Horror movie reviews

horror movie reviews

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The short films range in subject matter from paranormal experiences to serial killers, haunted houses to monster attacks. Its nice and varied, with something for everyone — and its not always what you expect. . The highlight is probably a story which follows a bunch of kids who take two girls back to a hotel room. Something is odd about one of the girls, and I wont give away more. These shorts are terrifying, but also clever. One of the stories is shot from a pair of video sunglasses that you would buy in a spy shop, giving a pov view of the horror. Swanbergs segment is shot using a skype video call between a a college-aged girl who is experiencing strange noises in her house, and her long distance boyfriend. As you can imagine, both of these segments use their limitations to great effect.

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The film is structured around a wrap-around story of a bunch. Jackass -on-crack troublemakers with video cameras who break into an old mans house to steal a vhs tape. Inside the house, they writing find a stash of tapes which end up being the short films that comprise the movie. The films are directed. David Bruckner the signal glenn Mcquaid i sell The dead joe swanberg hannah takes The Stairs ti west house Of The devil adam Wingard youre next and the filmmaking collective named. Sadly plan the stories dont connect in any other way, and it is never explained why the old man has collected all of these tapes. As with most anthology films, the wrap-around storyline is usually the weakest — just an excuse for the movie to exist, and not much more. The film is also a response to the current trend of pg-13 horror films. There is blood and guts, private parts get ripped apart, and youll see a bunch of topless women. While i expect this film to sell quick, this is a reason you might not see. V/H/S in your local small town multiplex.

The subgenre used to be a very regular thing during the 1970s and 1980s thanks to films like. Tales from the darkside, creepshow and, dead of real Night, but has dropped out of the mainstream in recent years. Trick r Treat being the latest anthology of note.) BloodyDisgusting head. Brad Miska came up with a novel way to bring back the anthology concept — mashing it with the found footage subgenre. Paranormal Activity, cloverfield, etc. this might sound questionable on paper, but the result is genius. The thing I love most about a found footage anthology movie is that it allows you to experience some interesting and fun concepts without the risk that they would have outworn their welcome at a feature length.

horror movie reviews

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Little Shop of Horrors, the golf best movie memorabilia collectible shop in southeast Kentucky. Specializing in horror movie memorabilia since 2011. Alive at the Flea land Flea market, in chopping aisle. Little Shop of Horrors! Your one-stop monster shop. Our monsters will greet you with a smile. Come check us out! V/H/S is the return of the horror anthology film.

The legend of Morrow road, the legend of Morrow road is a website for the upcoming horror film based on the actual ghostly legend that involves a mother who died searching for her lost child in the late 1800s. The film has also spanned a related attraction-the morrow road haunted Trail, located near the actual Michigan haunting. It is a 3700ft haunted walkthrough trail with a morrow road theme, open in October. Asian Horror Flicks, generating news, reviews and information on Asian horror flicks. Wicked Things Horror Blog. Horror reviews, links to free cheap movie viewings, and clips to horror shows movies! I eat, breathe, live, and blog horror. Watch free movies, trailers, and find out if horror flicks are any good before you watch them on my blog!

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horror movie reviews

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Be careful and remember don't disturb the dead! Let's Scare jessica to death, a website dedicated to this classic horror film. There are pics, sounds, media, trivia, cast bio, reviews, contests, posters and more. Very Scary Productions, very Scary Productions is the website of independent digital filmmaker Jeff Kirkendall. Primarily specializing in the horror genre. A tribute to the Scream movie trilogy.

M, halloween movies: The official website of Michael myers. Screamfest la, screamfest was dish formed in August 2001 by film producers Rachel Belofsky and Ross Martin in order to give filmmakers and writers in the horror/sci-fi genres a venue to have their work showcased to people in the industry. The call For Entries deadline is approaching for new horror feature films, shorts and feature length screenplays. 2011 screamfest call For Entries now open. Syfy wire horror, view free horror video and streaming horror movies; find horror movie reviews, events, blogs, and news. Classic horror films of Hammer, Amicus, and Tigon.

Where he was once sensitive and protective of his wife and children, now he's dark and intimidating. The ghost-busters are my favorite characters, because they make serious scenes funny. For instance, when Carl (Steve coulter an older ghost-buster from Josh's past, comes to help, Specs and Tucker argue over what the code word should be, deciding on quesadilla. Insidious: Chapter 2 isn't your typical horror movie. There are jump scares and frightening scenes, but it's more of a paranormal thriller than a regular horror or slasher movie.

This movie will appeal to viewers who don't particularly like horror, since it's basically spooky and eerie, which I prefer over constant screams. It is disturbing, but in a good way. The music also makes the movie creepy. Composer Joseph Bishara does a marvelous job. He and director James Wan incorporate ominous music, such as a sinister version of Row, row, row your boat. The effects aren't great, and the camera angles make the movie look low-budget, but the demons look real. The actors are great, especially when expressing fear. Insidious: Chapter 2 is substantially better than the first. And of course, the ending perfectly sets up the next installment, which is already in production.

