Ambit energy presentation

ambit energy presentation

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The above musings were inspired by a passage in paul Shepheard's ' what is Architecture??, where he notes that the lunar atmosphere precludes decay: 'even the track of a boulder rolling down a hill, disturbed by some ancient land settlement, is still there today and. We can't recommend Shepheard's second book, ' artificial love, highly enough, either. The cold stability of the moon versus Earth's fragility. Divers find lake's 'lost village', the remains of Manning's Hill in the grounds of Bowood house. Capability Brown was happy to flood a village to create a lake. A similar thing happened centuries later at Capel Celyn in Wales, when the Tryweryn Valley was flooded to create a reservoir in 1965. A photographic survey of the region was undertaken in the late 1960s.

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Revisiting some old favourites. Mappr, a project by Stamen Design (highlighted at Postopolis ). Stamen are also behind the phillips amazing Trulia hindsight site we mentioned absurdly briefly a while back. More about the project on the Trulia blog. The sudden burst of levittown in 1948 is a good way of illustrating the way the data is presented. The sketchbooks of Mrs Blaine is a collection online of drawings and watercolours by a c19 traveller in the middle east. Posted by things at 07:18 / 0 comments A list of artificial objects on the moon, focusing mainly on the large chunks of hardware, launch stages, lunar rovers, crumpled probes and flags. It's by no means an exhaustive inventory of things left on the moon, although such a list would be possible. The occasional oddity does resurface; the tiny figurine, the family photo (more about which in ' data Travel: the duke family portrait, in the lunar Surface journal. The Apollo missions are probably the most densely-chronicled events in human history, with public access to a forensic level of detail ). When you consider the sheer amount of stuff that was brought to the moon (e.g., catalog of Apollo lunar Surface geological Sampling tools and Containers it's a wonder that more wasn't left behind (although this piece of the kitty hawk went there and back, just.

Boat Life in Egypt and Nubia, by william ime (published 1874). From the contract : 'mohammed Abd-el-Atti engages to literature provide a comfortable boat, with awning and jolly boat; to furnish said boat with beds, bedding, tables, china, glass, water filters, and all and every requisite necessary for the convenience and comfort of first-class passengers.' / Made. Mtv's 120 minutes, a representative selection of videos culled from / worth keeping an eye on, double negative, a website about Michael heizer / early supermarket, from this 2005 press release from the food Marketing Institute / a fancy way of presenting the chaotic. Artists' homes and Memorable English houses, two articles from the Scientific American Supplement of 24 December 1881 / Pimp my rice paddy, hokusai meets crop art. Looks photoshopped / architecture after the event, a look at some icons of modernism in the years after their openings: But does it work? Car Studies, paintings. In Gorbachev we Trust, a classic album / Scottish Colourists at the portland Gallery / automatic signature machines / PaperJam, a weblog / a new Letter from Paris / what would Switzerland look like if it was transported to China? Leahlb is absurdly well travelled / The book of The dance, by Anonymous / Cameo cards and the Great Rescue / The Chicago manual of Style, online / the new beach culture revival continues; Bathing beauties, a competition to 're-imagine the beach Hut for the. He would have a field day with the previous entry.

ambit energy presentation

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A whatchamacallit of wordsmithing webgets, a fine collection of linguistic sites at ieclectic / Inversion Immersion, tracking a visual meme over at Archidose. We're just as guilty as anyone else in this respect / Soweto Uprisings, an interactive map of the student uprisings of / some great Lego ads / Mothership, a corporate art company / artag, layering 3d over the real world / Graffonic, electronic graffiti. Yet another set of abandoned buildings / the Architecture page / come on inside and join the cottontail community at Ex Playboy bunnies / the art of Wesley willis / is the Stirling Prize just a glorified gameshow? space tourism receives a setback / Culture map, old school internet representations / the of mirror eye, an mp3 weblog / Thousand sketches, 'a thousand sketches in one year on a tablet pc by walter Logeman'. We like this one. The top ten stolen cars, us /. The vauxhall Belmont, a rather sad little saloon last built in 1991, was the uk's most stolen car in 20According to wikipedia, 1 in 10 of all Belmonts on the road were stolen in 2004. These images of burnt out cars feature the ratty end of gm and Ford's uk's late 80s output. Homu, the homeless Museum, which 'seeks to subvert the increasingly impersonal, market-driven art world and expose the sellout of cultural institutions to commerce, cronyism, real estate, and star architects.' posted by things at 22:03 / 0 comments A real tumble of stuff today.

