Best biography movies of all time

best biography movies of all time

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But unlike ivan the terrible, napoleon is perhaps one of the most groundbreaking masterpieces in the history of cinema. In Napoleon, Abel Gance employed many innovative techniques to enhance his portrayal of Napoléon Bonapartes life, some for the first time. Some of the techniques he used were multiple-camera setups, a wide variety of hand-held camera shots, underwater camera, split screen and mosaic shots, just to mention a few. The reason for the awesomeness of Napoleon isnt because he used these techniques but because of the way he was able to integrate these advanced techniques into his storytelling. The film chronologically follows Napoleons life from early childhood when he attended military school to the early stage of his military career. During his adolescence, in one magnificent scene, hes seen managing a snowball fight like a military campaign, afterward, we follow a short portion of his life in military school.

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In Part ii, he finds his wife dead from poisoning which causes him to get stricken with loneliness as he continues to pursue a unified Russia. That is when he realizes that in order to consolidate his power, he must establish a personal army. Meanwhile, his political rivals, the russian boyars, learn that their only option is to assassinate ivan. In the majority of biographical films, the director and the scriptwriter (for ivan the terrible, this is the same person usually tries to focus on one particular aspect summary of that persons life, but sometimes the maker(s) of the biopic can write/direct themselves into that very. As Eisenstein moved from silent cinema to sound, he realized that he couldnt, to the same extent, rely on his montage editing style it was now a thing of the past instead, he chose to enhance his storytelling by the use of breathtaking visuals. By the time he made ivan the terrible, he had become an expert in visual and auditory storytelling and ivan the terrible is the proof. In one of the most extraordinary scenes, not only in the film but in the history of cinema, eisenstein opts to shoot the sequence in color, a vast contrast to the black and white used in the rest of the film. The color is made use of, to emphasize the transition from good to bad and it also appropriately serves as to indicate the climax of his epic three-hour masterpiece. Napoleon (1927, Abel Gance based on the life of military leader Napoléon Bonaparte. Like eisensteins ivan the terrible, abel Gances Napoleon is also amongst one of the most aesthetically and visually beautiful films ever exposed to celluloid.

Often referred to as Eisensteins greatest film, ivan the terrible was originally supposed to be one three-part historical epic depicting the triumph of ivan iv, commissioned by soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, who is said to have admired and identified himself with ivan. Instead, after the release of Part i, part ii got banned by Stalin himself, who disliked the depiction of ivan in Eisensteins film, and Part ii wasnt shown before 1958, 10 years after Eisensteins death. Unfortunately, when Part ii got banned, the filming of Part iii was stopped and the footage which had been filmed was destroyed. In Part i, ivan iv (nikolay cherkasov) crowns himself Tsar of Russia and begins to reclaim lost Russian territory as he wants to unite and protect Russia against foreign armies outside of the border. Soon after, ivan marries, however, his marriage causes him to lose the friendship of his two best friends. At the wedding, ivan receives a ceremonial knife from the Khanate of kazan. The knife implies that he should use it to commit suicide. This causes him to immediately proclaim assignment that his kingdom is at war with kazan.

best biography movies of all time

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Yet, reviewing Lynchs The Elephant Man without mentioning John Hurts superb performance as John Merrick would be completely ludicrous. The film stand or fall by his performance and fortunately, hurt delivers what may be considered as a performance of a lifetime. Never for one second do you think theres an actor under the many layers of make-up, and despite all his make-up, hurt is convincingly able to make you feel his agony and frustrations. Upon studying the historic source material on which The Elephant Man is based, you learn that several characters have been portrayed misleadingly in the film, Treves, for instance, acted much more selfishly than he appears to do in the film. Nevertheless, this shouldnt be seen as a flaw. By dramatizing the life of Joseph Merrick, lynch not only convincingly depicts the life of Joseph Merrick but manages to humanize him, ultimately creating a tour-de-force of pure emotional filmmaking on par with Schindlers List and The Grapes of Wrath. Ivan the terrible, parts i ii (1958, sergei eisenstein). Based on the life of the Great Tsar ivan iv of Russia.

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best biography movies of all time

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Depicting the life of the severely deformed John Merrick (his Americanized name in the film) as he struggles to live a peaceful life, david Lynchs The Elephant Man proves to be a truly captivating and timeless study of the nature of prejudice as one critic. The film follows London Hospital surgeon Frederick Treves (Anthony hopkins) as he one day finds John Merrick (John Hurt) being terribly mistreated in a victorian freak show at the outskirts of London. We quickly gather that he has been kept at the freak show against his will by his owner, the vicious. Bytes (Freddie jones ever since his mother abandoned him as an infant. When retail Treves realizes what is going on, he pays.

Bytes to let Merrick go to the hospital for exams but later decides to keep Merrick at the hospital against Bytes will. Before long, merrick and Treves develop a close bond as Treves tries to cure merrick and bring happiness to his life. Throughout the film, Treves, and the audience, begins to see merricks interior beauty which lies beneath his disfigured outer. This is just one of the reasons The Elephant Man can be viewed as david Lynchs most humanist work to date as well as being a masterclass in emotional filmmaking. Perhaps this is the reason why The Elephant Man also happens to be lynchs most commercial film as it brought back the cost of the film five times.

This list concerns the latter category. The majority of cinema aficionados are likely to already be familiar with most of these films and if you consider yourself one, you might already have seen most of them but perhaps you are still missing a few. If you have just recently discovered the art of cinema, and are now looking for your next cinematic obsession, these ten films serve as a great starting point for anyone wanting to discover the amazing world of biopics. Most biographical films attempt to comprehensively tell the life story of a non-fictional or historically-based person, yet some films confine themselves to depicting only a certain period in that persons life. Most biopics try to do so as truthful to history as possible, however, some chose to deliberatively avoid telling the truthful story in order to dramatize their own story, thereby merely utilizing the biographical aspect of the story as an off-set for, perhaps, an even.

