Treasury autumn statement

treasury autumn statement

Autumn Statement 2016

Lone mothers are set to lose 3860 in net income and 4860 in the value of services they receive, a loss of 18 of their living standards per annum by 2020. Social care is in crisis, failing those in need of care and those who provide it, whether paid or unpaid. There are approximately.86m people over the age of 50 in England (1 in 10) with unmet care needs; most of them are women. In the autumn Statement, the Chancellor had an opportunity to use his infrastructure investment to deliver a new settlement for care. This investment in the social infrastructure would not only, as the womens Budget Group has shown, provide for unmet care needs but deliver economic returns that exceed those from comparable investment in construction. Alongside social care, health and school budgets are under pressure from rising demand and inflationary pressures. In real terms, per pupil school funding is set to fall by the greatest amount of any parliament since data began and the health Service is struggling to meet growing demands for which insufficient funding has been provided.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through the rss.0. You can skip to the end and leave a holder response. Pinging is currently not allowed). Theresa may became Prime minister in the wake of the eu referendum which had revealed a deeply divided country. She pledged to build a country and economy that works for everyone, and the Chancellor affirmed those aspirations in his Autumn Statement address. Publishing its comprehensive assessment of the autumn Statement today, the womens Budget Group argues that the autumn Statement is a missed opportunity to begin that task: Women and those on low incomes continue to shoulder by far the greatest burden of tax and benefit changes. The measures board announced in this Autumn Statement, including the reduction in the uc taper rate, are insignificant when set against the backdrop of these cuts. By 2020, Black women in the poorest third of households stand to lose 1,926 a year as a result of tax and benefit changes since 2010. Asian women will lose 2057 a year. In contrast white men in the richest third of the population will gain 79 a year.

It is certainly not based on any guidance from the bank regarding its plans. So there you have it folks, this government is now cooking the books for short term benefits and are now storing up huge potential losses down the road that they admit dont know how big they might get. The bankruptcy of the uk just kicked up a gear. It can only be a matter of a couple of months before the rating agencies see through all this for what it is and downgrade the. Welcome to banana republic Britain. Related Link to this article: : posted by Thomas Paterson on Dec database 7 2012. Filed under Analysis, gold News.

treasury autumn statement

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This implies that qe would be unwound by late 2022, thanks to roughly 250 billion of gilt sales and 125 billion of redemptions. In this event psnb, the current budget deficit and psnd will be lower in each year until 2016-17 than london they book otherwise would have been, as the Treasury receives the stock of cash currently in the apf and the future flow of coupon payments on the. However, and it is a rather big however, this course of action will make the numbers look better only in the short-term because when interest rates rise the flow of money will go the other way (from the Treasury to the boe and the losses. As monetary policy tightens and qe is unwound, the stream of regular payments to the Treasury will shrink and the apf will face capital losses. Consequently, the Treasury will need to make net payments into the apf between. This will increase psnb and reverse some of the reduction in psnd. It will have no impact on the current budget deficit if the ons treats the payments as capital grants, but will increase it if the ons treats them as subsidies. And just how certain are the government about what the size of these potential losses might be? Not very: It is important to emphasise that there is huge uncertainty about the timing and pace of qe unwinding and our assumptions should be regarded as a way of illustrating the potential fiscal impact of the apf decision rather than as a firm prediction.

This decision means that the cash surpluses and deficits generated by the bank of Englands quantitative easing (QE) facility w ill be reflected in the public finances on an ongoing basis, rather than as a one-off profit or loss to the Exchequer when qe has. In plain english this means that those regular interest payments that the Treasury makes to the boe are now going to go straight back to the Treasury and reduce the debt of the uk by the amount sent back. So to clarify, the boe prints money, loans it to the government at interest and now those interest payments go back to the government and will count against the debt. You really cant make this stuff up and its incredible to think that this is what modern money mechanics has come to a complete sham and a fraud. And here they tell us that by doing this will cook the books to make the state of the public finances look better than they really are: Capturing the impact quarter by quarter, rather than at some indeterminate date in the future, is more transparent. The decision will not have a significant impact on the eventual net profit or loss to the Exchequer from qe, but it will mean that net borrowing will be lower than it otherwise would have been in the near term and then higher when monetary. To quantify the impact of this decision on the public finances we need to make a set of assumptions about the way it will be treated in the official statistics (which the ons will decide next month) and how and when qe is unwound. Our central forecast assumes that the bank makes gilt sales of 10 billion per quarter from the middle of 2016, when the market expects Bank rate to have returned to 1 per cent.

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treasury autumn statement

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And finally just to show you how badly off target the pdf tories now are in just two short years, lets take a look and see how much they were projecting to borrow next year from their first budget in 2010 : (click for sharper image). So in summary, the spending is parents increasing each and every year, the uk debt is going to double in just 7 years and Osbourne is going to borrow some 66 more than than the previous government. It really is incredible that this can be labeled austerity when its in point of fact it is the complete opposite. There is one other important thing that we need to mention, and it is the reason we say this budget statement is something that a banana republic would be proud. All the above numbers should be taken with a massive pinch of salt and in reality are much higher than the government are letting.

