42a resume

42a resume

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youve monitored planets with your telescope, but can you _?, track stars. This answer appears in the same area of the grid in the nyt puzzle. C in a down answer in the top middle of the grid. Also see also: Mrs. De winter in the 13d clue, just four clues after mrs. C was an answer.) 100a. youve coached gymnasts, but can you _?, train spotters.

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Pancho harrisons Los Angeles Times crossword, According to your Résumé —amys write-up la times crossword solution, 1 7 18, According to your Résumé the theme takes familiar phrases and reinterprets them as if the first word is a verb: 22a. youve repaired planes for civilian pilots, but can you _?, professional service aces. I dont think mechanics service the customers, do they? They service the vehicles? youve made indie films, but can you _?, direct hits. I assume all fans of Madeleine lengles a wrinkle in Time know that the movies coming out this spring, directed by ava duvernay. Shes the first black female director to land a movie with a 100 million budget. The cast looks terrific. youve made decorative bowls, but can you _?, fashion plates. youve conned small-time dealers with your forgeries, but can you _?, snow fences.

All the rest is the work of man. A story circulated when I was in college that someone wrote that on the front page of their math final lined and added I lead a holy life. 119a Smart of Get Smart is maxwell. Alternate clue: possessor of a silver hammer. What I didnt know before i did this puzzle: that Brian eno wrote something called Neroli, which is apparently thinking music. It was still a gimme; a three-letter answer clued with a musician? Always try eno first. Heres Leslie odom, Jr singing the blues.

42a resume

Resumé, wait, zakázaný ovoce a, tommy poser v jistebnici

43d five-time all-star catcher Jorge posada. Jorge was one of the statement core four homegrown players who anchored the great Yankees teams of the 1990s. The other three were derek jeter, mariano rivera, and Andy pettite. Ah, those were the days. 62a _ field (Mets home) gives the ny nlers equal time. The answer is citi. 63d Any crossword clues number is an integer. . Leopold Kronecker wrote god created the integers.

Is uriah sheep (Uriah heep, sheep). 127a a long-nosed fish and a kings of Rhythm musician? Is pike turner (pike, ike turner). I know ike turners violent acts toward Tina were a long time ago. Lets remember what he did. At first I thought all the answers in the bottom half of the puzzle had the animal last, but pike turner broke that pattern. Still a really nice and amusing theme. A few more things: 10a Small pest is a midge. She was always tagging along after Barbie.

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42a resume

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15d a small finch and developer an environmental activist? Is the most obscure of the lot with. Serin brockovich (serin, Erin Brockovich). 48d a stingray relative and an Underworld actress? Is skate beckinsale (skate, kate beckinsale). 58a a mountain lion and a kill Bill actress? Is puma thurman (puma, uma Thurman).

72a a marine mammal and a revolutionary war spy? Switches it up and puts the animal second. Nathan whale (Nathan Hale, whale). I regret that I have only one blowhole to give for my country. 86a a big cat and a disney executive? Robert tiger (Robert Iger, tiger). 123a a ewe and a dickens villain?

In the grid, i was parsing that as lag ear. Like a lop-eared rabbit. Moscow landmark, lenins tomb. Flare-ups in the hood?, car fires. My eyebrow went up, way up, till I realized the hood referred to the metal hinged thing above a car engine and not a city neighborhood. 4.5 stars from.

Evan Birnholzs Washington Post crossword, hybrids jennis writeup. Were not talking about cars in this puzzle. Each theme answer combines an animal and a person. Wapo 1/7, solution grid 23a hybrid of an aquarium fish and a jazz legend? Betta james (betta fish, Etta james). 25a a deer and a harry and Tonto actor? Hart carney (hart, Art Carney).

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Puz file when I downloaded. Cleveland has tied Detroits sad achievement. Really bothered, tore. Now, this is the counterpart to the verb preposition entries I liked in Wentzs Saturday puzzle. That just tore at me! I did the sold off and tore at test on my husband—define mini this, use it in a sentence. I tore at an apple pie was what he came up with. Its really not a familiar usage, this really bothered. Socal-based sneaker brand,.

42a resume

mess with a players head before somebodys bought a vowel. I assume david assembled the theme set via an automated dragging of a word list or corpus, as I think he has the comp sci (computer science, not comparative science) know-how. Five more things: 114d. Team ever to go 0-16 for a season, lions. Thats an old fact, and this clues apparently updated in online versions. It appeared in the.

Richard Simmons diet regimen / London tabloid, deal-a-meal / daily mail. What a red pepper on a menu may signal / Made clear, spicy food / specified. And yes, the y is playing the role of a vowel where it appears in the theme. Preceder of free throws / juice container?, foul call / fuel cell. Fooler proposal / Summer Olympics standout, trickster / track star. Harry potters ex-girlfriend / Register sound, cho chang / cha-ching. deer variety, whaool! Thin neckwear / Assam or Earl Grey, string tie / strong tea. Cookies filled with green creme / Flattish sea creatures, mint oreos / manta rays.

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Title: (or keywords in the write title year: Number: Type:All Legislation (excluding draft)All Primary legislation uk public General Acts uk local Acts Acts of the Scottish Parliament Acts of the national Assembly for Wales Measures of the national Assembly for Wales Church measures Acts of the northern Ireland Assembly Acts of the Old Scottish. Hex/Quigley untimed (pannonica lAT 8:18 (Amy nYT 11:55 (Amy wapo 9:18 (Jenni). David Steinbergs New York times crossword, vowel Play—amys write-up. Ny times crossword solution, 1 7 18, vowel Play. The title is a pun on foul play? Either a pun or just weird. Anyway, the grid calls out a bunch of squares, and those work like a 2-letter rebus square in the theme entries crossings, but each theme answer has two clues, for two distinct answers that share the same consonants but differ in their vowels: 22a.

42a resume
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