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It's time for the lamberts to call the ghost-busters, Specs and presentation Tucker (Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson)! The family desperately wants to disconnect from the universe of the dead. I was afraid that Insidious: Chapter 2 wouldn't maintain the story line from the first, but I was pleasantly surprised. I thought Insidious was terrible, not scary at all, and boring. However, i was eager to see what would happen in the sequel. And I'm glad I did. The plot was interesting, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I was also excited for the return of Elise rainier (Lin Shaye even if it was just her ghost. The protagonist, josh, is now the antagonist because it's not really him inside his body.

horror movie reviews

Insidious: Chapter 2 will make you feel like these events are really happening. In this sequel to Insidious, the lambert family pursues the secret that left them alarmingly connected with the spirit world, even after this seemed to be resolved in the first movie. This film is terrifically terrifying and considerably better than the first one. This surprisingly outstanding paranormal thriller continues where Insidious left off. (Spoiler alert: do not read this if you haven't seen the original. I reveal the ending of the first movie in order to describe the plot of the sequel.) Dalton Lambert (ty simpkins) has stopped traveling to the spirit world. The lined lambert family's problems were supposedly resolved, except for the fact that Dalton's father, josh (Patrick wilson doesn't return to his body at the end of the first movie. The second movie builds on this when Dalton's mother, renai (Rose byrne sees strange things going on in the house.

most emotionally involving games in sometime, which, with its slow revelation of the story, will have you hooked and wanting to keep on playing through to reveal more of whats going. Its an oxymoron that works on many levels, with some unique features from a perspective thats been done to death. Its not the longest of games as it was completed in a few sittings, but with an alternative ending, there is the incentive to play through again. Its got to be one of the best indie titles ive played this year, its more than a game, its an experience, and is worth every penny of the asking price. An absolute must have. You hear noises and voices that you shouldn't be hearing. Doors are opening, and the piano is playing. Suspicious things are happening. You thought these problems had been solved a long time ago.

The twisted dream like memories are very reminiscent of Gondrys style, also imagine fear and The cave had a welsh love child. Theres a problem with these memories, they all seem to be stalked by creepy kids or ladies with glowing blue eyes. Some will harm you, some wont, but they build a very creepy and tense atmosphere, with jumps a plenty. Some of the levels lull you in to a false sense of security, with one moment youre in your comfort zone, the next youre being chased by one of these ghost kids. The sound design serves well in assisting this, creating a very uncomfortable atmosphere that plays tricks on you. The last game that springs to mind when the sound was as affecting as the gameplay was Silent Hill. although it may be in the perspective of the first person, the only shooting you do is at a fairground. A lot of the gameplay is puzzle orientated, presentation despite it being pretty much a survival horror with a hint of Tron, youre required to solve a series of tasks in each level, which reveals more and more of the story as you work your way.

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Wales Interactive wii u eshop (also available on psn and Steam).99. The mysteri legs foundation has the unique technology that allows the souls of the dead to be uploaded onto servers, allowing people to spend time with their departed loved ones in cyber space via soul Cloud. The user is able to revisit memories of those loved and lost. A morally ambiguous venture, but a seemingly popular one. However, pardon the pun, theres a ghost in the machine. To divulge more of the games plot would be to spoil the experience. Master Reboot takes the player through a host of memories, with each one unravelling why the player is there, who they are and what the final goal. The best way to describe the experience would be Inception directed by michel Gondry. Each memory seems to pick up without introduction and throws you straight into your task.

Horror movie reviews
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  3. Something is very wrong in the first teaser for the horror movie ; Trey edward Shults ( Krisha ) directed. M, the ultimate source for everything movies, is your destination for new movie trailers, reviews. This may come as a surprise given the dog Farm s pedigree (pun intended but I love a good cinematic tearjerker as much as a good horror movie - and for precisely the same reasons. Report Abuse home reviews movie reviews insidious: Chapter. Insidious: Chapter 2 isn t your typical horror movie).

  4. It begins with a vinyl crackle and the soft ping of a distant music box. Comments ( 5 ) The lego. Comments ( 5 ) Mania review: How to Train. Horror, cult, weird and strange films. Crazy world of Bat. Death of the month.

  5. Horror, flicks Generating news, reviews and information on Asian horror flicks. Specializing in horror movie memorabilia since 2011. In The gift, however, he explores the dark side of his horror icon namesake. Ctv entertainment news, your source for. Access new movie reviews and listings. What if Fantômas held a horror movie and nobody came?

  6. V/H/s reinvents the, horror, anthology, movie, with Terrifying found footage sundance 2012 Film Festivals, horror, independent, movie. Reviews, sundance, adam Wingard, brad Miska, david Bruckner, glenn Mcquaid, joe. Directed by Anthony Edward Curry. With Anthony Edward Curry, tim Cronin,. Young high school horror movie lover goes on a killing spree, wiping out everyone.

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