Some good ol black magic accounting trickery, that if a private business were to try would surly land them in jail. It all surrounds something called the Asset Purchase facility, which is what is commonly know as the qe program by the bank of England. In simple terms it works like this. To date the boe have created out of thin air by typing numbers on a computer (no seriously, this is actually how it works) some 375bn. With this 375bn theyve leant this money at interest to the government (it is actually done through conduits at the big banks who of course skim of a fat fee in the process) but the end result is the same. This then means that that the Treasury sends over regular interest payments to the boe on this effective loan of 375bn. Up until now those interest payments remain on the books of the boe, not anymore however: Asset purchase facility On 9 november the Chancellor announced that the excess cash held in the bank of Englands Asset Purchase facility (APF) will be transferred to the Exchequer.

Again we ask where is this austerity? Does a doubling of the uk debt in 7 years sound to you like austerity? And finally what about that deficit, you know the thing that Osbourne and the rest of the tories put as their number 1 manifesto pledge that they would reduce? From page 165: (click for sharper image notice that the current financial years net borrowing drops because of the nationalisation of the royal mail pension (something weve talked about in detail here and here ) meaning a one-off receipt of around 28bn. In other words the borrowing requirement of the uk government would actually be 108.5bn this year not the.5bn stated above. So, for the lifetime of this Parliament Osbourne is planning on borrowing a total of around 534bn, so how does this compare with what Alistair Darling et-al borrowed during the 5 years the pervious Labour government were in office?

In total the labour party borrowed around 346bn during the lifetime of the last parliament. . Or in other words Osbourne is going to borrow a staggering 55 more than the previous chancellor beginning to see why we call him the fauxstere Chancellor? As a quick aside lets take a look at what Darling was estimating to borrow in 2013/14 back in the 2009 budget. (click for sharper image) Darling was projecting to borrow 97bn in 2013/14. So how much is Osborne going to borrow next year? (click for sharper image) Thats right Osbourne is actually going to borrow more (99bn) than what Darling was expecting to borrow back in 2009, hardly smacks of austerity now does it?

Government slam brakes on 'pension recycling' in Autumn

Only in paper the bizarro-world of central-planning bureaucrats and the lame stream media does this constitute austere cuts. Sure some peoples benefits are being cut, and some departmental budgets have been reduced. But in the only metric that matters, which is total government spending, spending is going up not down. So what about the debt, how are the tories biography getting on in trying to get the uk to pay off its now massive debt pile thanks to the bailing out of the uks mega-banks? The month before the tories won office in 2010 the total debt (excluding all those bank bailouts of course the real number is much higher) of the uk stood at around 770bn. So what are the tories now projecting the debt will be in 2016/17? From page 16: (click for sharper image). Thats right again the tories are planning on raising the debt to 1498, which will mean they intend on raising the debt of the uk by 94, or as near damn it a doubling of the debt.

treasury autumn statement

Stern or severe in attitude or manner an austere schoolmaster. Grave, sober, or serious an austere expression. Self-disciplined, abstemious, or ascetic an austere life. Severely simple or plain an austere design, the budget proposal use from the uk government is anything but severely simple and plain. So has total spending been cut and/or is it going to be cut? From page 134 of the, office for Budget Responsibilities December Outlook : (click for sharper image). Thats right, spending increases each and every year for the next 4 years. In fact total government spending will go up by 12 over the next 4 years.

review 2010 house of Commons. How Saxby Street got its name: the first World War and south Highfields How to make a difference how to make best use of reducing resources hoylake junction hr dept, The hsbc private bank: What is a hedge fund? T t: It's all about beverley huddersfield daily Examiner: Oympics torch route confirmed for Huddersfield Huddersfield Open Access Publishing (hoap) Hugh bayley mp hughes Collection, The hughes Syndrome foundation Hugh Robertson mp hugh William Williams Hugo Swire mp huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland. In secret Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union (heycu) Hull History centre hull link hull quaker meeting Human bse foundation Humane research Trust Human Fertilisation and Embryology authority, the (hefa) Human Genetics Commission Humanists Humanitarian Centre, the humanities Directory human Rights Archaeology - cultural heritage. Friday, december 7th, 2012 posted. Thomas Paterson, before we breakdown the banana republic aspect of the autumn statement from the fauxstere chancellor george Osbourne, lets put to bed some myths about government spending, the deficit and the debt. First up were constantly told that the uk is undergoing some form of austerity. What is the actual meaning to be austere? The Free dictionary : austere ɒstɪə adj.

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Treasury autumn statement
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  4. Autumn statement : Debt to double in seven years, spending to increase. This then means that that the. Treasury sends over regular. However, the, autumn, statement has provided little indication of the governments future intentions for devolution. Immovably log jammed.

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  7. "we are calling for a stimulus to be included in the. Autumn, statement to provide immediate and significant capital funding. Autumn, statement the impact on pensions. The, treasury document confirms that pension contributions (and employer paid for financial advice along. Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond reads through his.

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