Analyzer engineer resume

analyzer engineer resume

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Deployed narrowband, broadband and wireless solutions to both end users and carrier based networks. Acted as pre-sales engineer on lan/ wan topologies incorporating Ethernet, T1, and oc hardware and software solutions. Software solutions included bay optivity, bay site manager, passport Express Manager, and Preside management solutions. Hardware solutions included baystack 303/304, 310, 350, 410, 450, centillion 100, 200, 2000, 3000, meridian 2000, 3000, and Passport 1000, 4000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 15,000 series switches. Routers included anh, an, asn, arn, bn, centillion, Enterprise, nautica, and Passport series. Sonet/atm hardware included Nortel Preside nms, optera, s/dms, sdh, transportNode and Shasta ip/Optical series router/switch/ Nodes. Accelar route/switch and Versalar access products were also employed.

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Supplied documentation, escalation, training and standard operating procedures as needed to allow for a smooth transition within the noc. Troubleshot down circuits and poor perfomance using a variety of troubleshooting and monitoring tools. These tools included monitoring with hp openview, nortel Preside, cienna multiwave 16eries Sentry software, fireberd atm-t1-T3, T_berd t-carrier Analyzer and Lucent Ascend/naviscore. Naviscore, preside, cienna, fireberd and hikemian react were used to test and shutdown and bring up switches and dacs to restore service to downed lines. React was used to change pin assignments in order to bypass bad ports on Titan 532L and 5500 dacs. The pastorial react system dealt with dso through ds3 and fractional T1's. Fireberd 500, 4000, and 6000 gear and t-berd 209, 307, and 310 gear were used to monitor, loop and, test atm, frame, and T1 circuits. Worked with local and long distance carriers to isolate and restore service to T1, atm, frame, ip, broadband, microwave, and Wireless circuits using various tests, loopbacks, and running nni through looped circuits. Employed ms excel, Access and Word and Core, fe, and Remedy trouble ticketing and customer order entry software. 1/00 1/01 Company name, city, state senior Network Engineer Performed network integration, design, and troubleshooting of bay/Nortel hardware and software components. Used bay/Nortels products in T1, Frame, atm, and sonet transport systems with ip, ethernet and voip technologies.

Testing of the links and network connectivity database is accomplished with Bert testers, otdrs, Fluke scanners/Protocol Analyzers, lan probes, an nms with rmon agents. Tasked with wan troubleshooting of the atm links and T1/T3 lines from the main sites to remote hospitals and va sites in conjunction with local and long distance vendors. The cabletron roamabout 1 and 2 were used to connect inter city buildings. Provisioning circuits, testing circuits, and giving baselines for performance and errors. Building a state of the art nms and very high grade security into the network. 1/01 8/01 Company name, city, state senior Network Engineer Set up noc/Data center for (Company) to integrate their atm, frame relay, sonet, t1, and ip networks. Tested, troubleshot and configured Cisco 2000, 3000, 4000, 7000 series routers, the complete line of Cisco catalyst switches and Pix firewalls. Monitored configured and trobleshot Lucent/Ascend cbx 500, gx 550 and bstdx 9000 switches, cienna Broadband equipment, Alcatel dacs, cross connects, and Multiplexors and Nortel ddm 10onet gear.

analyzer engineer resume

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Reviewed in detail dwdm, pos, pon, rpr, dpt and tdm as viable alternatives to be considered. 8/01 4/02 Company name, city, state senior Network consultant Tasked to upgrade the federal va network. The network has a core of Ethernet lan switches general and a wan consisting of Fore/Marconi atm switches and Cisco routers. The hospital network consists of 178 sites connected together by high speed links. Atm and T3 are utilized for high speed in the wan. A vlan architecture is employed at the local sites running over Multimode fiber with some nearby buildings running single mode fiber. The network is moving to gigabit Ethernet between switches and fast Ethernet to the desktop.

