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So collect talismans most try to not waste any coupon. Vahalla gives refining talismans, i collected over 120 talismans just by val and events and stuff lol, everything is possible as long u work hard and use ur brain. Clear an engrave: It cost 8g, but if u want same item and wanna change build on it just the reason if is already high enchance and high inscrip with rare enchantment then ok use that item to change the build. Of course if u level 91 dont tell me u going to use level 81-90 same equipment cause that such another waste. Cause i know soon or later u will try change those items. Better way wait the right level and use the right equipment. 4th Step - transfer shop/Advanced Transfer. Well we know those kinda make u waste a lot.

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On gems how to say. You gotta try work harder on them cause they are extreamly important more then even refine sometimes, cause it gives large amount of stats. Just imagine if their were dodge/hit/defence gems. I bet ppl would be untouchable/Immortals living. Refining: Now all of us know how refining is get 10k gold and maybe u wont even get the stats u want, so best choice to make great and best refine make it on the last set u going. And I guess its the level 91 cause max level on! Better work on those with best stats. Just do this Engrave on yellow the stats you need most 1st Depends what build Example punisher obviously will put defence on yellow and engrave. The other 3 stats easy just try get 2 of them the 2 most u need after the 1st most you need. Like example my build most need 1st is Dodge so i engrave that, 2nd is Crit and 3rd i@! So i add those 2nd-3rd on blue, and the 4th stats if example i get Agility/Stren i say summary lucky me if i get bad stats i say better "who cares" lol cause wasting a lot of gold/coupons will end up u make's you angry.

Remember even little thing helps. You can Extract any item you like dont worry. Now hope their wont be any. S that try Extract an equipment that he need gems from it before removing them or else you can forget you will ever see those gems. Or try put a pet to extract cause u cannot extract pets lol. How to make gems: Collect gems from explorations, and if u example get 40 coupons that day get 8 from it and use it to buy 1 gem. After finishing gems of 100 succ gems for your outfit you can go on ninjaoply after roles get 18 jades and go and get heart of tailed beast gem you need. In total you need 24 Gems, so if u manga to at least make half from ninjaoply look how much that some by some helped u to get better stats, even 7 difference stats helps. As long their exist the bmv will make a diffrence.

get good reviews

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I guess you essay can make something good and faster already lol. Before you buy a rare enchantment item calculate everything and see if u really need that or something other for your build, cause if u buy it might be a waste, you can sell it but. You like need again start get crystals to use it on ur item. Talking about use on ur item when u add it on item dont put some 1s equipment by wrong or wrong equipment or else u like waste and didnt earn nothing either. Dont rush when make something stay calm and. Removing gems and Extract items: Well if u staying same build remove ur gems, if u decided u never going to that build then even after u remove ur gems also estate remember, now their is "extract" just easy if u got enchance on that item. You can also choose of which u wanna if of level 5 or level 6 example, dont forget to tick the box check if u can make it higher to get items before extract. If example you got 7/16 enchance or inscription 8 with 3 slots also opened, u get around 10 talismans enchance 40 inscription and 2 slots talismans, isnt good deal? Maybe not as much as you spent but at least you getting something back o_O.

Or easy buy 1-2k gold and try do it faster if u wanna something faster, but if u cant totaly afford to buy that is a good thing to spend time on when u have nothing to do while u play. Do slots machine and get Elegant box, and collect as many as you can once u reach 200-300 open and see how many Enchance talismans u get. If you making an item 16/16 just collect at least 200-300 talismans before u start on that item to Enchance. You got 6 items to try make 16/16, now if u need all 16/16 collect a lot of talismans and try. Dont need to rush if u make the items u need to 6/16 its already fine enchance till you collect enough talismans. More you get more better, since sometimes seems the game work more you are prepared to make something more easier for you to make it faster with less needs, as i said dont need to rush just take it easy. Enchantment: to make rare enchantment gems, do a lot of abyss's and collect common crystals. Right now bbg rewards has gave 900 crystals.

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get good reviews

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You got bbg rewards so you got enough to up ur outfit if u work good and use ur brain. Same works with any other outfit that is S-rank/Shippuden, unless limited. Limited then if u afford to get limited you know what to do just use 100 succ gems. S - don't never use 100 succ gem on normal outfit grey/blue/orange, cause that are just a waste of gems. Orange/grey/blue can be easy made to 31 we all know that, but S-ranks/Shippuden not everyone short can afford example like me, i can easy make any outfit 31 people know me enough now. That was a tips/guide on the outfit, if u do that you done good part already. 3rd Step - enchantment stuff, this is about enchantment stuff, not everyone can afford to engrave we know that.

But by selling stuff and things u can earn some gold to engrave, in my opinion save that engrave and gold on level 91 Equipment or level 81-90 Equipment, but kinda such a waste to waste on 81-90 while u cant even afford. So better make great Equipment of level 91 from 3vs3 items or kage items. How to do this : Sell stuff and get gold, collect level 7-8 Crystals from slot machine. Why while u can get free from slot machine. Neither buy from ninjaoply save that jades for 100 succ gems.

By: gokuhokage, this is about how to get at least some good to survive 5 duels from 10 if u work hard, just giving out a tips how to build a good character, instead crying on world chat or begging others for gold and stuff. This is a list of resource's u should get: 1st Step - coupons, collect coupons as much as you can. Reason : If u low level, its useless to spend a lot of coupons to make a lot some stuff perfect refined and stuff like that. Also right now you will got bbg rewards so collect those coupons. 2nd Step - outfit.

