Investment banking intern resume

investment banking intern resume

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Focus on modeling, due diligence, and how your work impacted the deal process (if thats what happened). See the video for more detail and an example of how to do this. You cant Fit everything On One page and you dont live in Australia decrease the font size, cut out experience, or do whatever it takes to get it on 1 page. 2 pages is still not appropriate in most regions, unless you have dozens of deals and need separate page(s) for them. You didnt have any real deals see above. The rest of the resume Again, its fine to leave in other Work Experience but you shouldnt focus on it quite as much which is why this section has been reduced here. Education should be shorter if youre working full-time no one cares that you were on the deans List. Gpa and standardized test scores are fine to keep.

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In the template here, the banker is using the buyer list he created for the restructuring deal as the specifics and then giving the results by writing that it was used in Chapter 11 proceedings to show that the price was fair. (Fair may sound ridiculous to you if you havent worked in finance before, and it would take me about a page to explain the term here but for now just keep in mind that the work he did was used in court proceedings, which makes. If this is your first and only full-time work experience, be as detailed as you can, but if you have lots of other solid entries then you dont need to write a wikipedia page about each entry. In this template, the banker has gone into detail summary on some deals and hasnt written much about others which is fine. Be very careful about your results for each deal. If you write something like, negotiated 10 lower purchase price, youre going to get called on it in interviews because Analysts and Associate dont negotiate anything (except for food prices at closing dinners, maybe). If your work impacted the deal, thats fine but be careful with your wording and make sure that you frame the results as you having supported the senior bankers. Also, dont feel pressured to include false results if all you did was create a presentation, just write that rather than pretending you made 10 million for your firm. What to do if Here are answers to some other common questions: youve had Multiple Investment Banking Internships you can still include the other internships, but cut back on how much you include, and keep the focus on your current or most recent one. You had Experience in Private Equity, at a hedge fund, or Something Else outside banking Still include a summary sentence but write about Selected Investment Experience instead and list the investments / potential investments you worked.

Writing About deals Within each entry, list the dollar/Euro/other currency amount estimating if you dont know for sure and list the company that you were representing first. Media companys Acquisition of Software company would imply that you represented the media company on the buy-side. Use potential or Pending for deals that havent been announced or closed yet, and only give the names if its publicly known. Important note: This advice assumes that you actually have some closed deals. If you have worked on several deals but nothing has closed yet, its best not to draw attention to that fact so you should leave out this Pending or Potential language and act as if everything is ongoing (and be ready to outline the next. Aim for 1-2 bullets for each deal if you can summarize it with 1 bullet, do that, but if you need more than that you could split up what you did into qualitative and quantitative parts and use a owl 2-bullet structure. Ive mentioned the Specifics; Results structure before and the same applies here but you need to be careful about what you write: Focus on modeling or valuation work if possible in your specifics segment due diligence or other qualitative work may be ok as long. Try to link anything qualitative to how it was used in the transaction.

investment banking intern resume

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What to lined do if you paper dont have real deals If you dont have many official deals, you should turn whatever you did during the summer into pending or potential deals. The more that happened, the better, but as long as you did something you can write about it as if it were a potential transaction. Were you doing research on companies for a client or prospective client? Sounds like a potential buy-side m a deal. Did the ceo approach you and ask your team to pitch for the business? Did you do a valuation and research potential buyers? Thats a potential Sell-Side m a deal, even if you didnt do much more than the pitch book (if youre paranoid, you can label this type of experience a pitch instead). You dont need to list deals if its too much of a stretch in that case, just go with a summary sentence and a few more descriptive bullets on what you did.

M a / Restructuring deals are better to write about than ipos or other Equity-related deals. Debt Financings can be ok depending on what you did. Anything unusual like divestitures, distressed sales, etc. Is also good to write about and talk about in interviews. See also: Private Equity resumes for more on this topic. Its not the end of the world if youve mostly worked on ipos. Despite rumors to the contrary, you can get into pe without having m a or leveraged Finance experience. Whether or not a deal was officially announced doesnt matter: just replace company names with industry descriptions (Biopharmaceutical Company) for unannounced transactions.

Investment, banking, resume, interview

investment banking intern resume

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Say that you completed valuations, models, due diligence, research, and client presentations (or anything else add and subtract from here as needed). Research and qualitative items are ok to include but try to focus on clients / deals post / technical work because those are what interviewers care about. If you didnt work on deals (if you were an intern) or didnt do much substantial work, there are ways around it which well get into below. Picking deals / Clients to Write a pbout. Once you have your summary sentence, you need to decide which deals / clients / investments to write about. If you were an intern, this is easy: take what you can get.

Unless you were a miracle summer analyst and somehow worked on 10 transactions, you can usually point to a few major projects. For those working in banking full-time, its more difficult to decide what to write about. Some guidelines: Aim for between 2 and 4 deals total just 1 looks strange, and more than 4 is excessive to get your points across. In this template there are more than 4 deals, but thats because i wanted to give you examples of how to write about different deal types. Try to have a mix of high-profile or larger deals that catch recruiters attention (e.g. Microsoft / Yahoo) and deals where you contributed something more substantial (this one is more relevant for full-time bankers).

You can actually use a similar template for anything in finance, whether you worked on the sell-side or buy-side. But you cant use it for everything. Whats Different In This Version, actually, a lot of this is the same as in our university student template : the area at the top with your name and contact information, the overall format of the resume, and format of each work experience entry (name. Whats Different: The Order, work Experience on top, Education below that and skills/Activities/Interests below that. Note: If you were an intern and are still in school you should keep Education on top. We are focusing much more heavily on your investment banking experience and have cut back on the rest.

