Deaf like me book summary

deaf like me book summary

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In Sacramento, lynn got Meningitis. Lynn was in horrible pain, and Tom and louise could not communicate with her. It really did not mater that Lynn could lip-read a few words, or any of her other accomplishments. When Lynn was suffering, tom wanted to communicate. As Tom was walking into the hospital one day he saw some deaf people walking down the street and they were talking with signs and facial expressions. Could Lynn communicate like this? After moving to sacramento, lynn went to Starr King School.

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But they essay noticed that it was almost impossible to read lips and understand a language they already knew, so how could Lynn learn to lip read a language she had never known? Lynn eventually got tested again and got her hearing aid, but when she put it on it did little to help her hear and it hurt her ears to wear. After much time and effort, they were able to, slowly, get Lynn to wear the hearing aid. The volta review was a magazine that Tom read that was full of encouraging stories of deaf children that overcame their deafness and learned to talk and became doctors, lawyers and other professionals. A few months later, the Spradley family moved to oklahoma where tom could go to school and teach. At their new home, there were many other children and a rope swing and a duck pond. Lynn liked the duck and, one day lynn, just left the house and went to the duck pond, and her parents got very scared. They had created picture books to try to communicate with Lynn but Lynn got restless and tired of the picture books and not being able to understand what her parent were saying. Lynn went to a school for deaf children in Oklahoma where they used the oral method. Lynn would learn to speak; she would be normal. Tom got a job at American river College in Sacramento.

Over the next few months, tom, louise and Bruce worked on trying to teach Lynn to talk without hearing. The only way deaf people could function in society was to learn to read lips and speak. Tom and louise went to seminars and meetings in Chicago, where they and other parents of deaf children would listen to audiologists give lectures and answer questions that the parents had about deafness. Some of the parents started to get very mad about the program and trying to teach their child to speak. No one wanted his or her child to learn the manual language; that was saved for the deaf and dumb that went to residential schools if they could not learn to speak and read lips. Tom and louise also tried using the john Tracy correspondence course. This had games and exercises that parents could do with their child to help them reviews learn to talk and associate things. Tom and louise tried to see what it was like to be lynn as they talked, without sound, to one another.

deaf like me book summary

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They were reminded that hearing tests at Lynns age were not always reliable. For the next few weeks, they talked to lynn as much as they could, they talked to her about everything, as if she could essay hear. In October, lynn went to the audiologist in Chicago and found out that Lynn could hear at 65 decibels at a guaranteed cycle of 250. Despite the fact that is was out of the range of human speech, tom and louise held on to that fact. They were told that Lynn needed to be tested again at the age of two and then she could be fitted with a prescription hearing aid. Until then they were given an auditory trainer, which would teach her to use her residual hearing. Over the next few months, they treated Lynn as if she was a normal child, and sometimes it even seemed like she was normal. Tom and louise had to sometimes remind themselves that Lynn lived in a world of silence. However, when asked by others about Lynn, they down played her problem.

Bales said that Lynn was too young to tell anything for sure. Finally, lynn got recommended to a specialist, and the specialist said there was nothing wrong with her ears. He said that if she was deaf, it was a nerve problem, and an audiologist at Childrens Memorial Hospital should test her. During the summer the Spradley family headed back out to california, but not to visit parents, to go to the john Tracy Clinic, a clinic that specialized in deafness. Caldwell was the audiologist who tested Lynn at he john Tracy Clinic. A series of tests were done, and Lynn did not respond to any of them except for a low drum sound. After some more testing, Mrs. Caldwell told Tom and louise that Lynns hearing loss was an educable loss. The Spradleys were told that Lynn appeared to have a severe hearing impairment.

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deaf like me book summary

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Louises mother says to lynn. It was the fourth of July, 1965, when they were at a parade and Tom noticed that when fire engines drove down the road with their report sirens piecing the air that Lynn did not seem to notice anything. Surely she would feel division some discomfort from the loud noise, right? For the next few months, tom and louise played a game of trying to believe that Lynn was deaf, and then to say, but she laughs when we say something funny, or she is a sound sleeper. Lynn started rolling her eyes and banging her head against the crib, so louise took her to see their doctor,. Bales told her that some babies roll their eyes and bang their heads like lynn.

He looked at her ears and told louise that he could see nothing wrong with her, but that they could not do any definite tests until she was a few years older. For the next few months, tom and louise tried many test to see if Lynn really could hear. Lynn started to form words with her mouth, the first of which was the word no when she was trying to turn off the television. Lynn was becoming an expert Mimic of everything except our voices. Worried, louise took lynn back. Bales, and, again.

This started nine months of anxiety and fear for Tom and louise. After finishing up with classes at Carleton College, the Spradley family headed for Los Angeles, california to visit Toms parents. A., louise went to see her old doctor,. Anderson had her come in and he looked at a rash that louise had noticed on her arm on the way to california. Anderson told louise that there was only a twenty five percent chance that a baby would have defects if the mother had rubella within the first three months of being pregnant.

Doctor Anderson give louise a rubella vaccination and that was the end of that until the Spradley family returned home. In April of 1965 baby lynn was born. Lynn was a perfectly normal baby girl! This is what the doctors had told Tom and louise when Lynn was born. She did not appear to be retarded, was not missing limbs and her eyes and ears looked okay when they looked at them. Despite the fact that the doctors told Tom and louise that Lynn was a normal baby, they and others who knew about the risk could not let go of the idea that Lynn wasnt normal. Youre all right, arent you?

