Motivation to do your homework

motivation to do your homework

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The frequency of responses that fit into each coded category is included. The percent of responses for each category was found by dividing the number of responses in each category by the total number of students responding to the specific question. Because some students offered multiple reasons in their answers, these percentages total over 100 for each question. Most students agreed that the purpose of homework was to practice what they learned in class (84). Student comments included: so you can learn more about the lesson, It gives you a better feel of the work. To help students not only in class but at home. To learn and practice for quizzes and tests.

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Questions 5 and 6 were follow up questions asked after i explained my research project. Several students expressed remorse that would have taken it more seriously had they known it was for my research. They mentioned things they would have emphasized, like jobs or the amount of homework they had for all their classes. I assured them that such points had come up from the larger body of data collected. The total number of students responding to each question can be found in table. Out of 75 students enrolled in my three core classes, around 45 answered their journals each day. The remaining 30 students were absent, tardy to class so they missed the journal question, or were in class and neglected to answer. On Friday, only 32 students responded to the question. One of my classes was engaged with other material and were unable to answer on this day. Additionally, the Thanksgiving holiday prevented all students from answering question. Table 6 contains categories of responses to questions one through four.

Journal questions include content from recent classes, opinions about school issues, or ideas about science in general. Journals margaret are graded on a weekly basis, according to the number of completed entries. I hope this allows students freedom to express their ideas since i do not grade the content of their writing. For a period of one week i asked students questions related to homework completion. I did not explain my research at all during this week. The first four were open-ended, non-judgemental questions to elicit a broad range of ideas from students (table 4). I did not wish to sway their opinions by giving mine.

motivation to do your homework

How motivate yourself to do your homework

By making classroom topics relevant, students were more motivated to do their homework and to prepare for exams. Our textbook and the cityπs tentative chemistry curriculum is completely irrelevant to real life and focuses on theoretical chemistry. For my core classes next year I plan to include more relevant content in every unit, after consulting such resources as ChemCom 2 and Chem Matters. To find out why my students are not doing their homework, i decided to ask them. After considering surveys for students or for teachers, i decided to utilize a resource already in place. Students in my common core classes write in their journals daily during the first five minutes of class. This allows me to check homework and absence notes while the students are occupied, and gives them practice writing about chemistry.

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motivation to do your homework

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A change in tactic was needed to ascertain the specifics of the problem. After class discussions of Eisner (1981) and other readings, i realized that qualitative work has validity in action research. His description of the aspects of qualitative research fit nicely with solver our framework for the characteristics of action research. Other possibilities for collecting and analyzing data were discussed during the Analyzing and validity class session. Suggestions were made for interpretive and descriptive methods of data analysis. Students in my classes have many barriers for academic success. These include after-school jobs and family childcare responsibilities that leave little time for school work.

Their families may not value education or have had positive educational experiences to make school a friendly place. Parents may not be able to assist students with completion of assignments. For some students, grades are not motivational tools. I began to realize that student motivation lies at the heart of the homework issue. Research shows that making coursework relevant to studentsπ lives increases their motivation and potential for success. Bryan and Sullivan-Burstein (1998) found that real-life homework assignments made a difference in assignment completion.

Initially i kept track of the types of homework i assigned and compared their rates of completion. This would ensure quantitative data that could easily be analyzed. I found a range of 39-72 return rates for various assignments, as shown in table. The highest rates occurred with worksheets that I made myself. Students seem to like directive, concrete assignments they can hold in their hand like a worksheet.

Students often vocalize dislike of assignments from the book, and resist bringing their book home. Our text, holtπs Modern Chemistry, is a poor match for our student body. The reading level is high and the text dry. According to Ostler (1997 experimental evidence shows that improving studentsπ ability to comprehend the text increases their homework success rate. This rings true since students often complain that they did not understand the questions assigned. I quickly decided that this data was not useful. I was trying to change the symptoms of the homework problem without observing its manifestations.

