Short essay on mother day in english

short essay on mother day in english

Essay on Mother s day for Children and Students

So were moustache, colonel, vogue and naive. Even less familiar would have been the way words were ending with sounded vowels. English had long had a silent e usually marking a long vowel earlier in a word ( house, time, sore but a sounded final -ee in a word of several syllables was a novelty, as in devotee, referee and repartee. A final -o in these new loanwords must have felt really strange. Italian imports included cameo, concerto, portico, soprano and volcano. Spanish or Portuguese arrivals included bravado, desperado, mosquito, tobacco and potato.

Mother day essay in English for Students and Children

Alphabet achieved new heights in the 20th century, when its use was extended by computer scientists to include numerals and other characters. It also became one of the few words which we could literally eat. Around 1900, food manufacturers introduced a clear soup containing tiny pieces of pasta or biscuit shaped like individual letters. They called it alphabet soup. And not long after there was alphabetti spaghetti. Potato — a european import (16th century) Something very noticeable happened to English vocabulary during the 16th and 17th centuries. It began to look different. Loanwords from French had already started the process in the early middle Ages. New French words meant new French spellings. But the revival of learning known as the renaissance brought a fresh encounter with the countries of Europe, and as the people of Britain learned about the latest thing in such areas as science, architecture, cuisine and the arts, so they found themselves faced with. These were from French.

Wherefore welcome were xerxes, ximenes, xanthus, xavier? Yield, yield, ye youths! Ye yeomen, yield your yell! Zeus zarpater's, zoroaster's zeal, Attracting all, arms against acts appeal! Suwarrow, incidentally, was the name of a russian general. And did you notice that there was no line for J? This was because j was seen as a variant.

short essay on mother day in english

Mother s day essay for Student - mothersdaycelebration

Generals 'gainst generals grapple — gracious God! How honours heaven heroic hardihood! Infuriate, indiscriminate in ill, kindred kill kinsmen, kinsmen kindred kill. Labour low levels longest, loftiest lines; Men march 'mid diary mounds, 'mid moles, 'mid murderous mines; Now noxious, noisy numbers nothing, naught Of outward obstacles, opposing ought; poor patriots, partly purchased, partly pressed, quite quaking, quickly quarter! Reason returns, religious right redounds, suwarrow stops such sanguinary sounds. Truce to thee, turkey! Triumph to thy train, Unwise, unjust, unmerciful Ukraine! Why wish we warfare?

Authors and illustrators began to play with the language, using alliteration and rhyme. Stories were told about Angry Alice, timid Tabitha and a host of other characters. A typical children's hornbook from the 16th century. Alphabet games appealed to the adult reader too. The most famous one was written by a journalist, Alaric Watts, which first appeared in the Trifler magazine in 1817. It has been reprinted thousands of times, often with variations. An Austrian army, awfully arrayed, boldly by battery besieged Belgrade. Cossack commanders cannonading come, dealing destruction's devastating doom. Every endeavour engineers essay, for fame, for fortune fighting — furious fray!

Short Essay, speech poems On Mother day for School Students

short essay on mother day in english

Mother s day - simple English wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And many of these new words allowed people to talk more efficiently about what they were doing when they were speaking and writing. Think of all the words we have today to describe punctuation marks, for example, such as comma and full stop. Most were first used during the 1500s. And alphabet was one of them, first recorded in a 1580 dictionary. We're so used to the idea of an alphabet nowadays that it's difficult to imagine a time when the notion wasn't a routine part of everyday life. Once we've learned to read, we don't think twice about putting things into alphabetical order, and we expect words to be in order when we look them up in telephone directories, indexes and.

But in 1604, when Robert Cawdrey published the first English dictionary, he felt it was such a new idea that he had to explain in his introduction how his Table Alphabeticall' should be used: If thou be desirous (gentle reader) rightly and readily to understand. In Shakespeare's time, children had a hornbook to help them learn their letters. This was a handheld device looking a bit like a long-handled mirror, but displaying a sheet on which was printed the alphabet in large and small letters, along with a small selection of other reading material. The sheet was usually like covered by a thin layer of translucent horn, hence its name. By the 18th century, alphabet books were arriving in schools, and soon they were all the rage. The writers looked for new ways of making the learning of letters appeal odysseen to a young readership.

