I would like to write a book

i would like to write a book

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Find fifteen minutes in the evening. Sometimes this one can be more difficult, but trust me, its there. . How much time do you waste on Facebook or random television? . take an inventory of a few typical evenings and you will find that there are lots of places where spare time is living. . Use that time to write your book. The more you do it, the faster you will be able to write. .

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I love the snooze button. . But what is more important, getting fifteen minutes of semi-sleep or presentation having your own book? . Get up fifteen minutes early and start working. Eventually, you will get used. . In fact, now I find that I cant sleep that fifteen minutes because i feel internal pressure to get up and start writing. Lunch breaks are now work breaks. Again, do you want to sit around and listen to people talk about American Idol or do you want to get another few hundred words done for your book? . Eat for fifteen minutes then lock your door/cubicle and write. Go somewhere quiet if you need. you need to be free of distractions to get the most out of your little chunk of time.

Jeff Goins said, Spending five hours on a saturday writing isnt nearly as valuable as writing thirty minutes every day of the week. . so, dont put it off until the weekend. Kimanzi Constable told me when he was writing his first books the best strategy was to get his writing done in short, manageable chunks of time. . For those of us with busy lives, its the best way to write a book. . Heres how I did. In the morning, the i woke up fifteen minutes early. Im not going to lie, that part sucked in the beginning. .

i would like to write a book

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It is a battle you have to fight against procrastination and something I call internal attrition. . That attrition makes you want to do anything other than sit down and write. . like marcellus Wallace with said in Pulp Fiction, you gotta fight through that. Just put your butt in the chair and start working. Finding Time, the most common excuse i hear is I dont have time. . people tell me they are too busy, or have kids, or their job gets in the way. . They say they dont have any spare time to write a book. . I wrote my first two novels by finding fifteen minutes, three times each day.

Then I realized something important. There are seven days in a week, but someday isnt one of them. Do it Now, ive had several friends who have told me they want to write a novel. . They have the idea for the book, but like so many experts say, without action, an idea is nothing. The best advice i ever got from another writer was this:  put your butt in the chair. . It seems so simple. . Stephen King said, The scariest moment is just before you start. Making yourself sit down and start typing is something I fight with daily, even after having written two full-length novels. .

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i would like to write a book

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Send advance copies to bloggers who have a large audience. Its a great and easy way to quickly grow your exposure. Tim Ferriss helped me out by tweeting about the book. If other authors ask you to promote their book on your network,. Youll need all of the help you can get when its time to get the word out about your book. Facebook is another great tool. Because the book sold so well when it launched, our publisher was persuaded to help market the book and do more pr than writing they might have otherwise.

Theres no way msnbc and abc would have invited me to talk if the book hadnt been selling. So, whats the story you want to tell? Related: 8 Things Startup founders Should Know Before Writing a book. Many people say they would like to write a book. . That statement is usually in the form of I have this great book idea, ive always wanted to write a novel or I will write it when I have more time. I used to say things like that. . i kept promising myself that I would write a book someday. .

What has already been written about your topic? In the words of Seth Godin, you must be a purple cow - essentially, you must stand out. If youre going to write a book, make sure you feel strongly about what youre saying. This is not the time to straddle the road. Develop a marketing strategy long before your book launches.

My strategy was to presell the book on Amazon and in Barnes noble two months before it became available. I sold thousands of books this way. As a result, barnes noble gave my book prime placement in their stores. Having my book out on their tables was priceless. Because the book was selling, Amazon sent out ads about. I enticed readers to pre-order the book by offering them a database that we had created of more than 1,400 companies that were actively looking for product ideas. Once the book was released, we used another promotion to boost sales. If a reader took a picture of himself with the book, we sent him a copy of a free software program about how to write a provisional patent application. It added great value to the book, and we used those pictures to keep marketing.

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The 4-hour Workweek, gave me great advice. He said, Steve, if youre going to write a resume book, write it as if its your last. Give it all youve got. Thats what I did. My first book, which was about licensing, included all of the information I sell in an online course i developed 10 years ago. Some colleagues thought I was crazy. Why would I give away 1,000 worth of information for.95? One simple Idea continues to be a bestseller and has been translated into five different languages: I didnt hold back. Related: Want Clients to Know you before a pitch?

i would like to write a book

What are their fears? What are their desires? After years of hosting seminars and giving lectures, i knew my audience responded best to storytelling. I kept it simple by weaving in lessons, tips and strategies as I told my own story. Be willing to expose your flaws. People will more easily essay relate to you. When your audience can see part of themselves in you, theyll remember your message. Tim Ferriss, a former student of mine who is the best-selling author.

work, has been a top-seller in Amazons Small Business Marketing category since it was released in 2011. My strategy worked, and now Im going to share it with you. Ask yourself what they need to be successful. Its not about what you need. You must put yourself in their shoes. If you have to, ask them.

I was also scared. I knew I had a message that was worth telling, but actually writing a book was another thing. I didnt want to fail. There are tens of thousands of books published every year. Very few are bestsellers. Would anyone even read my book? Related: Want to Write a book?


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July 25, 2014 5 min read. Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are their own. Never in a million years did I think i would become an author. Doing well in school did not come easily. I struggled to pronounce certain words. At times, it felt like owl i could barely string two sentences together. As an adult, i was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. Which is all to say - i was astounded, and very flattered, when the publishing company McGraw-Hill called me a few years ago and asked if I would like to write a book.

I would like to write a book
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  1. I write non-fiction books and generally write skeletal outlines for my books. For example, if I were writing a book on meditation, my outline might look something like this: Introduction. Like i said, i m no expert, and my book writing experiences may be totally unique. But, if I were to give myself advice before starting, this is it! Here are 10 tips to get started on writing your book :. Start by answering these questions: Why do you want to write a book?

  2. Which is all to say - i was astounded, and very flattered, when the publishing company McGraw-Hill called me a few years ago and asked if I would like to write a book. I was also scared. Beginning on Monday, in our new series How to Write a book, well explain how to get writing, by asking authors for their thoughts on whats required. Meeting like minds and demystifying the process will help hugely. This series cant promise six-figure book deals or even publication, but.

  3. In fact, i 've factored in that if I can write a book in 6 hours, like i did with my kindle marketing Secrets book and I type at 100 words per minute, then an average typer at 55 words. Many people say they would like to write a book. That statement is usually in the form of I have this great book idea, i ve always wanted to write a novel or I will write it when I have more time. I kept promising myself that I would write a book someday. I would also like to discuss her writing career, what's her plan on writing more fantasy books for children and what motivates her to write. Finally, i would like to know the types of books she likes to read and what special qualities an aspiring writer should have.

  4. Writers can only write good books when it covers a genre/subject they themselves like to read. For non-fiction, i would only consider writing a history book, since that has always been a hobby of mine and I minored in it in college. How to write a book fast. The average typing speed is around 55 words per minute. Now, i will be honest with you.

  5. And sometime compels to write our feelings about the main persona. So here is the my feelings about my favourite character to which I would like to meet. My favourite story book character is Popstar keira. She is a calm type of girl imagining to live like a princess. (Would you like / do you like ) books? Use no, thanks, or Yes, please.

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