Prayer for thesis defense

prayer for thesis defense

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One could not raise any objection to this statement because few will recognize a direct reference to the jewish problem.14 According to the march, 1961, article "Pius xii and the jews, " in the jesuit publication civilta cattolica, by father Robert leiber, pius. These messages aside, pius xii followed the policy of Benedict xv during World War i, and protested in general terms against injustices and violence wherever these might be found. But is it correct to say that pius xii was otherwise silent on the subject of nazi atrocities? Had he utterly ignored the plight of the jews, the term would be appropriate; had he spoken directly in their cause, he might today be called foolhardy if we are to carry even his accusers' admissions to their logical conclusion. In effect, he chose a third course, one dictated by his long experience as a vatican statesman and his great desire to save lives. Many persons have already taken up the dispute, and some of their comments will be"d in the present article.

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Poliakov's position, then, is essentially negative, though with noteworthy qualifications: The humanitarian activities of the vatican were necessarily circumscribed with prudence and caution. The immense responsibilities on the pope's shoulders and the powerful weapons the nazis could use against the holy see undoubtedly combined to prevent him from making a formal public protest, though the persecuted keenly hoped to hear one. It is sad to have to say that during the entire war, while the laboratories of death worked to capacity, the pope kept his silence.13 It is a matter of record, of course, that Pope pius xii did not launch a verbal attack directly against. As Von weizsacker wrote in a report to the minister of Foreign Affairs in Berlin on October 28, 1943: Regardless of the advice of many, the pope has not yet let himself be persuaded to make an official condemnation of the deportation of the roman. Despite the fact that he must expect his attitude to be criticized by our enemies and attacked by the Protestants in Anglo-saxon countries, who will use it in their anti-catholic propaganda, he has thus far achieved the impossible in these delicate circumstances in order not. Since it is currently thought that the germans will take no further steps against the jews in Rome, the question of our relations with the vatican may be considered closed. In any case, it appears that such is the viewpoint of the vatican. L'osservatore romano of October 25-26, however, published an official statement on the pope's charitable activities. The statement, which was couched in the usual abstract and vague vatican terminology, said that the pope expressed his paternal solicitude for all men without regard to race, nationality, or religion. The many activities of the pope would be increased because so drupal many were suffering so much misfortune.

Poliakov's emphasis, in his book the jews under the Italian Occupation and elsewhere, has been the same; granted, pius xii did extend help and comfort to the jews the record is quite clear on this score but he did not do enough. This "enough" would have been a firm protest, a formal statement, from the vatican against the german "solution of the jewish problem." Yet Poliakov says also that during the hitler terror, the clergy acted untiringly and unceasingly to give humane help, with the approval and. Furthermore: This direct aid given the persecuted Jews by the pope in his capacity as bishop of Rome was the symbolic expression of an activity that was extended throughout the whole of Europe, encouraging and promoting the efforts put forth by the catholic churches. It is certain that secret instructions were sent out by the vatican, urging the national churches to intervene in behalf of the jews.12 These instructions, poliakov adds, rendered special papal instructions or statements unnecessary. It is known that in 1940 pius xii sent out a secret instruction to the catholic bishops of Europe entitled Opere et caritate ( by work and love ). The letter began with a"tion from pius xi's encyclical excoriating nazi doctrines, mit Brennender Sorge ( With Burning Sorrow and ordered that all people suffering from racial discrimination at the hands of the nazis be given adequate help. The letter was to be read in churches with the comment that racism was incompatible remote with the teachings of the catholic faith.

prayer for thesis defense

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In the autumn of 1942, donati had a note referring to the situation of the jews in southern France delivered to the pope through the agency of the father General of the capuchins, in which he asked for Papal assistance. It was not forthcoming. The centre de documentation juive contemporaine in Paris for contains abundant and thoroughly validated material on the relations between Angelo donati, an Italian Jew to whom (as Hochhuth points out) many of his co-religionists owe their lives, and the capuchin Father Marie-benoit, as well. Hochhuth's conclusion, papal assistance was not forthcoming, cannot be other than a deliberate distortion. One of the several"tions which appear in the front of both the german and the English published versions of The representative suffers from similar distortion. To hochhuth's credit, when he was called to account on this matter, he promised to correct the English edition, which he has done. In the german printing,. Mauriac is"d as follows: "We have not yet had the consolation of hearing the successor to the galilean Simon Peter condemn, unequivocally and clearly and not with diplomatic allusions, the crucifixion of these countless brothers of the lord.'. A crime of such magnitude falls in no small measure to the responsibility of those witnesses who never cried out against it whatever the reason for their silence." However, the missing middle sentence which Hochhuth reinstates in the English edition of the play reads: "No.