Homework motivation - some ideas about how to motivate your students

For the second marking period I lowered the stakes by offering prizes halfway through the marking period. I will award 6 prizes to a homework students at this point, a definite improvement. Another strategy was to post student grades throughout the marking period. Gradekeeper 1, the grading software i am using, allows me to print out a summary of student grades according to their school id numbers. I update and post grades every monday morning. This allows students to see the effects of missed assignments and to have an accurate picture of how many assignments they have missed. This strategy relies summary on the motivation of individual students to consult the postings regularly.

motivation to do your homework

In order to improve my studentsπ success rates in chemistry, i decided to focus on the issue of homework for my core students. My original staring point statement described intentions to affect changes in students' homework completion patterns. My plan was to observe rates of hw return based on type of assignment. The goal was to help students' improve their grades using the information collected. Separate from my action research, there were other strategies that i implemented this fall to help with the homework problem. I offered rewards at the start of the year to those students who would earn Aπs on homework each marking period. However, at the end of the first marking period only honors students earned rewards. To keep up morale i awarded second prizes to the 13 essay out of 75 common core students who earned grades of c or higher.

class. Pintrich and Schrauben (1992) point out that motivation affects failure to transfer appropriate knowledge to the current academic situation. When students on Monday cannot recall aspects of last weekπs lessons, it is due to a combination of cognitive factors and motivation. Engagement with the material relies on a combination of self goals and beliefs about chemistry class and their self-perception. Positive motivational beliefs can lead to increased academic performance through engagement with classroom tasks. The implication is that building a supportive class community is an essential aspect of teaching my low track students. All the mcas preparation focusing on teaching to the test overlooks this part of the equation.

The student population is primarily latino and Black, with a minority of white and Asian students. Like some other urban schools, plan students come from primarily lower ses families. Parent participation is minimal. Last year, only 7 parents attended an evening workshop on Financial Aid for college, while 150 parents attended at a nearby private school. Class issues and parent involvement directly affect the success of students at my school. My chemistry students are predominantly eleventh graders with a few 12th graders repeating the class. Last year my classes were college preparatory track (the middle track) with one section of honors. This year i am teaching three sections of the low track class (common core and two sections of honors chemistry. There are pronounced differences between the high and low tracks in homework completion and motivation in general.

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Homework and Motivation in a tracked Secondary Chemistry Class. Reina horowitz, educ 691g, university of Massachusetts, Amherst, fall, writings 2000. The topic of homework originally caught my attention last year. Out of my 80-90 secondary chemistry students, 14-35 failed the homework portion of their grade each marking period, as shown in table. This fall, the trend is even more pronounced (see table 2). Out of 100 students, 54 failed homework for the first marking period. It seemed to me that such low rates of homework completion contribute to poor grades in chemistry. I teach in a large, public, urban high school in Springfield,.

Motivation to do your homework
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Teaching undergraduate motivation homework. Do the key problems on the board in class instead of assigning them as homework. (Assign a similar problem as homework, possibly after you ve done it in class).

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  1. We help write your homework papers as if they were our own. Homework has been an issue since the dawn of the written word. If homework time is always a headache, these strategies will make life easier for your child—and you. A little external motivation can help kids appreciate the long-term benefits of completing homework, and this is where a homework contract can help out. There are pronounced differences between the high and low tracks in homework completion and motivation in general.

  2. Time management and Organization, motivation, ideas. Shankar Vedantam - when Play becomes Work - m Shankar Vedantam discusses research on motivation which points to the schizophrenic role that rewards can play in our perception of a task. A host of experiments have shown that when threats. Topics: motivation, personal Productivity. At reliable companies as ours, homework writing help is accomplished by the trained team of professional academic experts.

  3. It is not a surprise that most children hate homework. Do not be afraid to use funny apps as a part of your homework motivation effort. Most of us really struggle at some point (if not most of the time) with motivation. My personal new years resolution was to do homework for at least 2 hours everyday. You can hang out with friends (assuming all their homework for kids is done too)!

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