An extremely large and complex mpls with layer 3 vpn solution was integrated into the city wide bgp and ospf network. Layer 2 vpns and ipsec were integrated into the customer network for security. Avaya gateways were installed in each location to provide ip trunking for toll bypass and tie line replacement. Cisco ip phones were used at site locations to provide converged network services. This project will bring the government agencies together with one unifying fiber optic network. There are 360 sites serving 80 agencies with 60,000 telephones and over 30,000 data ports, including secure agencies such as Police, fire, courts, ddot, schools, libraries, and Hospitals. Responsible for all phases of the data voice convergence initiative. Used Cisco and Lucent voip products and cac multiplexers with Cisco ons 1547 mspp boxes to provide data and voice connectivity.

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analyzer engineer resume

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Designed and implemented white package voice and network installations using Cisco japanese routers, voice gateways and ip phones. Developed implementation plans and wrote design documents, as builts and operations manuals for network and telecommunication systems. Performed telecommunications inventory, and ordered pris to support the infrastructure and planned expansion of the tsa secure sites. Designed secure avvid network infrastructure and incorporated srst into the airport routers. Designed and managed the installation of Cisco call Manager and Unity voicemail at the hosting Center, that will support nearly 400 nationwide airports.

Reviewed documentation and performed site inventories to aide in capacity planning. Acted as project manager to ensure design goals and schedules were met short on time. 4/02 7/03 Company name, city, state senior Optical Network Engineer lead design engineer for the 30 million dollar city wide fiber optic network. Acted as expert engineer to review sonet equipment from Cisco, lucent, nortel, fujitsu, alcatel, nec, calix, and Redback. Received specific onsite certification and training on sonet products. Tasked to design the fiber topology, sonet layer, voip, vlan and mpls architecture for the dc net project. Cisco 2600, 3600, 7200, 7300, 7600, 10720, 12406 routers and 2950, 3500, 3550, 6500 catalyst switches were used for the layer 2/3 switching and routing.

Provided expert guidance as it pertains to the cisco mdx storage platform and the ons 15530 dwdm node as it applies to high speed data center storage and connectivity needs. Provided training and guidance on sonet, dwdm, atm, t1/T3 and multiple wan protocols to johns Hopkins, associated companies and co personnel. Attending 2 weeks of advanced Cisco bts 10200 Softswitch training for the time warner voip triple play telephony rollout. Received the cisco bts 10200 omt and provisioning certifications. Worked with highly secure voice, video, and telephone networking in order to deliver converged networking and triple play to cable companies, clecs, and ilecs.

Provisioned, tested and troubleshot SS7, sip, mgcp, megaco,.248,.323, itp, ipt, voip, qos, rtp, and T1/T3. Built a fully functioning bts system from scratch utilizing the sun Fire V1280 Netra in a duplex system incorporating 4 Sun boxes and associated gateways and routers. Attended Cisco mgx bootcamp in Richardson Texas. Made numerous upgrades to the time warner mgx 8850 /bts 10200 network in a production capacity. Upgraded the pxm firmware as well as the vism firmware on twc s Cisco bts softswitch solution which incorporates the mgx platforms and vism service module for T1 aggregation in their triple play network. Session Border Controls integration. 7/03 3/05 Company name, city, state senior Network Engineer / voip engineering team lead lead design engineer for the tsa voip telephony rollout. Working with highly secure telecommunications, including conferencing, recording, and calling functionality. Performed design for the eop using Cisco ons 15454 multi service gear in conjunction with 6509 platforms and ipsec vpn technology.

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Firebird / t-berd firebird 500, 4000,6000 and t-berd 209, 307 and 310 training siemons siemons stm-8 and stm-8-S training media access / protocols / network management - experience and training sonet / smds atm, frame relay rpr pos pons tdm - t1 / T3 mpls. E.T.'s nms 5000 Peregrine sna ibm netview hardware / software - experience and training routers Switches Fiber Optics Premise wiring Multiplexers Channel Banks csu / dsus adms, tms, dcs mspps, dlcs Repeaters, hubs Servers mainframes Controllers / feps Gateways Firewalls Unix Workstations unix windows 9X/XP/nt. Provided capacity planning and expert assistance on future growth, including triple play and Metro Ethernet for regional telephone company operators. Installed and configured Cisco Stratacom switches paper including the mgx 8850 and configured tdm and sonet transport gear in a high speed Central office environment. Performed Upgrade of pxm1E and installation of the new multi service mpsm card in a production co switch. Configured and provisioned multiple ons 15454 s in a large sonet co network. Provided pre sales engineering for Johns Hopkin s sonet and fiber networking initiative. Provided subject matter expertise to johns Hopkins and several related companies concerning the ons 15454 placement and capacity planning as well as advanced networking using the associated ml series router card native to the ons platform.

