Star trek assignment earth

star trek assignment earth

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Seven is stopped by sergeant Lipton, to whom he shows his nsa id, then stuns him when he tries to call security to verify his totally bogus. Then he stows away in the car of Cromwell, the launch director, when he goes to do a final inspection of the gantry. After the inspection, the elevator is sent all the way up—with seven and Isis. Lipton wakes up just as Kirk and Spock materialize, and he captures them. Theyre brought to mission Control, but theres no other issues, so they decide not to delay the countdown. Meanwhile, seven is working hard to sabotage the launch. Back in New York, lincoln accidentally discovers the vault with sevens transporter.

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Seven thinks shes one of the missing agents, and then realizes that hes screwed. He tells her that hes with the cia (using one of many fake ids he has) and that hes on a mission to save the country. Playing on Lincolns patriotism works, and she agrees to stay and keep working. Sevens computer, the beta 5, determines that the agents were killed in a car accident while en route to McKinley. Kirk and Spock beam down and are able to track sevens transporter signal to the office. Lincoln delays them long enough for seven to escape through a transporter of his own that takes him and Isis directly from the office to McKinley. Kirk and Spock find digital plans for McKinley—but then the cops show. The captain and first officer beam up with the cops and then theyre sent back down, completely bumfuzzled—as is Lincoln when she sees the officers beam back. Scotty is able to get images of McKinley, but they cant find seven visually—and hes probably hiding if he plans to sabotage the launch. Kirk and Spock beam down to McKinley. (In a nice touch, theyre wearing lighter clothes this time, as its generally warmer in Florida than it is in New York.).

We find out that sevens mission, along with other agents—including two who have been missing for three days—is to guide humanity. The race of aliens who sent seven took essay several humans from Earth six thousand years ago, and genetically developed their descendants into perfect specimens of humanity. Given that humanitys technology has progressed faster than their social and political acumen, seven and his cohorts are trying to keep humanity from destroying itself. The missing agents were to sabotage an orbital platform launch at McKinley rocket Base. But the mission has not been accomplished, and so seven must complete it himself. Roberta lincoln shows. She is a secretary hired by the missing agents to do research (she thinks its for an encyclopedia).

star trek assignment earth

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In the beam is a human from this time period named Gary seven, who has been trained on another world by aliens who want humanity to survive. (Hes holding a cat named Isis, with whom he can apparently communicate.) seven insists that he must beam down to earth or the entire human race will be in danger. But Kirk has no proof of write that, and so has him confined to the brig. (seven tries to break free of confinement and beam down, with help from Isis, but fails, getting shot and stunned by kirk for his trouble.). Seven wakes up in the brig and manages to break out of using an all-purpose weapon called a servo, which looks just like an ordinary pen. He stuns several security guards and beams down to earth, overriding the override on the transporter. Seven and Isis materialize in an office in New York city.

Filming production, technical Specs, getting Started, contributor Zone ». Contribute to This Page. Assignment: Earth, written by gene roddenberry art Wallace. Directed by marc Daniels, season 2, Episode 26, production episode 60355. Original air date: March 29, 1968. Stardate: unknown, captains log. The, enterprise has gone back in time to do historical research to see how humanity survived the year 1968. While orbiting and monitoring communications, the. Enterprise intercepts an incredibly powerful transporter beam, one that comes from another solar system.

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star trek assignment earth

Assignment : Earth, remastered review with Video

Enterprise inadvertently beams aboard a space traveler, gary seven, along with his black cat, Isis. Seven claims to be a 20th-century human raised and trained by unknown and unnamed aliens to prevent Earth from destroying itself. Kirk can determine whether or not the man is telling the truth, seven escapes to the planet below. Spock business follow him to earth. Meanwhile, seven has tried to contact two fellow agents, who are discovered to have recently died in an auto accident.

Roberta lincoln, who becomes his reluctant cohort. An orbital bomb is about to be launched by the United States and it is seven's mission to make sure the rocket best explodes somewhere over. Asia, thereby frightening the governments into not launching future bombs into space. When the rocket goes out of control, seven barely succeeds in stopping it, despite kirk and Spock's well-meaning interference. Before kirk and Spock leave earth, kirk consults the. Enterprise 's computer records and informs seven and Roberta that they have a very interesting future in the offing. See also, release dates, official Sites, company Credits.

Comic book edit In 2008, idw publishing launched an Assignment: Earth five-issue comic book series written and drawn by john Byrne. The stories show the characters' lives from 19, including seven and Roberta's peripheral involvement in the events of a prior episode, " Tomorrow Is Yesterday " (occurring before "Assignment: Earth" for the Enterprise crew, but after for seven and Roberta). An epilogue set in 2008 depicts an annual reunion between Roberta and Isis (in her humanoid guise) at the vietnam Veterans Memorial to honor a friend who had been killed in that conflict. Citation needed In 2010, The characters appeared in issues 3 and 4 of Star Trek: leonard Mccoy frontier Doctor. Citation needed author Greg Cox has included Gary seven and Roberta in three of his Star Trek novels: Assignment: Eternity ; and a two-part novel, The eugenics Wars: The rise and Fall of Khan noonien Singh.

