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If they are properly met, then the society could be saved from this misfortune and its eternal flow would remain intact. If no appropriate answer is given to these age-old problems, we have seen several examples of what travesty awaits our society and nation? If at all there is any eternal society, it is Hindu samaj alone. But it does not mean that this society has not evolved its thoughts and conduct, as also its Dharma and society according to the needs of the time. Today our nation is independent. We have to complete several tasks that are staring. Imperative need of our time is to deeply ponder over the present situations.

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In the mean while came the report of assistant niyogi commission, after reading which, Shri Apte was moved to the core and he undertook an in-depth study of the problem. The agony sheathing in his mind found its way to kesari in the form of a few articles. While writing a couple of articles about the imminent need of an international organisation of Hindus in Kesari, a marathi daily founded by lokmanya tilak at Pune (Maharashtra shri Apte had clearly said, The national heroes like ram and Krishna, law-givers and philosophers like manu. Philosophy and pious thoughts are getting marginalised in our society now. The right to freedom is being misused. Every body is using this liberty wantonly. As a result of all these, the hindu society is going essay astray. Hence there is a necessity to protect both, the society and the hinduism. How to repel the attacks on the very existence of our Hindutva? How to protect our society from the Adharma? It is high time that all these challenges should be scientifically and rationally answered.

According to the report, the missionaries were running huge schools, hostels, orphanages, hospitals etc. With the aid of the foreign money and there through they were forcibly converting poor, dest itute and innocent Hindus to Christianity. During the period, the founder of Hindusthan Samachar, an indigenous News Agency ideologically rooted in this country, shri. Dadasaheb Apte also was equally perturbed about the various types of challenges faced by the hindu society and he was deeply pondering over them. Besides, plan he was also worried about one more aspect of Hindu society. That the hindus living in the foreign countries are gradually getting cut off from their mother land Bharat and hence he was absorbed with the thought as how to safeguard the progeny of this land from the influence and impact of the alien cultures. He had already undertaken tour of a number of foreign countries as a representative of Hindusthan Samachar and had undergone himself the agonising experience of the problems of foreign-based Hindus and their cultural collapse. Apte to conceive of an international organisation of Hindus for fighting these challenges unitedly.

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With a view to achieve this great task, the minds, not just of remote a handful, but many of the greatest thinkers, distinguished philosophers, senior-most Dharmacharyas and Dharmagurus; and saints along with noblest social activists etc. Got occupied by the churning and contemplations with various types of thoughts and arguments. Inception of Vishwa hindu parishad is the most reassuring outcome of this collective cogitation, churning and the process of widest possible deep consultations. Formative efforts, the imminent cause of speed, inspiration and encouragement for the formation of Vishwa hindu parishad was provided by the report of niyogi commission appointed by the state of Madhya pradesh in 1955 to investigate the actual position of the problem of conversion. It is through the report of this Commission that the entire nation came to know the truth about contemptuous means and methods adopted by the Christian padres for converting these gullible sections of Hindu society. It sent shock waves throughout the country. It was for the first time that the heinous means adopted by the missionaries were analysed on the basis of their practical applications barbing through this Report. Their nefarious activities were not only endangering the hindu Dharma, but also vehemently challenging the very unity and integrity of Bharat.

Not only this, but they also forgot that they are the original inhabitants of a country, where flows the most sacred river Ganga, the redeemer of the depraved and the annihilator of sins; where lofty, majestic ranges of Himalayas are standing upright since millennia; and. In fact, the hindu society that continued to remain at the acme of spiritual and material glory millennium after millennium in the past and which did not ever become disheartened, nor ever accept the defeat in front of the most crude, cruel and horrifying assaults. They went on propagating and promoting the divine culture leading the man to divinity and its sublime ideals. Sarve bhavantu sukhinah (may all be happy vasudhaiva kutumbakam (Entire planet earth with all its flora and fauna is but one family) and become indifferent to the wheel of time. As a result of this, the hindu society became ridden and riven with various types of differences, vices and evil practices like untouchability, high and low, inferior and superior, Brahmin and Shoodras etc. These differentiations and distinctions brought about gradual decline of the society. Under such circumstances, it was imperative to string the hindu society together in the thread of unity with a view to lead it again to its pristine position of eminence, once it held by demolishing all the destructive elements crept into our society.

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assignment abroad mumbai weekly

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Its main motto is Service. It was founded with the blessings of revered Acharyas, Masters and saints of all Mat-Panth-Sampradayas (caste-creed-sects) of Hindus and in consultations with well-known philosophers, thinkers, leaders and visionaries. Background, slavery is always torturous and tormenting; be it of an animal or bird; of an individual or family; or of a society or nation. Howsoever great the individual, family, society or the nation might be in the past; in the servitude, they tend to forget not only their self-esteem and self-respect; but ones own eminence and importance also. During the millennial serfdom (800 years under Muslim suzerainty and 200 bags years of British rule the hindus were also flung in a totally dark oblivion along with its own distinctive characteristics, noble virtues and great ideals, which had caused adornment of this great nation.

They had forgotten all their self-esteem, self-respect, eminence and importance. They had forgotten that the greatest personalities like shriram, Shrikrishna, goutam, mahavir, Shankaracharya, chanakya, patanjali etc. Are the products of the very same glorious cultural stock. They had also forgotten that they are the progeny of the cultural tradition, where the great scriptures like veda, shastras, puranas, ramayana, mahabharat, gita etc. Saw the light of the day.