analyzer engineer resume

Cabletron Hardware training and spectrum classroom Training. Wireless R2, cabletron / Enterasys Advanced Smart Switch router Configuration ese homework certified. Cabletron / Enterasys es switching and Wireless Configuration ese certified. Cabletron / Enterasys nms netsight Element Manager ese certified, roamabout Certification. Dupont voice over ip, voice over Frame Classroom Training. Dupont Extensive t1 Training - monitoring and Troubleshooting. Nortel / bay router, Switch, and atm/sonet hardware/software training. Qwest Lucent/Ascend, Alcatel dacs, nortel, cienna, hardware training. Qwest navisCore, react T1 testing and monitoring software training.

Ring / fddi. Tct - tcp/ip tcp / ip, understanding Addressing in a tcp/ip network. Tct - network management snmp, cmis / cmip, rmon. Tct - remote lan access Remote lan access Technologies dsl, adsl, hdsl. Cable modems 3 Comm wizard Hardware training and Transcend Enterprise manager for unix. Bay / Nortel Networks Expert Hardware training and Optivity 8 and 9, site manager, netID.

Cisco mgx 8850 Certification vism training. Cisco bts 10200 omt class and Provisioning Class Certifications. Cisco cisco legs Optical ons 15454, 15327, 15530, 15540. Sonet, dwdm, cisco ccna, ccda, ccnp, ccdp, cisco voice, data-hardware. 188 hours Cisco cbt. Cac carrier Access Corp tdm equip. Adit 600, Access navigator, Axxius 800, muxes. Tra voip, mpls, ss7, in, ain, qos, voice/Data communications. Tra sonet, dwdm, atm, tcp/ip, frame relay, metro-Optical Nets.

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Technology careers, job search, tom Merton/caiaimage/Getty Images,. Laura Schneider, updated December 31, 2017, sample resume - experienced Network Engineer. Here is a resume sample of a candidate that was recently hired into. Senior Network Engineer position. Use this resume sample as the basis for your resume. Name, address, city, state, zip, objective, senior Network. Engineer position in established, complex network environment. Certifications, nexTone 4 day session Border Controller Class.

Analyzer engineer resume
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He has almost a dozen years of experience in embedded development in C/C and java. source, crowdsensing carbon dioxide data acquisition system is presented and tested against a campbell Irgason open-path gas analyzer.

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  1. bigelow, Uncertainties Associated With Many-port ( 4) s-parameter measurements Using a four-Port Vector Network Analyzer, ieee trans. cienna multiwave 16eries Sentry software, fireberd atm-t1-T3, T_berd t-carrier Analyzer and Lucent Ascend/naviscore. Search for latest part and full time Engineering job opportunities at Resume. Upload your resume and start an Engineering. Designed the optical system of the rotachem, automated clinical diagnostic analyzer, a company sales leader.

  2. Senior Software, engineer (March 2014 - october 2015) at Thermo fisher Scientific, portable Analytic Instruments (Tewksbury, ma). multimeters, spectrum analyzer, dc power supplies, soldering, crimping, cad, tensilica Processor Generator, Orcad and Allegro pcb. detector switching network for the epi-tel. Analyzer telephone usage accounting system, which was deployed 3 months after starting work. Having 3 years experience as build and release engineer in abc corporation Group, Florida. technician Electrical, engineer prodessional combined with hands-on testing, field, electro-mechanical, calibration expertise and.

  3. Into vmray, analyzer, the signature was sent to our built-in reputation service, where the file hash was queried against known malicious. A passionate fluid dynamics engineer with a balanced experience in numerical simulations and experiments, involved mostly on performing. Design and Computation tools: Major hvac oem building Automation System. tektronix Logic, analyzer and dso -emulation tools : quickturn palladium Job Experience From the begining working with xxxx. Telecom, engineer, transmission, working for zain Network (PTN/OTN) to serve their Coriant/Tellabs Equipments Network (hran trm.

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