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Sandra, mike, jim and Alice and they were signing he felt like he was the odd ball because he couldnt understand sign language. When they realized how hard it assignment was for them to try business and understand what they were signing to each other, and thought about how hard it must have been for Lynn to try and understand them. In the end Im glad that louise and Tom decided to use sign language with Lynn because it made their lives so much easier and they were finally able to understand her and communicate with her without any problems. Review submitted by: david Barth, deaf like me, it started in the summer of 1964; louise and Tom Spradley had gotten pregnant with their second child. Tom, louise and their first child, three-and-a-half-year-old Bruce, had been at Carleton College in Northfield, minnesota when Bruce had come down with the german measles (rubella). Not knowing what Bruce had come down with; louise took bruce to a doctor. The doctor said it was not a big deal but had asked louise if she was pregnant. She replied that if she was it was only a few days and then the doctor informed her that rubella could cause congenital defects.

deaf like me book summary

They finally decided to use sign language and Lynns progress got better and better and sign language because their new second language. While reading the book i learned a lot and it made me think and wonder why they would put avaya young children through so much struggle just because they dont want them to use sign language. Every time i came across the comments they made about her not being a normal child if she didnt learn how to speak really upset me because just because she was deaf it didnt mean she wasnt going to be able to do things like. Its sad how they were never able to communicate with her and the way the struggle could have been avoided. Lynn was a bright child she learned how to read lips very quickly so Im pretty sure if she had started to learn sign language when she was two-years old she would have picked it up quickly too. Several incidents that happened in the story were very interesting like when Lynn was able to say blue after touching her fathers chest and then hers. This I didnt even know it was going to work but it did. Hughes went up to talk at the meeting and was saying nothing but negative stuff about sign language it bothered me because he should want to try something that was better for his son and for him. Also when Tom was in the room with.

the whole time she was there she only made a little progress. With practicing at home and at school louise and Tom knew that she would eventually learn how to talk because she made small progress and was slowly learning. Like i mentioned the information they were told repeatedly was only half the truth. When they met Barbara simmons at the meeting they had at the school their lives would finally become less stressful. She thought sign language was a good way to communicate with deaf children and by them learning sign language it would make their lives easier. She introduced them to jim and Alice hudson, a deaf couple, and they talked to them about how sign language would help Lynn to do better in life and how in reality she would probably not be able to talk and read lips perfectly. After talking to them and reading the articles they had gave them louise and Tom were willing to try it and take the chance. Using sign language was a success and they were able to communicate with Lynn very fast and within a week they were able to understand each other. This was a way faster progress than before.

For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, when louise and Tom took lynn to get tested at several different places they finally found that she was profoundly deaf. They got her a hearing aid to see if this would help her hear better but sadly it didnt make a difference, lynn still wasnt able to hear anything. The things the doctors and specialist told them stuck in their heads; if she did gestures or used signs to communicate she would not have a normal life and be labeled as a deaf person. The way they described this made louise and Tom think that if their daughter didnt learn how to speak or read lips she would have a miserable life. They didnt want Lynn night to suffer when she got older they wanted her to grow up like any other child and be able to communicate with others and talk. Lynn wasnt retarded or handicapped, she was just deaf but because of the information they got it seemed like she was and that was what they didnt want her to be labeled. When they heard about Star King Exceptional School, which was a school for deaf children, they wanted to see if this was a good place for Lynn to attend. This school was an oral school only and kids there were thought how to read lips and learn how to talk.

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This book was really interesting and touching. The parents of Lynn, the deaf little girl, were very strong parents and their struggle to be able to make their daughters life as normal as possible was hard for them since everywhere they went the answer the always got was, for Lynn to try. As parents, louise and Tom did everything they were told and only hoped for the best and that one day their deaf child would be able to talk. Since the beginning when they found out their daughter was deaf they did all the research they could to try and be able to make life better for Lynn. Every doctor and specialist they saw always told me to treat her as a normal child, to talk to her, and to not use gestures or sign language. We will write a custom essay sample essay on deaf like me book report specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on deaf like me book report specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on deaf like me book report specifically for ypu.

Deaf like me book summary
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  3. Spradley and James. Spradley with a personal. Deaf like me is the moving account of parents coming to terms with their baby girl s profound deafness. To communicate, and the discovery that she was the focus of her father s and uncle s book. User review - laphenix - libraryThing.

  4. Home deaf like. The book has been updat ed with an epilogue by lynn Spradley, the deaf child who is now grown. Book review: deaf like. Bales told her that some babies roll their eyes and bang their heads like lynn. Let us write or edit the book report/review on your topic book report on dea f like me by Thomas.

  5. This book was really interesting and touching. The parents of Lynn, the deaf little girl, were very strong parents and their struggle to be able. Thus, the book deaf like me is about a family constant struggling with adapting. To begin, it is necessary to mention that the main book s characters are louise. When the book begins, tom is working at Wheaton College in Illinois and works ther e for four years. However, over the course.

  6. Deaf like me has 642 ratings and 65 reviews. Katie said: read for my asl 101 class. I was so frustrated for the first 9/10ths of the book because all the. Free essay: deaf like me the book starts with louise and Thomas a couple who has one child, a son, Bruce. When Bruce is three, he gets.

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