Delft thesis

delft thesis

Delft thesis, uwb antenna thesis

What was at the beginning only a joke to entertain ourselves as students, became more serious with the time and finally ended up as the topic of the very first issue of monu. The second issue we wanted to deal with the middle classes and their impact on cities and spontaneously decided to continue with the term "Urbanism" in the title and called the issue "Middle Class Urbanism". After that it became a routine and continues until today. At the beginning we had of course a lot of doubts about using again and again the term urbanism, but we also started appreciating the power of its repetition. LV: What is the idea behind the "call for submissions"? BU: This device of "call for submissions" was based since the beginning on the realization that the view of one person is limited. We wanted to open the magazine to different and changing perspectives. We realized that it was not very interesting if every issue would be written by always the same people.

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But after a while i understood the power and the potential of this interdisciplinary design approach, and as you can see i am no longer able to escape from. In Kassel as an architecture student I was more or less forced to do projects together with urban design and landscape design students. Therefore the urban scale became the basis of our discussions. LV: every issue of monu has a title or topic that puts a different adjective or noun next to the word "Urbanism". Why did you make this choice? Do you think you will be able to keep going on this way forever? BU: everything started with the topic of the first issue entitled "Paid Urbanism". Paid Urbanism was originally a university project. It was based on the idea of paying people to appear in public spaces that are deserted looking after shops were closed. We created the "Paid Urbanism Project" to inject artificially life into dead urban areas. It was a reaction to the conditions that we witnessed in the city centre of Kassel after.

The great thing about using the city as a subject is that it allows you to talk about almost everything, and that is what really attracted us since the very beginning. LV: The choice to publish an entire magazine about urbanism is quite particular in a world overloaded with interior, landscape or architecture publications. Does this choice arise only from a personal feeling, is it a way to fill up a presumed lack, or does it stand on a modernist conception that sees urbanism coming before and going beyond architecture? BU: I think that this choice has a lot to do with the kind of education I received at the University of Kassel, where i studied in the nineties. There, the even if you were a student of architecture, like me, you were always forced to start thinking large-scale. For whatever design we had to do there, we were always asked to think not only about the urban context, but also about the city as a whole. I think that this start to every design really shaped my mind and has been projected onto monu. At the beginning I thought this way of being trained as an architect was cutting away a lot of interesting aspects, as i originally started studying architecture in order to design first of all architectural objects and not cities.

delft thesis

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We studied together in Kassel, but in 2002 at the end of our degrees, we decided to take different routes: I came to the netherlands, and he moved to the United States. We were searching for a way to keep in contact, and continue to intellectually challenge ourselves, as we did during our studies. LV: "monu" - the title of your magazine is an acronym, where the u stands for Urbanism. Does this refer to the phenomenon or to the field of studies? In other words, is monu more about urban phenomena or about discussions inside the urbanism discipline? BU: monu is more about urban phenomena. What we were aiming at since the very beginning was to explore every kind of urban aspects, everything that appears around the city. We were always intrigued to find owl out the hidden political, social and economical truths paper and interdependencies in cities. Nevertheless I could still imagine one day making an issue on traditional topics, such as space and density.

Overall I was impressed with how the contributions followed the theme, and how they did so in some quite diverse ways. It's far too easy to establish a theme but then veer from it to include big names that might sell issues. Here the various essays tackle the topic from all sides, not aiming for consensus but for a presentation of what's missing in the lists." by john Hill (ml) (november 2, 2010) "Combining theory and practice into a diverse, lively, open, and hopeful dialogue, monu. These journals work by constantly reasserting the value of thinking creatively and in different ways about the world around." ( ml ) (September 29, 2008) Interview with Bernd Upmeyer, editor in chief of monu - magazine on urbanism in June 2009. The questions were posed by luca vandini from the University of Ferrara, italy. Luca vandini: When was monu born, how and why did you decide to give life to this kind of experimental magazine? Bernd Upmeyer: The idea came up in 2003, but the first issue appeared a bit later, in the summer of 2004. Originally it was conceived as a way to keep in touch with a friend of mine.

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delft thesis

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It contains very specific and rare content that is impossible to find elsewhere.". P6618) (January 7, 2014) "I have always book enjoyed monu. The editors somehow manage to balance two seemingly incompatible aspects of the architecture/urbanism magazine: an impressively wide spectrum of perspectives and thematic coherence. Monu is always a fascinating read. It invariably inspires further exploration of the theme presented and provokes elaboration and reflection; monu is a magazine that provides starting points rather than ready-made solutions.".