Start collecting 100 gems. Lowx22/Mediumx22/Highx22, collect them from ninjaoply and from attending no gold buying events if u cannot afford to buy gold. If you can later I make another guide or i add it on this guide. Pots of outfits/T.b's and stuff collect them. S-ranks if you making a s-rank outfit, i rather make s-rank if i use 100 succ gems. Shippuden if you making a shippuden outfit. Now example you making Mashiro easy, make from 0-4 or 5, or until u fail once with S-ranks and rest with 100 succ gems, at 11 try some with s-ranks if u fail no problem just continue with gems, at 21 same re try with. Like that you can make almost any outfit u wish with any, don't need to rush.

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Camera (color, hd, widescreen tim Orr; editor, colin Patton; music, Explosions in the sky, david Wingo; music supervisor, devoe yates; production designer, richard. Wright; art director, josh Locy; costume designer, jill Newell; sound (Dolby digital Christof Gebert; re-recording mixers, will Files, Brandon Proctor; assistant director, Atilla salih Yucer. Reviewed at Sundance film Festival (Premieres jan. Running time: 93 min. Crew : Camera (color, widescreen tim Orr; editor, colin Patton; music, Explosions in the sky, david Wingo; music supervisor, devoe yates; production designer, richard. Wright; art director, josh Locy; costume designer, jill Newell; sound, Christof Gebert; re-recording mixers, will Files, Brandon Proctor; assistant director, Atilla salih Yucer. With : Alvin - paul Rudd, lance - emile hirschWith: Lance legault, presentation joyce payne, gina Grand, lynn Shelton. Date: Feb :13:04, source: Official Forum, views: keyword: Pockie ninja, pockie ninja guide, pockie ninja gold, pockie ninja coupon, pockie ninja how to get Gold.

get good reviews

The initially broader tenor (accentuated by jill Newells emasculating costume designs) is due to occasionally more caricatured dialogue than in the original pic, and also to the fact that the stars for a while seem to aping other actors familiar personae: Rudd is in Steve. But both thesps soon bring more nuanced shadings, rudd in particular reminding that his unbeatable comic chops have somewhat overshadowed his admirable dramatic ones in recent years. A somewhat surprising vehicle for smoothly commingling Greens own seemingly unreconcilable career sides, prince avalanche (a title he admits makes no particular sense) has room for both very funny physical comedy and a couple of rapturous, stand-alone, near-experimental montages given superb support. Explosions in the sky and david Wingos diverse original rock tracks. Widescreen lensing of the beautiful locations (all Bastrop State park outside austin) by the helmers usual cinematographer, tim Orr, is another indispensable element in an unconventional, ultimately rather sweet buddy pic thats proposal an audiovisual treat. Prince avalanche, production : Directed by david Gordon Green. Screenplay, green, based on the film "Either way" by hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson.

already out of his skull with boredom and horniness. (Long miles from the nearest town, they have to share the same tent at night, which inconveniences Lances onanistic needs.). Nary a car seems to pass by, save the truck driven by an old coot (recently deceased Lance legault, to whom the pic is dedicated) who stops by to push some homemade hooch and bizarre advice on them. When Lance seeks civilization for the weekend, Alvin stays behind alone, at one point meeting an elderly woman (Joyce payne) who is mournfully probing the ashes of what was once her home. Once lance returns, hes in a funk for reasons that soon spill out. He has a letter from the sister to give his partner, and when Alvin takes a furtive peek at it, his even grumpier mood is explained: Sis has dumped him in no uncertain terms, tired of his peculiarities and long absences. There follows a huge comic blowout between the two men that turns into drunken mutual bonding. Having learnt one anothers faults all too well, they just might help one another overcome them in the future.

I don't think there is one yet but when it comes to screen protectors, vikuiti by 3M is the best barbing I have seen. Insinuatingly low-key, minimalist Icelandic seriocomedy either way gets a slightly broader yet perhaps even more satisfying. Despite the presence of A-listers paul Rudd and. Emile hirsch as ill-matched road workers toiling in a recently burned Central Texas forest area, david Gordon Green s latest is closer to his poetical indie dramas than to his Hollywood efforts (. Pineapple Express, let alone, your Highness ). But both paths actually harmonize in a warmly enjoyable dual-character study whose mix of comedic and serious elements should get the good reviews needed to bolster middling commercial prospects. More reviews, hewing to hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdssons 2011 original in gist, outline and most individual incidents, Greens pic hits a more emphatically comic tenor at the start in its performances and its adversarial central dynamic. Painting yellow divider lines and installing reflector poles along country roads in the wake of a 1987 fire that destroyed nearly 750,000 woodland acres (and many houses the two protags are connected socially but not at all temperamentally. Thirtysomething Alvin (Rudd) is a finicky type who enjoys solitude and nature — hes been working here since spring.

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I just work with Instaforex around 4 month, so far so ny regulation you need to read and understand while you sign the contract. If you know clearly, you won't have any problem. I'm pdf pretty ok with Instaforex. Well I can't recommend a good case because mine also isn't very good. As for invisible shield, i don't recommend getting one. It is expensive plus it makes the touch screen harder to use because it isn't smooth like glass. It sorta feels rubbery in a way when you touch. Try looking for a vikuiti screen protector for your surround.

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Is, lord of the Flies. This film is saying the American democracy can be easily corrupted.

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