look to james as their leader and gives very high praise to james). Yet after the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 ad by the romans, this earliest Christian church ceased having influence (Pauls churches took over pretty much and Christianity became defined by pauls teachings). James, by some accounts, is reported to have been killed in. I think it very peculiar that any writing from the second century would bother to still talk about James as a personage so as to figure so prominently in the Christian movement.

If the hypothetical q gospel existed as a manuscript it would have preceded Matthew and luke as these two of the synoptic Gospels both have the q material (and indeed that is what defines q that which is in both Matthew and luke but not. The gospel of Thomas shares verses, or has parallel forms, across all three of the synoptic Gospels. If Mark is the earliest of these gospels, then the gospel of Thomas is thereby positioned to perhaps be even earlier. The gospel of Mark is considered the earliest written gospel. (The epistles of paul predate mark but paul never knew a flesh and blood Jesus and relates absolutely no biographical information about any flesh and blood historical Jesus, other business than that paul knew Jesus had a teaching on divorce. Paul only had a mystical encounter with some being comparable to, say, how Mohammad or Joseph Smith report having mystical encounters with angels.) As such, matthew and luke were found by german scholars in the 19th century to have drawn heavily on the text. So matthew and luke come later (and then John much later still and is completely unlike the prior three synoptic Gospels and has contradictions with them). It turns out that these 19th century german scholars found Matthew and luke also draw on some other source for some common textual material.

refutation paper

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In general, Aristotle refutes Plato on the grounds that his Theory of Ideas tries too hard to establish concrete, universal definitions for things that depend too much on the material. Though both thinkers agree on the separation of the material and immaterial (which gave both a somewhat similar view of God they still differ sharply over the permanence of standards by which human nature and endeavor can be judged). Theres a lot of debate about whether Gospel of Thomas is database a second century writing, as pretty much all the Gnostic gospels appear to be, or if is possibly a first century writing? My thinking is that there are some evidences or characteristics that lean toward possibility of first century. First of all is to compare its style wisdom sayings to the hypothetical Q gospel, which is also wisdom sayings. Some scholars think that this more primitive format of strictly teaching sayings of Yeshua may be the earliest form of Christian writings (outside of pauls letters). The quasi-biographical Synoptic Gospels, in contrast, are definitely more complex writings and also are expressive of greater complexity as to motive and purpose in reflecting the goals of respective authors. In contrast, the wisdom sayings gospels merely convey the wisdom sayings teaching concepts themselves without attempt in elaboration of theology as, say, commentary.

His argument moves him from existence of the self to the objectivity of truth and finally to gods reality. Augustine assumes that God is a rational being and that the rational and the good are identical. Only god could be superior to truth, he says, and therefore must be the ultimate good; therefore, truth, goodness, and God are one and the same. His argument seems fairly clear-eyed and rational, for he does not approach Gods goodness dogmatically or automatically assume gods existence. Instead, he works toward that end by evaluation the rationality of truth and goodness, and he casts God in that role as the ultimate embodiment of both. In general, augustine implies, god represents goodness and occupies the pinnacle of the concept like unity and twoness). He considers unity and goodness the combined center of his system of Ideas and stated that the Ideas had to be more real and concrete than any objects of ordinary experience. Aristotle, meanwhile, agreed with Platos notion that the immaterial (form) and the material (matter) were distinctly separate entities; however, he did not share Platos belief that all forms were permanent, freestanding truths; he felt that form correlated to matter. Ideas, he stated, correlated to something material and were thus changeable and often dependent upon the observer.

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refutation paper

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However, god and goodness tableau are not one and the resume same; Plato does not directly state that goodness is good, but that God is good, since he exemplifies the idea at the top of Platos hierarchy. In short, god does not equal goodness, but God encompasses it better than any other being. This implies not that God is perfect, but that Gods intentions and actions have good aims goodness may emerge from other sources besides God. The main problem with Platos philosophy is his inconsistency; he owes the existence of his Ideas to both God and goodness, but he claims the two are not identical. God becomes subordinate to the universals in Platos ordered cosmos, and his defense of God appears rather weak.

While Plato assumes God exists as the ultimately good (but not omnipotent) being, Aristotle questions Gods active role in the universe and claims that nature depends upon an immaterial Supreme being. For example, he cites natural genesis and the perpetuity of movement as evidence of Gods immaterial existence, and he implies that God is a self-sufficient, compelling force for both nature and man. Aristotles concept of God seems valid as a pre-scientific explanation of the universe; however, he seems to ignore gods embodiment of moral goodness and mans ability to think and act freely and still be good. He believes that all goodness comes from within God and that the goodness in man is drawn toward God and nothing else. Aristotles ideas on God seem, from a modern point of view, effective only as explanations of the supernatural and even of the miracle of life. Augustine links God with rational thought and states that human knowledge of truth depends upon mans relationship to god.

Anselm, though, makes the most dogmatic and logically tortuous case for. Gods existence, relying not upon explanations of goodness, truth, or rational order of ideas but upon an absurd argument. He claims that everyone has some sense of God, and he claims that for one to deny gods existence is an invalid and contradictory assertion; therefore, god exists. Also, anselm believes that those capable of understanding God cannot believe that he does not exist as if the enormity of the idea was so clear than only a fool could not perceive. His arguments seem the weakest of the four viewpoints here, for they are riddled with dogma and assume that God is a constant using faith alone. Anselm considers faith paramount to logic or other forms of thought and asks no questions as to what powers the universe or what goodness is he basically follows the Christian party line too closely to be valid.