By fredrik torisson (m (April 8, 2012) "While physical information exchange is slowly being supplanted by an online culture of surfing for information, the past ten years of publishing have produced more than a few exceptional artifacts which transcend the contemporary individuals tendencies toward temporal. One of these projects is monu." by john southern (m (June 11, 2011) "Monu (Magazine on Urbanism) was born in 2004 in Rotterdam. What was originally an almost underground magazine made available through a pdf dossier and a stapled black and white print has evolved into one answers of the main independent publications, a reference for the collective intelligence of urbanism, and an icon of exquisite aesthetics." (m (June. As the biggest (to my knowledge) indie publication focused explicitly on urbanism, monu has provided a voice for many emerging young professionals a chance to be published and have their ideas heard in print format." by brendan Cormier (t/monu-14-editing-urbanism/ ) (may 21, 2011) monu. It is excellent and deserves to be read by anyone interested in urban issues. By elias Redstone, curator of Polands pavilion at the venice Architecture biennale 2010 (January 19, 2011) "monus blend of radical passion and expert design has made the magazine itself the focus of several international exhibitions, including in Los Angeles, madrid and tokyo." ) (December.

Monu was founded in 2004 and is directed by editor in chief. Bernd Upmeyer together with his Rotterdam-based, bureau of Architecture, research, and Design (board) and managed by monu's managing and contributing editor. Monu is published by the rotterdam-based board Publishers. Bernd Upmeyer studied architecture and urban design at the University of Kassel (Germany) and the technical University of Delft (Netherlands). In 1999 he was awarded with the prestigious biannual research award "Deutscher Studienpreis" donated by the koerber Stiftung for a study project on new urban design methods and in 2000 he was awarded with an Architecture Scholarship by the german Academic Exchange service (daad).

Before opening his own practice (board) in Rotterdam in the year 2005, he worked in several Dutch architecture offices, including nl architects and Bosch Architects. From 20e taught and did research as Assistant Professor at the department for Urban and Architectural Studies at the University of Kassel. In 2010 he taught as Adjunct Professor at the department of Urban Design at the hafenCity University hamburg. Since june 2012 Upmeyer and his office board are part of the group, led by star - strategies and architecture, that has been chosen as one of the new six teams of architects and urban planners appointed by the Atelier International Grand Paris (aigp). Bernd Upmeyer holds a phD (Dr.-Ing.) in Urban Studies from the University of Kassel (Germany). Comments on monu: "Since 2004, monu has been working towards the disentanglement and collective understanding of the process of global urbanization. With its latest issue 26, the magazine seems to demonstrate, and at the same time question, the nature of this process, characterizing it primarily as one of decentralizing urbanization.". By federico Ortiz (June 1, 2017) "monu is truly valuable as a source of information.

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The combination of margaret the writings and projects created within different cultures and from different professional backgrounds generates new insights in the complex phenomena connected to cities. Monu functions as a platform for the exchange of ideas and thus constitutes a collective intelligence on urbanism. Monu has been recognized already as one of the most innovative and progressive magazines in its field and has been part of an open workspace at the documenta 12 - one of the world's most important exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in summer 2007. Monu was invited as part of the documenta's magazines project. Recently monu has been exhibited at places such. London (Architectural Association new York (Storefront madrid (Casa Encendida berlin (do you read me?! and tokyo (Omotesando hills).

delft thesis

Monu focuses on the city in a broad sense, including its politics, economy, geography, ecology, its social aspects, as well as its physical structure and architecture. Therefore architecture is one of many fields covered by the magazine - fields which are all brought together under the catch-all term urbanism. Monu is edited in the city of Rotterdam, the netherlands. Continuous publication began in June 2004. Monu is an independent, non-conformist, niche publication that collects essay critical articles, images, concepts, and urban theories from architects, urbanists and theorists from around the world on a given topic. Monu examines topics that are important to the future of our cities and urban regions from a variety of perspectives and provides a platform for comparative analysis. The different viewpoints, contexts and methods of analysis allow for an exploration of various topics in a rich fashion.

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Delft thesis
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  5. Triepels Slagwerk - geleen Limburg, Uw Drumspecialist, Drumstel kopen, boomwhacker lessen. News Issues Interviews Order About Follow Support Submit Contact monu monu (Magazine on Urbanism) is a unique biannual international forum for architects, urbanists and theorists that are working on urban topics. Op zoek naar een voorbeeld scriptie? Bekijk ons overzicht van scriptievoorbeelden. Het meest complete overzicht voor voorbeelden! Drdh, in collaboration with architecten dvvt, are published in the new issue of architektur aktuell The social Agenda.

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