I will pray to god that happiness will return to you, to your people. The prosecution has rallied behind a young German playwright named Rolf Hochhuth, whose play, der Stellvertreter ( The representative first performed in Berlin on February 20, 1963, and in London September 25, carries a message summed up in the words of its main protagonist, the. Is a criminal?" to substantiate his accusation,. Hochhuth adds 46 pages of documentation to the printed play,10 and excerpts"tions from the writings of two well-known contemporary thinkers, among others: the catholic Francois mauriac and the jew leon Poliakov. The documentation which the playwright presents has impressed a good many people, especially reviewers, most of whom mention this factual substantiation in their treatment of the play. Hochhuth's efforts are indeed commendable, though a student of the history of the period will notice obviously the bias created by lacunae (the playwright is only interested, of course, in supporting his thesis) and more subtly unjustified conclusions. An example is found on page 312 of the English edition of the play, where hochhuth writes: But what Donati reported to the centre de documentation juive contemporaine (Documents cc xvii-78) about the official attitude of the diplomats of the holy see, should be"d.

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prayer for thesis defense

Prayer for defense thesis

Second, as an experienced diplomat, he knew full well that the days when a vatican sanction carried weight were long since past, as Sir Alec Randall points out:8 we have already seen just how correct this appraisal was. The era of renewed spiritual and moral leadership introduced by the pontificate of John xxiii had not yet dawned. The undercurrent of all the pope did was embodied in his words to Archbishop Angelo roncalli, later to become pope john, when the papal nuncio came the from Istanbul to visit pius xii: above all else comes the saving of human lives.9 One of the strongest. Herman Datyner, a distinguished urologist. Datyner, helped by his numerous international contacts, escaped from Warsaw into Italy, where, like all Jews and foreigners, he was arrested. He was sent from one camp to another and spent a total of four years interned.

Orders were sent to these camps, but each instruction was sabotaged or thwarted, and it was known among the internees that the intervention on their behalf had come directly from the vatican. In 1945, as a member of the Inter-Allied Conference for Refugees and a special representative of all Jewish refugee groups and organizations in Italy,. Datyner asked for and received an audience with pius xii in order to thank the supreme pontiff for his help and care during the war years. He memorized a part of pius' conversation, and repeats it with emotion today: Yes, i know, my son, all the sufferings of you jews. I am sorry, truly sorry, about the loss of your family. I suffered a great deal. Knowing about Jewish sufferings, and I tried to do whatever was in my power in order to make your fate easier.

We were all fugitives, and fugitives do not wish to be pointed. Gestapo would have become more excited and would have intensified its inquisitions. If the pope had protested, rome would have become the center of attention. It was better that the pope said nothing. We all shared this opinion at the time, and this is still our conviction today.6.

In a letter in the london Times of may 15, 1963, sir Alec Randall, a former British representative at the vatican, comments: Others besides pius xii had to face a similar agonizing dilemma. The polish cardinal, Prince sapieha, begged pius xii not to make public protests, as they only increased the persecution of his people. The International Red Cross refrained from protest because they feared that their work in German-controlled countries would be stopped. The British and American governments were accused of callous indifference to the fate of the jews because they failed to take them out of nazi clutches before it was too late. To have done what was asked of them would have prolonged the war. Pius xii's defenders in print among others Sir d'arcy Osborne, msgr. Alberto giovanetti, father Robert leiber, and Harry Greenstein,7 who represent three faiths and four nationalities point to two elements of the pope's personal philosophy in addition to the pragmatic reason for his decision to refrain from an explicit condemnation of the nazis. First he considered it his paramount duty to be pastor of the Universal Church, and in his eyes this position required the strictest impartiality.