Augustine combines Platos idea of a moral hierarchy with his own rational observations of truth and goodness being embodied in their highest form by god. While Plato wavers on Gods superiority, aristotle views man as gods pawn, and Anselm uses tortuous dogmatic logic, augustines arguments seem to make the most sense from not only a christian point of view but from a moral and rational one as well. The philosophies of Plato, aristotle,. Anselm on the existence of God all vary on the issue of Gods nature; though each thinker takes a different approach to why there is a god, that. Augustine seems the most valid because he takes a rational stance and does not dogmatically assume gods existence. Platos philosophy assumes that God exists as a supremely good being whose goodness is analogous to Platos concrete concept or the ultimate good.

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The Ideas of things, he says, are not inherent to the objects in particular but created separately and placed apart from the objects themselves. Thus, Aristotle says, Platos idea that. Ideas are perfect entities, intangible to subjective human experience, is meaningless, for all standards are based somewhere in ordinary human activity father's and perception. Thirdly, aristotle assails Platos efforts to find something common to several similar objects at supermarket once, a perfect exemplar of the quality those things share. Beauty is a perfect example; Plato considered beauty both a notion and an ideal, isolated by abstractions and fixed permanently while its representatives fade away. Aristotle claims that abstractions like. Beauty cannot be cast as absolutes, independent of temporal human experience; the Idea of beauty changes with time and individual perceptions and cannot (as Plato felt) exist forever as a concrete standard. Plato and Aristotle reach some agreement, though, on the topic of reality. Plato believes that all reality was derived from his Ideas (which themselves dealt with concrete hierarchy of rational ideas.

refutation paper

In addition, the theory claims that states of being are contingent upon the mingling of various Forms of existence, that knowledge is objective and thus clearly more real, and that only the processes of nature were valid entities. However, Aristotle attacks this theory on the grounds that Platos arguments are inconclusive either his assertions are not al all cogent. Aristotle says, or his arguments lead to contradictory conclusions. For example, aristotle claims that Platos arguments lead one to conclude that entities (such as anything man-made) and negations of concrete ideas could audit exist such as non-good in opposition to good. This contradicts Platos own belief that only natural objects could serve as standards of knowledge. Also, aristotle refutes Platos belief that Ideas are perfect entities unto themselves, independent of subjective human experience. Ideas, Aristotle claims, are not abstractions on a proverbial pedestal but mere duplicates of things witnessed in ordinary daily life.

ability to argue an opposing view to your term paper conclusion. Mark McIntire, philosophy sbcc. S Theory Of Ideas Essay, research Paper. Aristotles refutation of platos theory of ideas. Arguments for the existence of god. Aristotle refutes Platos Theory of Ideas on three basic grounds: that the existence of Ideas contradicts itself by denying the possibility of negations; that his illustrations of Ideas are merely empty metaphors; and that they theory uses impermanent abstractions to create examples of perception. Though the theory is meant to establish concrete standards for the knowledge of reality, aristotle considers it fraught with inconsistencies and believes that the concept of reality depends upon all forms correlations to other elements. Ideas, Plato believes, are permanent, self-contained absolutes, which answered to each item of exact knowledge attained through human thought. Also, ideas are in Platos view concrete standards by which all human endeavor can be judged, for the hierarchy of all ideas leads to the highest absolute that of good.

Each student will present a written 2 page refutation syllogism of their term paper thesis syllogism. This written refutation will consist of a single, valid, standard form categorical syllogism that refutes your term paper syllogism with Latin name, mood, figure together with the appropriate venn diagram for the refutation syllogism. This written refutation will also summarize the. Best evidence for their refutation syllogism as compared with their term paper syllogism. You must decide which argument has the greater probability of being proved analytically or factually true. If the refutation syllogism provides a more cogent argument for the conclusion of your term paper thesis, then state that in your refutation summary conclusion. If on the other hand, your original term paper conclusion is best supported by your term paper logic and best evidence, then state that in your refutation summary conclusion. In either case, state your reasons why this is the case.


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Macbeth Ambition Essays, macbeth Importance of Ambition. In the play, macbeth, written by william Shakespeare, it is evident that ambition plays a very important role. It is supposed to be the motivating factor that drives one towards success. Play summary, scene summary and analysis and original text,"s, essays, power, ambition. Final Exam: 200 Grade points, refute your Term Paper Thesis, written Refutation. Due as Assigned, the ultimate test for any critical thinker and writer is demonstrating the skill and ability to refute their very own argumentation. This is exactly what you must do to successfully finish this course. Follow these steps scrupulously and you will succeed. Read this web page to demonstrate how perfecting your refutational skills can get you a higher thesis score on your sat and gre tests:.

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  5. Each student will present a written 2 page refutation syllogism of their term paper thesis syllogism. Aristotles, refutation, of platos theory of ideas. Fetal Alchohol Syndrome Essay research, paper. So i am following the book description with a link to a refutation paper and then following that with response to the refutation paper. It is always necessary in a persuasive paper to refute or answer those arguments. The most effective refutation, as you can probably guess,.

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