However, this doesnt mean that the first way of making biopics is any better or worse than the second, its just different, and both methods have their virtues and can be used to tell a powerful story. It should be mentioned that this list seeks to serve as a representation of the highest quality in the biopic genre, based on criteria that try to look past personal and popular taste, to encompass only the films that artistically defined the history of biographical. It is, of course, impossible to definitively select only ten films to represent the pinnacle of a genre. But it can at the very least and with complete certainty be said that these films helped to define the biopic genre, and still to this day serves as indispensable reference points for any serious filmmaker wanting to depict the life story of a non-fictional. The Elephant Man (1980, david Lynch). Based on the life of the deformed Joseph Merrick.

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Genres: Drama, foreign, history, war. Countries: Austria, germany, italy, russian Federation. 12 148 min Adventure, biography, drama 73 Metascore, after graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire 24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, christopher with encounters a series of characters that shape his life. Director: sean Penn, stars: Emile hirsch, vince vaughn, catherine keener, marcia gay harden, votes: 499,343 Gross:.35M. 16 178 min Crime, drama 73 Metascore, a tale of greed, deception, money, power, and murder occur between two best friends: a mafia enforcer and a casino executive, compete against each other over a gambling empire, and over a fast living and fast loving socialite. Director: Martin Scorsese, stars: Robert de niro, sharon Stone, joe pesci, james woods, votes: 391,056 Gross:.44M. If you remote consider yourself a serious film fan, you must be familiar with at least a handful of essential undisputed masterpieces from every film genre, from horror to comedies and from Westerns to biographical films.

best biography movies of all time

7 Downfall 2004, der Untergang, april 1945, a small nation awaits wnfall. Cast: Bruno ganz, alexandra maria lara, corinna harfouch, Ulrich Matthes, juliane köhler, heino ferch, Christian Berkel, Thomas Kretschmann, Ulrich noethen, birgit Minichmayr, rolf Kanies, justus von Dohnanyi, michael Mendl, André hennicke, christian Redl. Overview: In April of 1945, germany stands at the brink of defeat with the russian Army closing in from the east and the Allied Expeditionary force attacking from the west. In Berlin, capital of the Third reich, Adolf Hitler proclaims that Germany will still achieve victory and orders his Generals and advisers to fight to the last man. "Downfall" explores these final days of the reich, where senior German leaders (such as Himmler and Goring) began defecting from their beloved Fuhrer, in an effort to save their own lives, while still others (Joseph goebbels) pledge to die with Hitler. Hitler, himself, degenerates into a paranoid shell of a man, full of optimism one moment and suicidal depression the next. When the end finally does comes, and Hitler lies dead by his own hand, what is left of his military must find a way to end the killing that is the battle of Berlin, and lay down their arms in surrender.

List includes photos and biography movie trailers next to the names of the movies. A list made up of movies like the last Bolshevik and Speck. Whether you're at home and want to watch these biography movies on dvd, blu-ray or streaming, or if you're seeing them in theatres for the first time, this is a list of good biopic movies that can be helpful in either situation to see where. So from the latest, to the greatest biography movies, here is the full biopic movies list, ordered from best to worst. Al Pacino and Orson Welles have both directed biography movies, as have many other great directors. Movies, ant-Man the wasp have a disturbing Incident Of Domestic Abuse. Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne may be the characters starring in Ant-Man and the wasp, out Friday, july 6, but theyre not the first Ant-Man and Wasp.

List of biography films includes biopic movie titles that can be clicked on for more information about the film. Share this list on Tumblr so that your friends can vote too. These are the top films in the biography genre, meaning that each and every one of these is a movie with at least a single element of the biography genre. Be it thesis the motifs of the biopic genre or just some of the most common archetypes. If you're a fan of Constant Forge: Part Two or Benjy, make sure you give them some love. If we missed any biography movies on this list, please add them to the list yourself, as this is an open list which means you can add any movies whenever you like (choices are subject to moderation). The films on this list cover the most famous biopic movies of all time and are voted on by people who really care about biography movie lists.

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A list of all the best biography movies ever made, many of which are streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. This biopic movie list can be sorted by cast, year, director and more. This list of biopic films also contains biography movie titles that can be clicked on for more information about the film. This biography films list can also be copied to start your own. This list, though, contains the best biopic movies of all time, as voted on by fans of the films. This biography movie list can be sorted alphabetically, by director, by year and more, but is currently ordered from best to worst. Vote for your favorite biopics to get them paper to rise to the top of the list.

Best biography movies of all time
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The movi e portrays the brilliant race against time undertaken by turing and his. Thousands of noteworthy business books and biographies, all for only.99 per month.

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  1. This list concerns the latter category. The majority of cinema afi cionados are likely to already be familiar with most of these films and if you. Read on to relive some of your favorite biographical films. Th e steve jobs biopic, we ve put together our list of the 20 best biopics of all time. Explore best biography movies of all time.

  2. By malthe tuxen created - updated - 1 day ago public. Best Rated biography movies. My top rated biography feature fi lms. A five- year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta. This biography films list can also be copied to start your own. This list, though, contains the best biopic movies of all time, as voted on by fans of the films.

  3. 100 Best biography movies. By omidpacino created - updated - 9 mon ths ago public. Refine see titles to watch instantly, titles you haven t rated. The 25 Best biography movies of All Time. By malthe tuxen created - updated - 4 days ago public. My 25 personal favorite biography movies.

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