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Ss officer, in direct answer to it, the presentation nazis stepped up their anti-jewish activities in the. Netherlands ; a week after the pastoral letter was read at all the masses in Holland, the ss rounded up every priest and monk and nun who had any jewish blood whatever, and deported them to concentration camps.4 pius and his bishops and nuncios. As Archbishop Andrea cassulo, papal nuncio. Romania, said in June, 1942, i must proceed cautiously because my actions could ruin, instead of being useful to, so many wretched persons whom I must often listen to and help.5. The pope's decision to refrain from a formal condemnation of the. Nazi's treatment of Jews was approved by many jews. Rome first after having been in prison and concentration camps. They took shelter in a convent of German nuns while pius himself, whom they had seen during an audience, arranged for them to escape. Recalling those terrible days, the wolfssons recently declared: None of us wanted the pope to take an open stand.

prayer for thesis defense

There is considerable documentation in support of Pope pius' fear that a formal statement would worsen, not improve, conditions for the persecuted. Ernst von weizsacker, the german ambassador to the vatican during World War ii, wrote in his memoirs: Not even institutions of worldwide importance, such as the International Red Cross or the roman Catholic Church saw fit to appeal. Hitler in a general way on behalf of the jews or to call openly on the sympathies of the world. It was precisely because they wanted to help the jews that these organizations refrained from making any general and public appeals; for they were afraid that they would injure rather than help the jews thereby.2. Pius xii's silence, let us remember, extended to persecutions of Catholics as well. Despite his intervention, 3000 Catholic priests were murdered by the nazis in Germany, austria, poland, France, and other countries; Catholic schools were shut down, catholic publications were forced out of print or strictly censored, and Catholic churches closed. The possibility of a public statement from the vatican moved German Foreign Secretary joachim von Ribbentrop to wire von weizsacker on January 24, 1943: Should the vatican either politically or propagandistically oppose germany, it should be made friends unmistakably clear that worsening of relations between Germany. On the contrary, the german government would have sufficient effective propaganda material as well as retaliatory measures at its disposal to counteract each attempted move by the vatican.3. Pius learned precisely how firm this German threat was from the protest of the dutch bishops against seizures of the jews, for immediately following that protest and, as later confirmed.

special obligation to scrutinize every detail related to the jewish tragedy of the last war. What is the case against pius xii? In brief, that as head of one of the most powerful moral forces on earth he committed an unspeakable sin of omission by not issuing a formal statement condemning the nazis' genocidal slaughter of the jews, and that his silence was motivated by reasons considered. What is the case for him? That in relation to the insane behavior of the nazis, from overlords to self-styled cogs like. Eichmann, he did everything humanly possible to save lives and alleviate suffering among the jews; that a formal statement would have provoked the nazis to brutal retaliation, and would substantially have thwarted further Catholic action on behalf of Jews. To the sacred College of Cardinals pius xii wrote on June 2, 1943: "Every word that we addressed to the responsible authorities and every one of Our public declarations had to be seriously weighed and considered in the interest of the persecuted themselves in order. The defense and the prosecution, to extend the metaphor, have both stated their positions strongly and publicly, taking the material for their arguments from as much of the record of pius xii's activities as is now known, from knowledge of the pope's character, and from.

The judgments used to define these nebulous value words vary according to the judge's own culture, standards, faith or lack of it, and other equally subtle abstractions; Terence said it succinctly. Phormio (ii, 4, 14"homines, tot sententiae. Recently an indictment has been brought down. Pope pius xii, and by extension on the catholic Church, of criminal implication in the extermination of some six million Jews during. The principal accuser, in terms of publicity at least, does not present very convincing credentials, plan though he states his case persuasively. More important, it is Vatican practice not to open its archives on any period in history until several decades have passed. Therefore, the richest single source of information on Pope pius xii's actions during his reign cannot be tapped.

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Lichten was a long-time proponent of mutual understanding and cooperation database between the catholic and Jewish communities in the United States and Europe. In 1963, while serving as director of the International Affairs Department for the Anti-defamation league, he wrote this monograph published by the national Catholic Welfare conference, forerunner of the United States Catholic Conference. It is reproduced here in its entirety. In any human organization, the actions and attitudes of its leader color the image the organization has of itself and projects to those outside its membership. The stronger the leader, in his vested authority and in his person, the more firmly will this image be molded in his form. This truism is particularly applicable to the roman Catholic Church. Men speak of "good" popes and "bad and of "good" and "bad" ages in the history of the Church.

Prayer for thesis defense
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