Essay on fundamental duties 500 words

Essay on Fundamental Rights and Duties - uk essays

The catalogue. Asimov: a memoir does not provide numbers for the books listed there, and is known to be incomplete. (It also has a number of typographical errors. The list in the first edition of It's been a good Life suffers from the same problems.) However, Asimov's personal records show that he did assign numbers to books 301 through 468. Official numbers for those books published towards the end of his life, and those published after his death, are not available. Many of the books published after his 468th can be found by going through such sources as books In Print or the library of Congress online catalog.

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Asimov: a memoir and so are not listed there. Ed seiler's list of books includes numerous titles missing from the catalogue. Asimov: mattress a memoir, and ends up with a count of somewhat over 500. And then there are books like harlan Ellison 's i, robot: The Illustrated Screenplay. It is based on Asimov's work, and both Asimov's and Ellison's name are listed on the title page, but the actual work on the screenplay is virtually all Ellison's. It was published in book form after Asimov's death, which makes it difficult to know if Asimov himself would have counted. Does it count as an "Asimov" book? So about startup the only definitive answer that can be provided at this point is: An awful lot. Lists compiled by Asimov appeared in his three opus books (Opus 100, Opus 200, Opus 300 and in his autobiographical volumes (In Memory yet Green, In joy still Felt,. Asimov: a memoir, and It's been a good Life.) The lists in Opus 100, Opus 200, Opus 300, In Memory yet Green, and In joy still Felt include an official number for each of the books listed, indicating the order of publication.

Short answer: An awful lot. Long answer: Well, it depends on how you count them. For example, the most complete Asimov bibliography which Asimov himself had a hand in preparing is the catalogue. It lists 469 items, including 2 wall posters and a calendar (which some people might not be inclined to count as "books".) It also lists 117 science fiction anthologies, none of which are entirely by Asimov, and many of which include no stories by him. Some books were counted more than once if Asimov did extensive work on later editions (such as the biographical Encyclopedia.) And, of course, asimov recycled many of his stories and essays so that they appeared in more than one collection, and some books are nothing. On the other hand, the catalogue. Asimov: a memoir is not complete. Near the end of his life, asimov's ill health kept him from keeping careful track himself of all the books he published, and so some books were left out of the catalogue. Some books, of course, were published after.

essay on fundamental duties 500 words

530 Words Essay on fundamental rights (free to read)

He stated that some people wrote him with an answer immediately after the story's publication, and as science advanced he eventually began receiving letters with another possible solution. But he doesn't say what those solutions were. Did he ever provide the solutions, and if so, what are they? Did you know that Asimov is the only author to have published books in all ten categories of the dewey decimal System? What records, audio tapes, videotapes, and software are available? Have any of Asimov's books or stories been made into a radio production, movie or television series? Just how many books did Asimov write?

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essay on fundamental duties 500 words

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What is the source of the title of the novel The gods Themselves? Is there an index of his science articles for the magazine of Fantasy and Science fiction (f sf)? Of his editorials in Isaac Asimov's Science fiction Magazine (iasfm)? What is the Asimov-clarke treaty? There's heart this really neat story by Asimov which I would like to read again, and I can remember the title; could you tell me where to find it?

There's this really neat story by Asimov, but I can't remember the title. I'd like to hear some master opinions about some of Asimov's books. Do you have any? What is the title of the essay that Asimov wrote concerning the ultimate self-contained, portable, high-tech reading device of the future which turns out to be a book? Where can I find it? In his story "Pate de foie gras Asimov presented a puzzle, but did not provide a solution to that puzzle.

How could the publisher be allowed to do such a thing? What is the chronological order of the foundation books? What is the order in which the foundation books should be read? What book is that? Why can't I find it on sale in a bookstore? Whatever happened to the solarians, who mysteriously disappeared in Robots and Empire?

What is the significance of the ending of foundation and Earth? Why do Asimov's books give two reasons why the earth becomes radioactive? Did Asimov write the foundation books with any plan in mind? Is Data from Star Trek: The next Generation an Asimovian robot? What are the laws of Robotics, anyway? Other writings What is the relationship between the movie fantastic voyage and Asimov's novel? What did Asimov write besides the foundation and Robot books?

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What awards did he win for his writing? What is Asimov's last book? Of his own work, what were Asimov's favorite and least favorite novel? What were his favorite and least favorite stories? What is this Forward the foundation i keep hearing about? Did Asimov really write forward the foundation? Didn't he die before it was done, so somebody else really wrote father's it up from notes? What about the contradictions between Forward the foundation and other foundation books? Is it true that a new foundation Trilogy written by three different authors was published?

essay on fundamental duties 500 words

What are the titles of Asimov's autobiographies? Where can I get them? What books and articles our about Asimov have been written by others? What religious beliefs did Asimov have? Did Asimov do anything other than write all day and all night? Is it true that Asimov had a fear of flying? What other notable quirks, fears, and pet peeves did Asimov have? Biographical (literary when did he start writing? What was his first published story?

he born? Who are the other members of his family? Did he have any children? Where did Asimov live, attend school, and work during his life?

Is there a www or ftp site for this information? Lists available from books. Lists available on the Internet. Where can I download Asimov's reviews fiction on the net? Where else can I find Asimov stuff on the net? I would like to buy a certain book by Asimov, but I can't find it anywhere. Can you help me find it?

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Isaac Asimov faq, last modified:, fAQ for aac-asimov. This document answers frequently asked questions about Isaac Asimov and his works. Compiled by Edward seiler ( ) and John. Special thanks to soh Kam Yung, mark Brader, matthew. Wiener, and Colin Cutler for their contributions. Copyright by Edward seiler and John. For a german translation of this faq, see. Table of Contents: For starters, just how many books did Asimov write? Where can I get a list of all of Asimov's books?

Essay on fundamental duties 500 words
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