After five years with India tribune, i moved to Florida with my family and had an almost five-year break from writing. I resumed writing upon my return to Atlanta. As a freelance journalist, i contribute my writings to Khabar magazine, nri pulse newspaper, Atlanta dunia, desi Express, and Rashtra darpan publications. Maha Ati rudra yagna at the hindu temple of Atlanta, riverdale. I am deeply thankful to all the organizations who have honored me with awards and recognitions. I dearly love my readers, and i am deeply grateful for all the support, advice, and encouragement extended to me by my family, media colleagues, editors, photographers, mentors, and friends.

It has taken time, toil, tenacity, and patience to have a loyal reader base, but it is definitely worth. I have always believed that a journalist must always strive to be impartial, fair, objective, informative, and engaging. The digital revolution, internet, smartphones, social media, etc., are fast impacting the role of a traditional journalist in a big way. Tv, radio,smartphones, digital cameras, and videos are all disseminating news and views faster and with a far wider reach. The traditional journalist must now contend with a surfeit of input (true or false) pouring in through tweets, blogs, comments, etc., and in order to survive, must accept the changing landscape and learn to adapt. The Indian community in Atlanta is growing exponentially. There are many more Indian organizations now who are organizing varied imaginative, innovative, and bigger events. For a committed and passionate journalist, there is no limit to what he/she can contribute as a media representative. Vishwa hindu parishad is a social, Dharmic and cultural organisation of Hindus living in Bharat as also in a number of foreign countries.

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Journalism opened a new, exciting and wondrous world for. It afforded me a rare opportunity to meet Bollywood stars like amitabh Bachchan, Shah rukh Khan, hema malini, noted singers like kavita Krishnamurthy, kumar Sanu, dignitaries from different walks of life in the us and from abroad, politicians, public figures, spiritual leaders, social activists, stage. Paresh Rawal, i covered some mega events or popular events like the festival yardage of India, write global Mela at the Global Mall,annual dance recitals,Senior citizens programs, sai health fairs, celebrations of major Hindu festivals at temples in Atlanta, asian American Hotel Owners Association (ahoha) conventions, Charotar. In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Olympics. Subash razdan, a long time Atlanta resident, a well-known and respected personality, bestowed with prestigious honors and awards, and I co-wrote an article on the city of Atlanta which was published by India today magazine. India ambassador meera Shankar at the banquet with hn Lewis and other dignitaries. I feel honored to have covered visiting India ambassadors to usa, ronen Sen, meera Shankar, and Nirupama rao, to name a few, as they paid homage to mahatma gandhi,. Martin Luther King, and his wife Mrs. Coretta Scott King at the gandhi statue and the king Center in Atlanta—and also to have covered the historic interfaith religion program at Emory University on October 21, 2007, graced by the presence of His Holiness the dalai lama, who is a nobel peace Prize.

assignment abroad mumbai weekly

At times there were parking problems. The reports had to be typed and then faxed to the Chicago office, where i am told they had to be retyped in order to print them. For photos, film had to be loaded into the camera and later taken to the photo lab for prints. And then I had to rush to the ups or FedEx office to mail the photos to Chicago! Communication with the Chicago office was mostly by phone calls and not e-mails like now. Shri narayan Desai pays homage to mahatma gandhi. It was hard and challenging work but intellectually stimulating and immensely gratifying. As I gained confidence in covering around-town events, i extended my repertoire by writing book reviews, movie reviews, profiles of eminent personalities in Atlanta, short stories, and humor pieces.

bapu. My report was published and when I saw my byline for the first time in a widely read newspaper, i was on cloud nine! Mustafabhai and I shared an office on Briarcliff road, Atlanta. Mustafabhai has always been a good friend, mentor, and a motivator. Global Mela at the Global Mall. Being a journalist at that time was not easy. There were not as many Indian organizations as today but the venues were spread out and in different directions. The cars did not have gps in those days so travelling by car at night or during rainy weather was always a challenge! Some of the events began late and ended well past midnight.

While a teacher, i wrote short stories and shared those with online my students. Occasionally i wrote letters to the editors of local newspapers. After moving to london, i wrote a few pieces for my communitys magazine. First Diwali celebrations at the ga state capitol by baps. From London, i came to Atlanta. After retirement, i had ample leisure time, so i thought of trying writing for ethnic magazines: Indian American Cultural Association (iaca)s voice of India, and Gujarati samaj of Atlantas Darpan. After a few months I had a lucky break. Around early 1994, Prashant Shah, the editor of India tribune, a weekly newspaper published in Chicago, wanted to publish an Atlanta edition of his paper and was looking for a journalist.

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Being an accidental journalist in Atlanta. By, mahadev desai, mahadev desai, from an early age i have been fond of reading and writing. I grew up in nairobi, kenya and graduated from a boys high school there. Access to type a library was very difficult due to distance (my family did not have a car and it was very difficult to buy books due to financial constraints. All that changed when I went to mumbai to study in a college. I could go to the college library, ymca library, and a couple of other public libraries and read to my hearts content. After college graduation, i returned to nairobi and dabbled in writing.

Assignment abroad mumbai weekly
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