In the latter two novels Gary seven and Roberta lincoln go on to eventually stop Khan noonien Singh and his fellow genetically engineered humans from taking over the planet. Citation needed In the peter Clines novel "Fold" a character comes from an alternate universe and has a cat named Isis after the cat from her favourite tv series "Assignment Earth" with no knowledge of the show Star Trek. Her version from this dimension has a cat named Spock. References edit bibliography edit This section is empty. You can help by adding. (February 2017) External links edit. Sent back in time to find out how. Earth managed to survive without destroying itself, the.

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McKinley base controllers frantically try to destroy the missile without success. After a failed attempt to call the police, roberta database bludgeons seven with a heavy cigar box and seizes the servo. Seven pleads with her to allow him to proceed, "or in six minutes, world War iii begins!" Scotty beams Kirk and Spock from the base to seven's office. Roberta, now trusting seven, points the servo at Kirk, but seven surrenders it, noting that it was "set to kill". He then pleads with Kirk to let him complete his plan, which is to destroy the missile at a low enough altitude to deter the use of such orbital platforms in the future. Kirk decides to trust seven. With only seconds to spare, seven retakes control of the computer and safely detonates the warhead at an altitude of 104 miles (167 km). In the epilogue, spock and Kirk explain to seven that the Enterprise was meant to be part of the day's events, summary citing their historical records. Seven is curious to know more, but they reveal only that he and Roberta will have an interesting future.

star trek assignment earth

Kirk and Spock beam down to McKinley rocket Base and are immediately detained. As they are questioned, the missile carrying the nuclear weapons platform is launched. On the Enterprise, chief Engineer Scott ( James doohan ) tries to locate seven. In New York, a curious Roberta explores the office and accidentally discovers the hidden vault. Scotty locates seven on the rocket gantry and tries to beam him up, but Roberta, randomly operating the transporter controls, intercepts the beam and brings years seven to the office. The computer tells him that he can still take manual control of the rocket. Seven takes control of the missile, arming its warhead and bringing it off course.

arrives, whom seven mistakes for Agent 201. After some confusion, the computer identifies her as Roberta lincoln ( Teri garr, credited as Terri garr a secretary employed by the missing agents. Seven then tells Roberta he is a cia agent, and, appealing to her patriotism, asks her to remain and assist him. The computer eventually discovers that Agents 201 and 347 have died in a car accident. Kirk and Spock track seven to his office. Roberta stalls them while he and his cat enter the vault and dematerialize. Arriving at McKinley rocket Base, seven stows away in the launch director's car as he leaves to make a final check of the pad. Riding the elevator to the top of the gantry, seven climbs an access arm to the side of the rocket, opens a panel, and begins to rewire the circuits.

Guest performers, robert Lansing, as, gary seven, and, teri garr, as Roberta lincoln, would have continued in the new series had it been commissioned. Contents, the, federation starship uss, enterprise, which has time-travelled to earth in 1968 for historical research, intercepts a powerful transporter beam originating from one thousand light-years away. A man robert Lansing ) dressed in a 20th-century earth business suit materializes, along with a black cat. He introduces himself. Captain Kirk william Shatner ) as, gary seven, and realizing that he is dealing with people from the future, warns Kirk that history will be changed if he is not released immediately. Kirk, having no proof of seven's claim, orders him to be taken to the brig and asks Spock proposal to search the history database for any critical events that will soon occur. Among other things, Spock finds that the United States will launch an orbital nuclear weapons platform in a few hours. Seven, with the help of his "servo escapes from the brig and beams down to an office in Manhattan, emerging from a vault.

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Assignment: Earth " is the last episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series, star Trek. It was first broadcast on March 29, 1968, and initially repeated on August 9, 1968, five months later. It is episode. 55; it was written. Art Wallace, based on a story by wallace and. Gene roddenberry, and directed by, marc Daniels. Citation needed, engaged in "historical research the. Enterprise time travels to 1968, earth where they encounter an interstellar agent planning to intervene in 20th century type events with motives uncertain to kirk and Spock. The episode served as a backdoor pilot for a proposed spin-off television series, produced by roddenberry, also to be called.

Star trek assignment earth
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Albrecht Dürer reference, including his biography, engravings, paintings, and drawings. The detailed monthly personnel plan for the first year is included in the., high service and quality of service and relatively high prices.

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  1. Assignment: Earth Written by Art Wallace (story by gene rodd enberry and Art Wallace) Directed by marc Daniels. Season 2, Episode. Watch Star Trek s02E26 Assignment Earth by wagon Train on dailymot ion here. Star Trek: Assignment Earth John Byrne. Free shipping on qualify ing offers.

  2. The man asks what planet they are from, and Kirk says they are from Earth. assignment: Earth at m, the official Star Trek website; Assignment. Sent back in time to find out how Earth managed to survive without destroying itse lf, the. Enterprise inadvertently beams aboard a space traveler, gary. Assignment: Earth Written by gene roddenberry art Wall ace directed by marc Daniels season 2, Episode.

  3. Assignment: Earth is the last episode of the second season of the Amer ican science fiction television series Star Trek. It was first broadcast on March 29, 1968. While back in time. Star Trek (196 6) leonard Nimoy and William Shatner in Star Trek (1966) Star Trek (1966). Star Trek assignment: Earth (tv episode 1968) cast and crew credits, i ncluding actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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