Electronic engineers used it to talk about a type of circuit. And in 1990s' computing, the matrix became a popular term for the global network of electronic communication. The stage was set for keanu reeves. Here we have a word which at one level means an organisational network and at another level means the electronic network that makes up cyberspace. It was only a matter of time before it would be picked up by the science-fiction world.

And time is the relevant word, as the first recorded use of matrix in this genre is in a 1976 episode of Dr Who. Alphabet — talking about writing (16th century) When it comes to talking about the English language, no word holds a more central place in the popular mind than alphabet. Although speech long preceded writing in the history of language, and children learn to speak years before they learn to write, we find we can talk about letters more easily than we can talk about sounds. Letters are nice distinct shapes, and each shape has a simple name which we probably learned at our mother's knee — a, b, c sounds are not so easy to identify, and — unless we've learned to transcribe them using a phonetic alphabet — not. So it can come as a bit of a surprise to learn that the word alphabet arrives in English quite late — almost a thousand years after the language was first written down. It's first used during the 16th century, at a time when thousands of new words were being borrowed from Latin and Greek to make the language, as the historian William Camden put it, beautified and enriched'.

Mothers day essay in English in 150-1, Short Essay

It originates in the essay latin word for mother mater. Tyndale uses it diary to mean a womb which was one of its meanings in Latin. By the 16th century the sense had broadened to mean a place where something begins; by the 18th century, the structure or material in which something is embedded; and by the 19th century, the elements which make up that something, seen as a network. People started applying the term to social networks, talking about a political matrix, for example. And in the mid-20th century it started to be used in the business world: an organisation in which communication operates through a web of relationships was said to illustrate matrix management. Meanwhile, various technologies had adopted the term. Dentists used it to describe the material which serves as a temporary wall for a cavity when filling a tooth. Photographers used it as part of their printing process. Printers used it to describe the mould in which a piece of metal type was cast.

short essay on mother day in english

Most of the pdf words and phrases that would become part of everyday english had already been introduced by earlier translations — and by tyndale, in particular. Think of let there be light, am I my brother's keeper?, let my people go, the powers that be, the signs of the times and eat, drink and be merry. These are all Tyndale. In vocabulary he was extremely conservative, as were most Bible translators. He wanted his translation to be understood by the ordinary person rather than the theologian, so he went in for everyday words, and hardly ever coined words himself. Only 120 entries in the Oxford English Dictionary have a first recorded use attributed to him. They include several compound words, such as busybody, castaway, broken-hearted, long-suffering and stumbling-block, as well as childishness, excommunicate, ungodliness — and matrix. Matrix has had an interesting history.

of the 1999 science-fiction action film starring keanu reeves. This is as far away from the bible as it is possible to get, but the link is there, linguistically. For the first clear use of the word matrix is in an English translation of the gospel of St luke (2: 23) made in 1525 by william Tyndale. It's often said that no single book has had greater influence on the vocabulary of the English language than the bible. I don't dispute that, as long as by bible' we mean all the English translations that have been made, starting with John Wycliffe's manuscript version in about 1382 and ending with the king James Bible of 1611. The king James text is usually cited as the main influence, and in a way it was, as its official status meant that it would be heard and read by more people in Britain than any previous translation. But its main role was to popularise.

Some writers went over the top. Ben Jonson coined un-inone-breath-utterable. But the basic pattern became very popular. Since the 12th century there have literature been hundreds of coinages, such as undryupable and unkeepoffable. Not all have achieved a permanent place in the language, but some, such as unputdownable, unswitchoffable and unwearoutable, are often used. And a few have developed their own linguistic families. What is the state or quality of being get-at-able'? The 19th century provided the answer. Matrix — a word from Tyndale (16th century).

Happy mothers day 2018 Essay

Synonyms: composition, article, piece, theme, exposition, more. Collocations: dated, uk: essayed a leap, sprint, smile, an interesting, engrossing essay (on essay writing, questions, more. Date: ; view: 363. Another flood of creations began when un- started to be used with -able words, in the 14th century, so we get unknowable, unthinkable and mini many more. Then a remarkable thing happened. The -able was added to two-element verbs. We find get-at-able and come-atable, and then unget-at-able and uncome-at-able.

Short essay on mother day in english
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