For buy-side recruiting, or even moving to another bank, this is all they care about 90 of the time. If youve had a banking internship, your full-time interview questions will be either technical or focused on your internship or both. Yes, you can include previous internships and jobs as well but you should make your banking experience take up most of your resume. If youre an intern returning to school, its fine to leave in previous internships but I would not devote as much space to them. About the banking Experience, you should give 1 or 2 summary sentences, and then go straight into your deal experience (or if you worked on the buy-side, investment Experience). The summary sentence should: give the number and types of deals youve worked.

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Education, masters of Arts, University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies (Sep 20). Beijing Normal supermarket University (Aug 20). Bachelor of Science, college of William and Mary (Aug 20). Skills: Microsoft Office, arabic Language, chinese language. Get resume template, investment Banking Intern Resume samples Work Experience Investment Banking Intern, cim securities, llc (nov 2009 - present) Summer Intern / Translator, nano Plasma center (Aug 20) Tutor, elite educational Institute (Jun 20) Education Bachelor of Science, university of California, san diego (Jun. (Jun 19) Managing Director, Investment Banking, national Securities (Jul 2011 - present) ce unterberg Towbin/Collins Stewart, managing Director and head of healthcare Investment Banking (Apr 20) Education ba, columbia university (Sep 19) mba, the Wharton School -University of Pennsylvania (may 19) Get resume template vice. A, oxford University (Sep 19) Get resume template Investment Banking Analyst Resume samples Work Experience investment banking analyst, actinver (Dec 2007 - present) Education licenciatura, universidad de las americas puebla (Jul 20) skills: m a analyst, private equity analyst get resume template featured resume samples.

investment banking intern resume

Work Experience, board Member - head of Capital Markets, jci capital Ltd - milan persuasive (nov 20). Head of Institutional Sales - emea team, banca akros Spa - milan (Oct 20). Managing Director, rbs plc - london (Sep 20). Director pic group, deustsche bank ag - london (may 20). Executive director, lehman Brothers International - london (Apr 20). Get resume template, financial Analyst, Investment Banking division, m a telecom Group Resume samples. Work Experience, financial Analyst, Investment Banking division, m a telecom Group, morgan Stanley (Jun 20). Investigator, civil Rights division, Criminal Section, department of Justice (Sep 20). Science technician Intern, national Science foundation (Jun 20).

20). Investments Intern, jaforlines Global (Jun 20). Marketing sales Intern, go pro workouts llc (may 20). Public Relations Intern, central Talent booking (may 20). In Business Administration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - kenan-flagler Business school (Aug 20). Study Abroad - international Finance, university of New south Wales (Feb 20). Skills: Communication, Excel, financial Modeling, get resume template, board Member head Of Investment Banking Resume samples.

Intern, Information Technology Associates Program (itap) (Aug 20). Equity Analysis Intern, Trustline securities Pvt. Investment paper Banking Intern, goldman Sachs (may 20). Corporate Treasury Intern, cummins Inc (Aug 20). Education, bachelor of Arts, depauw University (Aug 20). High School Diploma, la martiniere for boys (Apr 19). Skills: Language - bengali, language - hindi, microsoft Office, geographic Information Systems, web Design - dreamweaver.

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The best investment banking resume samples focus on one thing - results. Investment banking positions are highly competitive, meaning any resume must prove a track proposal record of success (usually for many years). Investment bankers look at everything from a gpa to volunteer experience. Investment banking is so competitive because it is also one of the highest paid professions. It also requires professional certification, which you should include on your resume. The following investment banking resume example outlines which content should be included, along with the correct resume format. Get resume template, download pdf, featured resume samples: Investment Banking Intern Resume samples, work Experience.

Investment banking intern resume
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  1. Being fresh out of college and job hunting in the real world can be stressful and confusing. Use these resume writing tips to stand out. Investment banking resume template Ideas Collection Investment Bank resume template sample personal banker resume personal banker.

  2. Resume Examples Best good Career Objective for Investment Banking Example Operations Statement Bank teller With no experience. Job Tags: banking, career, equity, finance, internship, and investment. 2012 Investment Banking Intern Prospected for clients utilizing sec statements, such as 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 6-Ks, and 20-Fs of publicly. word investment banking intern resume sample resume student athlete sample student resume examples college applications student resume. The focus we are focusing much more heavily on your investment banking experience and have cut back on the rest.

  3. Sample Investment Banking Resume to break into Investment Banking. Includes The Structure, text And Formatting just Add your. Likely question to be asked for investment banking. See the guides here and prepare yourself to be ready before getting interviewed. Entry level Investment Banking Resume Investment banking resume templates are ideal for those who are seeking a position in this area. Summer Intern Matrixs Summer Intern Program provides a comprehensive introduction to investment banking and our firm.

  4. Wso has just released their official template used by top banking. as an, investment, banking intern, you will have periods of down-time, some longer than others as the needs of the deal or project you. cv template word, investment banking intern resume template, investment banking resume template, investment banking resume template wso. image Investment Banking Resume template banker Sample Intern Analyst. Image government Resume Objective statement Examples Help. A career in investment banking is the latest craze in various careers, and a neat resume will help you a lot in bagging the perfect job.

  5. Find thousands of resume samples and cv examples from real professionals on VisualCV. Check out some of our. Banking resume examples and. sample template word, investment, banking, intern, objective examples 1400 from. Investment, banking, resume, sample source:m. Looking for a proven, investment, banking, resume, template?

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