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dentist essay

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he still owes her 8,598. Practice management, key episodes in piedra's rise and fall are detailed in his may 6, 2010, deposition. Piedra testified he struggled to get his career going after graduating in 1998 from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. In 1999, his fledgling practice generated just 103,000 in revenues. He strained to pay his mortgage and keep up with school and business loans. He worked part time at another practice, but his professional life was "a perpetual nightmare.". Piedra was on pace for another poor showing in 2000 when he got a postcard from mge management Experts Inc., a pinellas Park company that trains dentists and other health care professionals how to manage their practices. Run by Scientologists, mge bases its training on the works of the church's founder,.

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Piedra, i am a poor person using lines my credit to age pay you alfonso maldonado wrote in an April 2008 letter after the dentist kept 1,118 of his money. He asked piedra to reconsider but got silence. While holding Maldonado's money for nine months, piedra gave more than 25,000 to Scientology groups. Rosa hernandez recalled how piedra smiled and leaned forward the day he became her dentist. "do you trust me?" she remembered him asking. "do you think i am a good person?" "I trust you she said. "you look like my son. Because his word was good, piedra told her. When he said he would reimburse her for any unused care, he meant. "I'm telling you the truth.

Petersburg Times spent months examining hundreds of documents in the bankruptcy case and interviewing patients, former piedra employees and other principals. What summary emerges is a rare, detailed look at how a struggling south Florida dentist bought into Scientology's business philosophies and transformed his practice into a money machine for his church. The more cash that rolled into piedra's Coral Gables practice, the more he gave to Scientology groups. But as his bank account dwindled, he borrowed money and shortchanged creditors, including a dental supplier, the media companies who ran his ads and the irs. He also began denying refunds to more and more patients. Many are still making credit card payments for dental work they never got. A college student asked piedra about a check-up and came away with a 5,000 plan for new braces. A construction worker left with 29,000 in credit card debt. A lawyer said his account was charged 3,200 without his permission.

dentist essay

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Scientology denies any involvement. The Scientology defendants "are innocent third parties drawn into a controversy they did not create church spokesman Tommy davis said. He said the church didn't manage piedra's practice and isn't responsible for how he handled his creditors. Piedra, 41, declined to be interviewed or answer written questions, citing advice from his lawyer. In a hard-fought settlement expected to be approved this month, the church will pay 350,000 to make the case go away for the Scientology defendants. It has agreed to do so on the condition that the judge bar piedra's creditors or other parties to the suit from suing the Scientology entities. Still unresolved are the trustee's claims against other defendants, key among them Indira Blyskal, 38, a scientologist who managed piedra's practice. "My prosecution of the case to the benefit of (Piedra's creditors) is not over mukamal said in an interview.

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dentist essay

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But piedra always seemed to have money for his favorite cause: the writer's Church of Scientology. From 2005 to 2008, court records show, piedra's practice transferred 715,364 to several Scientology entities, including the church's spiritual headquarters in Clearwater. A partial tally: nearly 150,000 to the Scientology church in Kansas City. 121,500 to the International Association of Scientologists, which funds the church's social campaigns and legal marathi actions. 55,000 to the Scientology entity raising money to complete the mammoth "Super Power" building in downtown Clearwater.

83,000 to the world Institute of Scientology Enterprises, a nonprofit corporation that helps businesses put Scientology principles to work. Piedra's contributions helped land him in bankruptcy, owing.9 million to a long list of creditors. A lawsuit in miami alleges that Scientology groups played a key role in his downfall. Bankruptcy trustee barry mukamal contends piedra schemed "to defraud patients in order to transfer large sums of money" to the Church of Scientology and related groups. Involved, mukamal alleges, were nine Scientology-related entities, three church members and a pinellas county management training firm run by Scientologists. He sued them all, seeking to recover the thousands they got from piedra.

She and her husband, mauricio, had gone. Rene piedra with a host of concerns. She had sensitive gums and a paralyzing fear of dentists. Piedra, dressed in a business suit instead of a dental coat, showed them computerized models of how he would fix their teeth. He offered them a discount because they came in together, and helped them with a loan application. "He made you feel like he was part of your family recalled Mrs.

Hernandez, 52, a schoolteacher. "It was like, 'oh my god, you're going to be okay. Don't worry about. We are going to take care of you with love.' ". The couple walked out with a "treatment plan" covering several months. Cost: 17,189 charged to the capital One account the doctor set up for them. They had no idea, going in, that they would spend that kind of money. Piedra closed hundreds of patients this way, signing them up for extensive treatment packages that generated millions. When patients wanted out and asked for a refund, many got the runaround.

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dentist essay

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Dentist essay
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  3. She and her husband, mauricio, had gone. Rene piedra with a host of concerns. She had sensitive gums and a paralyzing fear of dentists. Piedra, dressed in a business suit instead of a dental coat. The first step to become a dentist in Brazil is to take a 10-subject examination (Biology, physics, Chemistry, mathematics, literature, one of the 5 main Languages offered by the institutions, portuguese, history, geography and. Essay ) which might be compared to the sat exam in the.

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