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ambit energy presentation

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Pop put paid to that ever becoming a reality. Yet today, we have the suggestion that evolutionary algorithms now surpass human designers, operating so swiftly and efficiently that complex forms and data patterns - boat hulls, usb stick re-write voltages, whatever - can be explored, probed and 'bred' to make more efficient versions (often. Will we breed efficiency, or profligacy? Owen Hatherley slips over to nothing to see here to wax lyrical about Wyndham court in southampton. He also points to The terminal Bench, an angry musing on the privatisation of seating in new airport building - the majority of seats in baa's new T5 will be in coffee shops, restaurants, etc. ( fulminate is excellent).

Look at pre-baa heathrow, and you'll see that modern airport design never really experienced a 'golden age'. Baa was founded seven years earlier, but this 1970 was the days before concessions and clutter, when a new section of airport infrastructure was about getting the passenger through, and not the 'passenger experience'. Interesting": 'here the red (something to declare) and green (nothing to declare) system now in operation at heathrow occasionally causes congestion in the red section due to what one baa spokesman described as "the essay innate honesty of the English.'. Bj's Film Camera manual Collection Online, including an archive of manuals. Related, a collection of familiar table and unusual film sizes / Please take note, a weblog focusing on the advertising side of things, and highlighting the ongoing trend for 'creative agencies' to market themselves with little viral videos:. Us Two ( video connected Ventures ( video and probably a hundred more, all hoping to get picked up by weblogs and spun off around the world, showcasing their mastery of new media production and distribution.

Posted by things at 20:16 / 0 comments Design Online, a collection of Design magazines from 1965 to 1974, scanned in their entirety (via coudal ). Best viewed with a pair of powerful rose-tinted glasses, although there are many who'd like to see the design council revive its own publication. In 1968, people were already starting to ask questions about what would happen after Pop design : 'taken as a whole this may appear an aesthetic free for all, but it has a more realistic total coherence than that which the modern movement, for all. It means that we may no longer (to give a single example) have to choose between ergonomic but clinically dull cars, and pleasure-giving but dangerous cars. The two can be compatible because the post Modern movement recognises the equal importance of ergonomics and psychological fulfilment, and it is not part of its philosophy to suppress one at the cost of the other.' That bit about the recognition of the 'equal importance.

On Radio 4's The Crime of Our lives last week the focus was on rising crime in the 1960s, 'a new epidemic' that grew against 'a backdrop of increasing violence and social change.' One of the interviewees made the point that the post-war move. At the root cause was good old-fashioned envy; instead of being kept in their place by hierarchical social structures caste based the academic said the apparent social mobility dramatically increased the prevalence of desire and want amongst those who, put simply, couldn't afford. The more things there are, the more someone else is going to want to steal them. Design became defunct before its pages could fill up with the tide of detritus that swims across the page in the modern consumer - and trade - magazine. The following month, on, christopher Cornford wrote a piece entitled ' cold rice pudding and revisionism which expressed the cautious opinion that not everything that came out of the bauhaus was brilliant. At the very least, the 'cold rice pudding' of so-called 'good design' could get rather monotonous. Pop design arrived to send up and thoroughly subvert 'good design much to the modernists' alarm. But by creating the consumerist object, pop also unwittingly subverted the modernist ideal, making 'good design' another box to tick, another lifestyle choice, another icon to emulate, and. Put crudely, modernism was supposed to obliterate excess emotion in product design, honing each object until the ur-form was found and no further research was needed.

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Product design in the former East Germany / architecture in the new China / along with Angela paez, the other sites behind swapatorium, worth setting out for easy browsing: bighappyfunhouse, square America, write boot Sale sounds, tikiranch, ookpik's Negativity, rule Brittaniea, box of Slides, poopscape and. A cascade of found sounds, objects, projects, places and images. Why do people prefer music from their teenage years? None of these answers really seem to hit the nail on the head / the photography of Thomas Humery (via manystuff ) / will Exhibition road become the capital's presentation first 'living street a check-boxed thoroughfare shared by cars and people? Via kosmograd / Eugene Tsui, an architect who needs to be working in the middle east, and fast. Sample project, the Strait of Gibraltar Floating Bridge / the weirdest creature, mr davy's mystery pet. Does this Japanese train alarm clock give you live departure times? Check the online simulator and decide / collect the messengers of faith action figures, available at a walMart near you (via bbc news ) / Sendling, digital music, synths and circuit bending / author Jenny diski wants to keep out the noise / houseblogs, many. Illustration, The burning Crusade raid Attunement Chart Third Edition ( via ).

ambit energy presentation

We can't imagine anyone is especially happy about the programme, certainly not the new buyers enticed by the prospect of a cheap penthouse, certainly not the long-standing locals dismayed (and frightened) by the emphasis on the local crime and drug culture, or those dismayed. Never mind, most of it was staged, according to at least one resident. Strange harvest does a klf on the architecture business. See also re-make re-model, on the cult of facadism, the reasonableness of architecture that no-one can object to, and the 'puzzling redundancy' of the architectural re-make. Related, ' athens looks silly on the dilly stephen bayley on Robert Adam's 'new' building at 198 Piccadilly (one of those stealthy structures that's erected almost overnight - we have no memory of even seeing scaffolding on that site). 198 Piccadilly was once the site of lodgings belonging to 'gentleman criminal' and 'napoleon of Crime' adam Worth (via nick barlay ). We could insert something witty here about architectural identity, theft and duplicity, but can't summon the energy to make the connection. Bldgblog on British Hydrology, inventory marvelling at our water-lashed (and gouged) nation. That set us off finding references to the gibraltar Falls, 'hundreds of times more powerful' than the niagara falls and the prehistoric deluge that refilled the mediterranean some five million years ago, with the Atlantic cascading over a ridge that eventually crumbled into the Strait.

) / The george hotel. Has anyone any experience of Casting Words? We're trying it out and will report back / the ultra-long lens photographs of Trevor Paglen, see also the gallery at Wired / Reducing cities to a statistical sprawl, austin Williams on the fetishistic fascination with figures that dominates the tate's Global Cities show. Related, digital Urban on Data visualisation. Another project at du, a fresh look at the london Tube map An ultra complex diagram of character relationships in Heroes, at Silverwraith / a plastic Bag Gallery, via 30gms. Reminiscent of the work of Daniel Eatock / team's Vending Machine : 'you choose how much you pay, and rather than affecting what you get, it affects what the next person gets.' The team blog, which links to mark luthringer's photography, in particular the incredible. Posted by things at 21:31 / 0 comments Space and Exclusion, research which 'research presents findings on the underlying spatial effects which influence the spatial distribution of poverty; and maps the development of poverty areas over time. The focus is on the east End of London, which has been an area of persistent poverty and of immigrant settlement for the past 200 years.' related, The tower, a bbc documentary about the Aragon Tower in Deptford. As one might expect from a programme about gentrification, the personal tales are wildly disparate, united only by canny editing and cross-referencing.

Donkey kong ii demonstrates its sublime level design / the amazing barn find was a hoax, sadly / a collection of illusions modesty Blaise paper film stills, via, coudal / the, churches and Chapels of Chicago, photos / construction of the. New Museum, in New York, speeded. Graphic design in a white cube, an online exhibition at, peter Bilak's website / illustration by, cecilia carlstedt /. Niemeyer on architecture, age and the ego /. Early doors, a cascade of clips of pre-sky era football coverage. Not our bag, but strongly evocative of time and place /. The Apt, design and commentary / n1 magazine, print and online lineriders, a beautifully simple idea. Worther's Original / Switch, a neat little audio format convertor.

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Buying Culture, 'by luring Western institutions like the louvre and Yale, abu Dhabi aims to become a global arts center'. The response to the proposed. Saadiyat Island project is frankly rather patronising, and the article"s Sorbonne president jean-Robert Pitte as saying "Can we really bring culture to camel riders and carpet sellers?". What's even more interesting are the licensing costs: word 'Abu Dhabi, which sits on 10 percent of the world's oil supply, has agreed to pay 520 million just to use the name ". Louvre " for 30 years; it also plans to pony up 747 million more for art loans and advice.'. Inside al-Mansur, saddam Hussein's private yacht, rather pointlessly obliterated back in March 2003. More nautical schadenfreude in this wrecked yacht page handheld Remakes, an archive of the fabulous Nintendo game and Watches. This flash version.

Ambit energy presentation
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  5. But the really listless and thoughtless have not mental energy to be preoccupied. However, things have changed post elections and we have seen fairly good inflows from the retail segment in the last couple of months, said vaibhav sanghavi, director (equities Ambit, investment Advisors).

  6. Energy returned on energy invested (eroei ). We could insert something witty here about architectural identity, theft and duplicity, but can t summon the energy to make the connection. Ackman needs to read this line over and over rather than spend his time creating a 342-page slide presentation on why he thinks the nutritional supplement seller will go. Ambit, energy s road to success.kazakhstan on electric power industry, on natural monopolies and regulated markets, legislation of the republic of kazakhstan regulating activity of a financial market and financial organizations; 9) cost of energy. Do you have a presentation service you are interested in selling in our Services Directory? Contact marketplace at sliderocket dot com to apply.

  7. Ambit energy s network marketing legitimacy by chris chambless. M This is the new. Ambit, energy business opportunity presentation. Judging from the evaluations and comments, your presentation was one of the bankers favorites. Oil Burden: amount on money spend on energy.

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